A Dip in the Ocean — Behind the Curtain


Summary::Special Ops Team Jaguar-Seven was deployed to a report of a possible security breach in an underwater research facility of Aztechnology subsidiary Genetique, station 47. No communication has been received in 20 hours and hails are unresponsive. Protocol dictates investigation with Ops Team. Team Lead Echo-1 reporting for debriefing.

Report::We responded to the call within 20 mins of the report and was wet with 4 hours. Deployed via airdrop submarine. Enroute to facility, sonar picked up the silhouette of another submersible. However, upon inspection, it appeared to be the shadow of a whale or another anomaly and no vehicle was found. Jaguar-Seven was deployed in the intake bay of the facility while the sub patrolled. Immediately upon insertion, we found numerous bodies of the facilities employees. It appeared, upon inspection, that they may have been Infected. However, they were killed with bullets and blades that were suspicious. Further inspection of the facility resulted in numerous contacts with other Infected employees that resulted in their elimination.

Encountered Dr Simon Talbott, head researcher on site and he too has turned Infected. However, due to his strain of HMHVV, he turned into a vampire. We subdued him and are currently holding him in a secure facility. His grasp on magic and Infected may prove useful for the future.

Investigation of the data breach is ongoing. The device prototype is missing, along with research material that was stored on the research host. Mainframe systems were destroyed. Facility systems are still intact. Security footage has been acquired and being reviewed by investigators. Host access logs show the breach at 12:10pm. Internal Countermeasures were launched, however, the intruder left the host before IC could be effective. Cleaning team has been dispatched to the location.


Session 5 – A Dip in the Ocean

Cast of Characters:

  • Rae
  • Eternal
  • Mutt
  • Bowjack
  • Walker
  • Tatters

“I contacted the group for another run. Eventhough they failed the last run I gave them, I have confidence that they would bounce back on their feet. They are still pretty new to the game and still getting used to each other. Hell, even I had a failed run or two in my time. This one is pretty straight forward. They were hired to infiltrate an offshore research lab and steal a prototype and research data, eliminate any threats and destroy the research mainframe. Pretty simple, get in … grab the drek …. shoot it up …. get out. They already had transportation set up to go to the facility, so that was a plus. When they got their, the sub driver dropped them off and asked to be radioed when they are ready to be picked up. When they started looking around the dock floor and intake offices, they learned that this facility is for Genetique, which is a subsidiary of Aztechnology. Then they were suddenly attacked by ravenous ghouls in lab coats. Now something must be wrong, unless the Azzies have started employing the Infected. But back to the story, they were able to fend off the ghouls successfully with only moderate complications. During the fight, it seems that Eternal and Mutt started to one-up each other, which continued into the rest of the run.

They found where the data center with the research lab was located and took the secure elevator, after using one of the ghouls’ employee ID tags, to the correct floor. As they made their way to the secure data center room, a pair of hell hounds engaged them. Now this is to be expected with Azzie security. In my experience, they have usually used trained paranormal creatures as security. The pair got the jump on Bowjack before Eternal and Mutt made quick work of them. I have heard of a video of Bowjack’s reaction to the attack and its said to be hilarious and set to a favorite tune of mine from the 5th world.

Once they cleared the secure door to get in the data center, Tatters went to work with hacking into the computer to extract the information. This was done fairly quickly and efficiently and from whispers it sounds like he got alot of paydata as well! He unlocked and extracted the prototype cyberwear, an fist sized egg shaped implant. Eternal made quick work of destroying the mainframe and the team decided on what to do next. This is when they got a call from the sub driver that there is another sub, likely a threat response team, on its way. The team decided that the job was completed, so they extracted out and finished up the job. All in all, I would say that it was a pretty good run. Since I currently have jobs coming out the ears, I plugged them in for another one right away.”


That One Time We Did That One Thing

Here I am again. Reminiscing of the past. There was a NewsNet story about the 15 year anniversary of the Year of the Comet. My gosh, has it been that long …. My mind goes back to a run that I was on. It was just Scarecrow and I and the job was to eliminate a ranking member of the the CAS Senate. The intelligence we had was that he was going to be in his vacation home in Talledega. We set up the plans to hit him there. He was supposed to be alone, so a milk run right? It was so far from a milk run. The cabin was set back in the burbs and sorta away from the main sprawl. It was a quaint little wooden cabin that looked like it was pulled out of a Norman Rockwell painting. When we got there and set up, the fragger had his security team with him. “Drek ….” I thought to myself. Scarecrow and I were not prepared for this …

I called in some assistance by the name of Bulldozer. This was a 9ft tall cybered up troll that we called on when we needed in sticky situations. We decided to use a diversion and set fire to the parked nearby cars. The subsequent explosions drew out the security team. The ambush we set up worked like a charm and the team was eliminated … so we thought. Out of nowhere, a couple of spirits pounced on Bulldozer. Before our eyes and before we could even act, the spirits tore the troll to pieces. I called up some spirits of my own and started slinging spells at them. Scarecrow stormed the house and subdued our mark. After I was done with the spirits, I sped off into the house as well. Just as I entered the doorway, I caught glimpse of the mage that was about to take out Scarecrow. I threw up a mana barrier between them to stop the spell. The mage then turned on me with a powerful lightning bolt that hit me square on the arm. I went down twitching and yelling profanities. This gave Scarecrow enough time to put a bullet grouping right in the chest with his Predator.

I caught a glimpse of a lump of flesh nearby, but then passed out. I could hear Scarecrow running to me with a medkit and the sounds of him telling me to hold on while he patched me up. I woke up in the truck some time later and my wounds were field dressed. I reached over to scratch my arm and it wasnt there … What the FRAG! … That fucking mage took my arm. I asked Scarecrow what happened. He said he finished the job and then evac’d us the hell out of there. “What the frag happened to my arm!” I asked. “Its dead Aspen, its dead” he replied. When we got back from the job, I had a new fancy cyberarm installed. At first, it was difficult to deal with. Eventually, I was able to gain full use of it. I was even able to integrate using my magic with it.

I snapped back from the memory rubbing my arm. I thought of Scarecrow and placed a call to him. It has been too long since I talked to my old friend. We set up a time to meet at the Taco Stand for lunch. I hung up the commlink and thought “It has been way to long since I talked to my old friend“. I reached for the whiskey bottle and poured a drink. “To you Bulldozer …” and took the shot.


A Meeting Takes Place …. — Behind the Curtain

The view is a bit foggy at first. You catch the glimpse of a chrome plated cyberarm with intricate glyphs and symbols etched into it. Its resting on a fancy wooden desk with an electronic notepad. On the notepad, there seems to be a program running with flickering spreadsheets and command line scripts running. Around the small room are bookshelves, chairs and a few potted plants and a picture on the desk. You try to focus on the picture, but a knock at the door commands your attention. “Enter“, you hear coming from the person at the desk. In walks an elf standing over 6ft high, medium build and wearing military fatigues. His long hair is pulled back in a ponytail and covered by a hat. As he approaches, you catch an insignia that denotes he is (or is portraying to be) a Ghost. The insignia of the highly specialized and trained special forces unit of the Tir Peace Force is well known among the shadows. “Daytona … What have you for me today?” As the elf sits down in the chair on the other side of the desk, you notice that the elf’s left eye is a cyber implant.

You asked me to keep an eye on that last job, right. Well I was watching the hideout, some little birdies I have informed me that there was a shadowrunning team that was looking into the kidnapping of a little girl. I thought to myself on how many kidnapped little girls there could be in Cara’sir and knew that they had to be talking about this one.” He pauses while he takes a drink from a canteen. “Sure as drek, the shadowrunners shows up at the shack and take the girl back. They did it with a quickness too, your guys didnt stand a chance against them.

Why didnt you stop them, dammmit!

That wasnt what I was paid to do. You paid me to keep an eye on it and gather information and that is what I did! However, I did have a little fun with them to keep them on their toes. As they were leaving, I popped a shot off. I got it to shave the nosehairs of one of them runners. He nearly drekked himself in his hurry to leave … crying out about hurting his truck and drek. Laughed my ass off on that one.

Well did you get what you were PAID to do then?

Affirmative … passing the file as soon as I get the creds

You see the cyberarm pick up the notebook and some commands are rattled on it, catching a passing glimpse of a sizable number.

Done … 90,000 nuyen sent.

On the same notebook, you see a file arrive.

This is all the information that you were able to gather?

Yes” the elf says as he stands, takes another drink off the canteen and leaves the room without another word.

Looking back at the file, it appears to be a series of pictures and text files. One of the files has a couple of images associated with it. The first image is that of a tall well built elf with short brown hair and green eyes. He is standing next to an Ares Roadmaster. The other image is that of a good looking petite female elf standing outside of a building. One the building is a partial banner over the doorway. “Celebrat ….” Switching to the text file it appears with a name …. Felicia Anchen Owner/Proprietor of Celebrate It! Event Planning. Switching files, another set comes of images and text files show up. This one is a tall human with slicked back red hair, close shaved beard and …. orange eyes? A small tattoo is seen hiding behind his jacket collar of what looks to be a black cat. The other picture is that of a rather pale human woman with black, short cut hair and deep blue eyes. This one also has a text file associated with it. The name on this one is Lith Felin Owner/Proprietor of The Bolthole. Going back to the file list, there are multiple other files and photos.

Putting the notepad down, a slow giggle is heard. “These … shadowrunners … these …. cockroaches are starting to piss me off. They will soon learn not to frag with me.” He picks up a commlink. “LIFT! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE! We have work to do” …. As the sight of a large oversized ork walks into the room, everything fades to black. Your left with an ominous feeling of dread and apprehension.