Retaliation!— Behind The Curtain

The room flickers into a view of a chrome plated cyberarm with intricate glyphs and symbols etched into it. You have seen this cyberarm before. In front of the desk the arm is resting on is a pair of orks, dressed in street leathers. The pattern and colors of the leathers denote them as members of the Spanners gang. There is a conversation going on and it seems rather intense.

What do you mean there was an explosion?

One of the orks speaks up
Like I said, there was an incident at the library and there was an explosion there. The building is in ruins and Peace Force is on the scene investigating

So what do we know, what did the surveillance drones catch?

The ork brings for a trid viewer and starts to play a video where there are few different angles from above showing a birds eye view of the building. The video shows an Ares Roadmaster pull up, individuals jump out and rush the building. Within a few seconds, there were explosions in the building and homeless people fleeing through the windows, followed by smoke.

That Roadmaster .. .

The video continues to show as the one person speeds off on a motorcycle and the others fleeing in the Roadmaster. The trid viewer then switches to a view of the inside of the building. Suddenly there was an explosion from a grenade in the middle of the room. In burst the people from the outside, all wearing masks. Commotion ensues and there are gunshots and a smoke grenade goes off, then another larger explosion goes off in the back that shook the building. The intruders flee and the sounds of the Roadmaster speeding off. It seems like seconds later, the building collapses.

The hand of the cyberarm clinches and slams into the desk.

Get me Keys! He should have been there and I need him to track these fraggers!

The other ork clears his throat and says “I cant do that”

and why not,” he says in a deep voice.

The ork stiffens and says “He’s dead, Jim“. Then shows a trid video from the parking lot. It shows the decker Keys jumping through the window, then immediately followed by one of the intruders. Seconds later, the head of Keys is rolling on the pavement as its severed from his body. The video shows the intruder grabbing his cyberdeck and fleeing towards the Roadmaster.

I want you to get this fragger where he breathes! I want you to find this nancy-boy that drives that Roadmaster and his team, I want them DEAD! I want their families DEAD! I want thier houses burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna PISS ON THEIR ASHES!

You see the other two orks recoil at this.

Yes! We have all the info we need. We will start by gra…

The view fades to black as they continue their discussion.

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