Session 8 – The Bank Job — Part Deux

Cast of Characters:

  • Eternal
  • Mutt
  • Bowjack
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • Ajax

“So after the fiasco with the library, the team finally gets to where they can complete the job. As the had planned, they successfully acquired the laundry delivery van while it was enroute, without harming the drivers. They were also successfully able to gain entry into the loading docs of the tower. Tatters took up a spot in a maintenance closet and started his matrix overwatch. The rest of the team loaded up their gear in the laundry carts and headed up the freight elevator to the 56th floor. Unlike during the recon time, there were no guards present when they arrived. Tatters successfully cleared the way by looping the cameras on the hallways. Still no guards or security arrived. They gained entry into the vault and located the correct safe deposit box, then the security arrived. There was a pretty strong water spirit that appeared in the vault, along with a pair of guards that came in on the regular elevators. Walker attempted, and nearly succeeded, in destroying the spirit with a manabolt spell. However, it turned bad for him as the spirit knocked him unconscious. As it manifested, Mutt pumped it full of lead from his automatic and finished it off. Hearing the gunfire, the guards call for back up and rush to the vault. Only to be surprised and stumble over each other as they come up on an awaiting Eternal, with sword drawn, and Mutt. The guards had no chance with the the prepared shadowrunners. Now that there was an alarm set, Ajax grabs the safe deposit box and they team begins their exit strategy, down the elevators, grabbed tatters and fleed the building. On the way out of there, they paused to check the box and found it empty. After despair started to set in, Ajax found a false bottom and it revealed the commlink and chips that were requested. They met with the Johnson and was paid. However, their actions may have upset the balance of things within Cara’Sir.”


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