Crash 2.0

As I sit here, eating a soy taco — god I love these things — I let my mind wander. I dont know what set it off, could have been the trid video playing or … well who knows. Either way, my mind goes back to the 60’s and what was dubbed “Crash 2.0”. It was 2064 to be exact. It was hell in the Tir. I was recovering from a recent run and was relaxing eating soy tacos, much like I am now surprisingly enough. Without any warning, it seemed the all the lights went out. AR displays were no longer showing. Trids were down. Commlinks werent connecting to the Matrix like they were supposed to. I closed my eyes and was relieved to find out that the Astral was still present, so not all seemed lost. However, even that didnt seem right. I looked around the taco stand and started noticing that it was just me that seeing this. People walked out of the buildings looking around, as if the answer to this was just outside their doors. My ears were picking up whispered questions and concerns. However, among the “what the frag is going on” and other discussions, the familiar whine of propellers and jet engines became more prevalent. Instead of looking around the streets, I looked towards the skies instead. WHAT THE FRAG IS THAT!! Expecting to see the cloudy overcast sky, instead a jumbo jet was falling from the sky. Not landing … fragging FALLING! It crashed into some buildings down on Burnside a few blocks from where the taco stand. It seemed almost on instinct, I ran towards the burning wreckage. Now I have never claimed to be a charitable person or one to do things for the “greater good”, but a fraggin plane just took out a block of buildings. I full on ran down the street, turning west on Burnside and headed towards the screams and fleeing people.

The smoke was so thick, that I couldnt really get close to the wreckage. Thermovison was going bat-drek crazy since the smoke itself seemed to be on fire. I tried to blindly go into the the area and was able to get to the door of one of the buildings. I recognized this place. It was the apartment complex where Old Maid lived. Old Maid was possibly one of the sweetest grannies I have ever met. She took in homeless kids and helped them with learning how to cook and take care of themselves. I tell you, she made a mean bowl of chili! Without a thought, I broke down the door. and screamed for her. There was no answer. I tried feeling my way into the building, but tripped and ended up on her couch. Looking back … it still makes me catch my breath … was Old Maid. She laid there in her blue dress. A ceiling beam had fallen and crushed her. I knew there had to be children there … there always was. I screamed for them. Tried making my way further into the apartment. I made my way to one of the bedrooms and kicked in the door. The ceiling on this room was ripped off by the falling wreckage. Amid the screams, I picked up the faintest whimper. There … under the bed … I ran over, grabbing the bed and flinging it away. A pair of kids were hiding there. Wait … I know these two. Their names escaped me then though. I grabbed the two of them and ran out of the building and towards the taco stand. I didnt stop running until I got to the taco stand. I knew it was safe there … for now anyways. I sat them down and looked them over.

Wiping away the memory, I ordered up another order of tacos. But looking at them, my mind goes back to looking at these two kids. A human boy and girl, Anne and Bradley, couldnt have been more than 12 years old. My fingers wiped away their tears and searching them for wounds. They had bumps bruises and a few minor scrapes. Dammit, I dont have my med gear with me. “Edict Corantha Sinettua!” My healing spells will have to do for now. The bruises and scrapes heal, but even magic couldnt remove the fear in their eyes, the shaking in their bodies, the memory of what just happened. Looking around, I remembered that my Bulldog was parked nearby. I rushed the kids over and put them in it. This truck has gotten me through alot of tough drek in the years, so its tough enough to take care of these two. I told them to stay put. Looking around, I seen there was another aircraft that was coming down, further in Gresham — possibly by the Wall. Then another one up north … possibly in the Columbia River or in Salish territory. Drek, how wide spread could this be? Cars were crashing all around him, explosions seem to be coming from everywhere …. frag this …. I hopped in the Bulldog and had the kids buckle up.

GridGuide didnt seem to be working … well that explains alot. Tried turning on the wireless on my Predator … nothing. What the hell, is the whole Matrix down ???? I fired up the Bulldog and headed for the safety, or the presumed safety, of home. I headed out of the Gresham barrens, through a smuggling hole in the wall and out to the cabin near Sandy. There was a very little Matrix signature there. They should be safe there. In the rear view, all I could see was smoke, fire and destruction. All I could hear was the sounds of screams, panic and death. Astrally, the pain and suffering was more than I could bear. As I was passing through the Wall, I caught sight of another plane coming down in the city. This was going to be one hell of a mess. Then I looked down at the two children crying in the backseat. I knew then that I was going to make sure that they never experience this kind of suffering again. I decided then, I am going to raise these kids as my own.

I shook away the memories as I took a few more bites of my taco. Damn, those kids are adults now. A smile came across my face as I seen them walk up to the taco stand, ordered some soy tacos and sat down next to their old man.


Session 1 — Introductions Aside …

Session 1 — Introductions Aside …

Cast of Characters

  • Rae
  • Sapper
  • Skitz
  • Bowjack
  • Riptide
  • Walker

So I make a call to these chummers of mine that I have recruited for a shadowrunner team. A good bunch, but still green and a little rough around the edges. There is a dwarf that goes by the name of Sapper. Both him and an amerind human, named Riptide, have military backgrounds and all. Both have a decent amount of cyber and seems to be able to hold their own wits in a firefight. There is another human in the group. A shaman that follows Wolf and goes by Walker. A decent mage by all accounts. The other three are elves. Skitz, a computer wiz that can do some amazing things with the matrix; Bowjack, a decent wheelman and proprietor of the self named Taco Tank; and finally Rae, a silver tongued adept that tends to hide his awakened side. The group all in all has some pretty solid skills for being new to the streets. Anyways, back to what I was saying. I make a call to these guys early, and I mean pretty damn early, and tell them they have a meet with a Mr Johnson in an hour. Surprisingly, they all answer and make the meet on time. Not too shabby for their first meet. They head over to a old office building that was converted into part time storage. Its owned by the Mr Johnson, and that is where he dictated that he wanted the meet to be.

They all arrive on time and meet with him. The meeting goes well and they agree on the job. The job is to hijack a delivery truck that is bound for Malek’thas that is set to leave from a Syntech Logistics warehouse in North Portland and is scheduled to leave today. This was supposed to be an introductory run that was sort of an audition for the Johnson, so he had some contingencies for it. They were to hijack this truck, undamaged and unopened, and deliver it to an abandoned gas station garage in Happy Valley. They agreed on a price and an additional kicker for those that recorded the run for appraisal of their professionalism. Only Walker decided to not record the run, the rest of the team did. After the Johnson left, they developed a plan to go to the warehouse and hack into the network. Before they could leave the building though, automatic gunfire and screams are heard just outside the building.

The team assesses the situation and finds that a group of Spanners are shooting up the streets just outside the building. Walker was able to get some of the people fleeing to take cover in the building from the back door. Riptide was the first to walk, yes he literally walked, out the front door with pistols blazing. Then some weird stuff started happening to the gangers bikes. One went batshit crazy, sputtering and sparking, it ditched the ork rider and spun off into a lightpole. A few seconds later, another one of the bikes jerked into reverse and also ditched the biker. Within seconds, the team laid waste to the gang of bikers and quickly fled the scene to complete the job they were hired to do.

They arrive at the warehouse to start have Skitz hack the host to get more information. However, when Bowjack goes to find a parking spot, he ends up slamming his Roadmaster into a parked Jackrabbit. Wanting to flee the scene before the drek hits the fan, he leaves a fake comm code and leaves … just as the owner of the Jackrabbit screams at them. He flees the area and finds another secluded spot behind some trash dumpsters. Him and Rae walk to the nearest Stuffer Shack to get some spray paint to hide the big “Taco Truck” that is painted on the side of the Roadmaster. Meanwhile, Skitz hacks the warehouse host and gets the shipping schedule for the day and tomorrow’s schedule as well. They easily narrow the shipment that they need to get since it was the only one that was headed to Malek’thas today. It was marked with having medical supplies as the shipment contents. The kicker is that the shipment is scheduled to leave in about an hour.

They develop a plan to hijack it shortly after leaving the warehouse, but before it can get on the busy Lombard Bvld. Skitz was able to mark the truck so that he could track it. Luckily, they had a red light at the ambush spot and it stopped right in front of the Roadmaster. Rae was able to do his mind control magic and had the driver put the truck in park and step out of it. Skitz and Riptide head for the truck and before the poor driver, think his name tag said Frank, even new it, Riptide superman punched him and dropped him. Skitz and Riptide jump into the Bulldog and proceed to the rendezvous spot. They made it to the abandoned gas station garage without any further incidents or issues.

Once they get there, they pull the Bulldog into the garage and the two elves that were waiting for them start having drones clean the truck of any tracking devices. Thier Mr Johnson shows up and they receive their payment. They send the recording files to the comm code provided for the Johnson to review and payment was made in credsticks that were in a drawer.

So by all accounts, the hit and run not included, the run went pretty smoothly. My impression from this particular Mr Johnson, is that he was pleased with the way the run turned out. He expected to have some rough points here and there, but all in all, he was very pleased. I got a feeling that these chummers are in for a few more jobs. Until next time, be good Omae.


Timeline of Events – Tir Tairngire

This is a running history of the nation of Tir Tairngire. Currently only the basic history is outlined. As the campaign unfolds, new information is learned and events occur, the timeline will be updated accordingly.

March 11, 2035
Lugh Surehand announces the formation of Tir Tairngire to the Salish-Shindhe Council.

May 6, 2035
Lugh Surehand is appointed High Prince by the Council of Princes. The first of several border skirmishes between Tir and Salish forces are touched off by the forced relocation of several thousand Salish citizens

August 17, 2035
In a surprise move, the Great Dragon Lofwyr is granted a seat on the Council of Princes

May 1, 2036
The first Rite of Progression is held. Hundreds of thousands of individuals participate

2036 – 2037
Tir Tairngire forces invade California “to protect the redwood forests.” Militia forces and CFS Army troops push the Tir Peace Force back to Yreka in a bloody guerrilla war.

February 14, 2039
Seattle experiences the Night of Rage.

December 8, 2039
Due to a push by Council member Dar Varien, military service is now open to all Tir subjects, regardless of metatype.

February 6, 2040
The capital of Tir Tairngire is moved from Salem (Malik’thas) to Portland (Cara’sir)

May 1, 2043
The second Rite of Progression is held.

November 3, 2043
The Council formally creates the Chamber of Representatives, more commonly known as the Star Chamber.

June 22, 2047
The first of several assassination attempts on the High Prince was attempted. No party has claimed responsibility for this attempt.

May 1, 2050
The third Rite of Progression. Several of the highest ranking participants mysteriously vanish over the next few months.

April 14, 2052
Seattle becomes the Tir’s major port following a series of trade agreements with the UCAS and SSC.

September 23, 2052
Willamette Compustat is contracted to handle all government backups.

Tir forces attack northern CFS. They are repelled at Shasta Dam by Hestaby with heavy casualties.

May 2, 2054
The Crater Lake region is closed to the public

Ehran the Scribe is officially granted a Council seat (secretly he has held the seat for years)

August 10, 2057
The Tir declares a “state of emergency” and closes its borders after the death of the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn.

September 6, 2057
The Tir princes inexplicably postpone the fourth Rite of Progression for an “indefinate period of time”

August 10, 2058
The resistance group Rinelle ki’Tesroe makes its first appearance.

June 5, 2061 – The Year of the Comet
The “state of emergency” that was in effect since 2057 officially ends. Lugh Surehand announces that a new Rite of Progression will be held in 2063

June 6th 2062
Without warning, both Lofwyr and Aithne Oakforest retire from the Council of Princes. Glasgian Oakforest goes missing.

July 3, 2062
Luke Surehand grants the Great Dragon Hestaby the rank of Prince; she is immediately awarded a seat on the Council of Princes. Ehran announces he will be vacating his position on the Council of Princes at the end of the year.

October 15, 2062
Ehran the Scribe officially vacates his seat on the Council of Princes

March 3, 2063
Mt Hood, and surrounding areas, has named a national heritage landmark.

May 15, 2063
The long postponed Rite of Progression is halted by the Renelle ke’Tesrae rebel group. Millions gather to boycott the tests and support the anti-government faction.

November 2, 2064
Crash 2.0 — While the actions that occurred during this crisis, Tir Tairngire suffered greatly from it. Revolution groups, such as the Rinelle ki’Tesroe, accused the government that they were not adequately able to protect the subjects. Riots ensued that cause millions of nuyen in damages across the nation. Wireless matrix went down, causing trains to crash and planes to fall out of the sky. The Gresham, Powellhurst and Eastside Districts are all hit hard with damages, both from the riots and falling planes. Nearly a dozen plans fell onto the streets within minutes of each other.

December 1, 2064
Teetering on the edge of collapse due to the combined crises of the Matrix Crash and the New Revolution coups, the Council decides to disband and the nation will elect a representative government

January 5, 2065
The Tir had their first general election. Former Prince, Larry Zincan, was elected as High Prince. The only former Princes that were elected to the new Council were the Great Dragon Hestaby and the sasquatch Rex

July 1, 2069
Saeder-Krupp reveals that the first large buildings produced solely using nanotechnology in Cara’sir. The office complex is considered a major breakthrough.

February 2, 2074
This is where your story begins. This is the date the campaign starts.

Tir Tairngire Peace and Security Forces

The Tir Tairngire Peace Force is the combined military and national police force within Tir Tairngire. The two functional missions of the Peace Force are divided into a Military and a Constabulary Division, each with their own subdivisions. However, both divisions maintain considerable interoperability, such as the law enforcement authority of the Border Patrol, and the use of the Special Forces for SWAT-style tactical law enforcement missions. The Special Forces are known by many names, but most commonly they are referred to as the Ghosts. Members of the Special Forces are all Paladins, and in that capacity are called Spirit Warriors (Meraerth ke’Tolo in Sperethiel). The unit is based at Hayden Slough Armory.

In 2062 There were approximately 200 soldiers in the Special Forces. The majority of them are referred to as Black Banner (Bratach Falan), and they serve in teams which conduct special and covert operations for the government, and the High Prince specifically. Special Forces teams are also operate within the Tir as SWAT teams, performing such missions as hostage rescue. Over 80% of the Black Banner soldiers were magically-active, either as adepts or mages. Almost all of them are initiates, having formed an initiatory circle called The Ghost Circle. Special Forces also trains in the use of para-animals, integrating them into combat operations.

The second, smaller, group within the Special Forces is called the White Banner (Bratach Gheal). There are fewer than two dozen of them, and they are the soldiers who serve as the personal bodyguards of the High Prince. In public, they are known for wearing ceremonial matte black armor and carrying broadswords. However, they are still highly-trained commandos. From their ranks, there is a smaller group known as the Black Daggers. These are the most highly-trained, loyal warriors who will serve the High Prince or the Council.

Given the nature of the political structure, other members of the Council of Princes can and do utilize virtually any member of the Special Forces for their own uses, up to and including the use of the Black Daggers. They can even go so far as to hand-pick soldiers in the Bratach Falan for special missions.

There is also a small contingent of Knight Errant forces that are contracted out for private security. Lonestar does not have a presence in Tir Tairngire.

Introduction to Tir Tairngire

Hey Chummers,

So you think you are ready to join the ranks of us shadowrunners, eh? Well then the Tir may just well be ready for you. Recent developments in the nation have give a rise in opportunities with those that have the right skills. But dont think that the Tir is going to be a milk run, omae. Tir Tairngire, and more specifically Cara’sir, is just a rough as any other sprawl. Combined with its history as a “dumping grounds” for Tir subjects, yes I said subjects, that were recently released from prison, rampant corruption as the corps start eyeing the resources and racism, the Tir is still a tough sprawl to make a name in the shadows. Even though the Council of Princes have stepped down and the new government is now in place and a new High Prince.

The new High Prince, an ork named Larry Zincan and member of the former Council of Princes, has relaxed the borders of the Tir, started removing parts of the Portland wall that surrounds Cara’sir, and started opening its borders to allow corporations to begin investing in Tir Tairngire. The economy is back on the rise and the nation is starting to flourish again. Things are ripe for the pickings, one might say, for highly skilled individuals to make their marks.

So, if you think you can hack it here in the Tir, then pack your bags and make your way here. Tir Tairngire is truly starting to live up to their tagline “Land of Promise” but only if you got the grit to take it. See you on the flipside chummers!