Session 6 – The Bank Job

Cast of Characters:

  • Viking
  • Eternal
  • Mutt
  • Bowjack
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • Ajax

“So yesterday, this team passes up on one job and this morning I got a line on another one. I tried to get Ajax in on the team earlier, but he never answered the call. This time he did. However, it appears that he had his hand full this morning as his apartment was raided by a pair of elves and a panther. I got to give it to the kid though, he was able to hold his own and took out the panther with his bare hands before dealing with the elves.

After the fiasco at his apartment, the team met up with the Johnson at the Chez Roach. He has an acquisition job that will need the talents of everyone on the team. The job was simple … access the 56th floor of the second largest building in Cara’Sir (Tir Bancorp Tower) and steal a commlink and a set of data chips from a safe deposit box. The floor, along with one above and below, are leased by Trident Enterprises, a subsidiary of Horizon. To top it off, the building itself is owned by Ares … So the team has their work cut out for them. Good news is, the J gave them a week to complete the job. This gives them plenty of time to plan out the run.

They started right into the planning by casing the place. Tatters worked on Matrix recon while Walker checked out the Astral security. Tatters was able to hack into the Trident Enterprise host and get a floor blueprint and other security details. While walking around the tower, they spotted a delivery van for a laundry service enter the basement of the tower. Some quick thinking and the team heads to check out the laundry service as a possible way in. After easily hacking the laundry host, they team develops a way in to hijack the delivery service truck. They learned the delivery schedule and that they deliver to the tower on Mondays and Thursday nights only. Since the job is due on Thursday, they team decides to hit it on Monday. Now that the team has an entry plan, they just need to figure out how to get to the 56th floor, avoid security, break into the safe deposit box vault, retrieve the items and escape. All without drawing the attention of CorpSec or Peace Forces.”


3 thoughts on “Session 6 – The Bank Job

  1. Walker sits in his apartment, breathing slowly within the confines of his home. Playing over his observations of the bank, he let himself slip into the Astral mindspace. Spirits. He has managed to keep himself from direct contact with those Astral protectors as long as he could. But now, he sees he has put his magic to use.

    The Mage slowly grasps the wolf totem that he carries. Despite his lack of bond with the foci, the least it does is bring him a semblance of calm. He lets himself focus on Wolf. The power he brings, the warrior spirit he represents.

    It will be work. But if he has to fight spirits, he will do his best to make sure his pack is protected.

  2. Viking: Got another job today

    Lydia: What do you have to do this time?

    Viking: Rob a building of 1 comm and a couple of data chips

    Lydia: Why???

    Viking: Dunno

    Lydia: I told you, you gotta ask questions jack, how are you gonna know that they arent working for the corps huh?!!?!

    Viking: Lyd I know what I’m doing

    Lydia: Just… Stay safe… please

    Viking: Dont I always

  3. Tatters pours over the plan yet again. He’s never had to do a job like this or anything close to it.

    Hijack a truck, help the team get to the right floor, and then run overwatch, hacking a number of cameras, helping to open doors, and suppress alarms and other security responses.

    He’s heard deckers looking for an extra edge make use of psyche, something he’s more often heard of being used by awakened. He double checks he has everything from his shopping list loaded up: psyche, motion sensor tags, camera sensor tags, coveralls, along with all his usual gear.

    Almost time to go.

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