Session 9 – Retaliation: The Spans Strike Back!

Cast of Characters:

  • Eternal
  • Bowjack
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • Viking

“Everything has a Price … at least that is what we are all told since we were kids. My team of runners is learning this the hard way. It seems that the strike on the library to get Tatters a new cyberdeck was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back with the Spans. From what I have gathered from my litter, the Spans struck back at them … and hard.

The Bolthole is a small little bar that in is Gresham that is run by a former Shadowrunner known as Black Cat. She is a closer personal friend of Walkers. On a normal day, the bar has its usual patrons eating and drinking and at night, it gets pretty crowded with thirsty wageslaves that are fresh off of work. This was a normal night, unfortunately. It all started with a scream from the window seats as a Ford Americar plowed through the front windows of the establishment, followed by the explosions of high explosive frag grenades and followed by even more screams. Black Cat rushes behind the bar and gets her security system running. Out from the walls pops drone turrets with mounted automatic rifles. They immediately start firing on the gangers as they seemed to flood into the bar. In the hail of gunfire from the turrets and from the gangers shooting it, along with more grenades, nearly everyone of the bar patrons was gunned down. A few of the gangers remaining were able to destroy the turrets and set their sites on the bar and unloaded with their AK-97s. Black Cat did what she could from behind the bar with her shotgun, got a call off to Walker to get some backup and was able to take out the remaining few. However, the bar turned black as she succumbed to her wounds. Laying next to her was her commlink and an open line to Walker, who heard everything.

Walker, just starting to relax from completing the last job, got the frantic call from Black Cat and immediately started making his way there on his bike. He requested the assistance of the rest of the team and, after offering payment, Viking, Eternal, Tatters and Bowjack get enroute. Tatters and Viking show up at the same time as Walker and they see the carnage of what had happened at the Bolthole. Bodies were strewn about everywhere, both patron and ganger. Walker started to make his way to the entrance, which has been replaced by the Americar, but hesitates. The faces of all the bodies … they were the faces of his friend. Nearly succumbing to the reality of what he might face, he finds the resolve to continue in. Meanwhile, Tatters drops into VR and provides Matrix overwatch and monitors for the Peace Force HTR teams. Viking and Walker walk into the bar, stepping over the bodies and debris. He catches a glimpse of a leg wearing a chameleon suit and her familiar looking shotgun on the side of the bar. Slowly, he walks up and sees the body of Black Cat, but she is still alive! Severely wounded, but still alive. He hit her with a heal spell as Tatters announces that HTR is enroute and close. Eternal shows up by Johnny Cab and they load her in and flee the area.

Meanwhile … Felicia is closing up the Celebrate It! shop and getting ready to leave for the night. She is surprised as a Suzuki Mirage flies through the front window and crashes into the front desk she is standing behind. Stunned from the explosion of glass and wood, she doesnt notice the pair of gangers that walk in with their AK-97s. Once she notices them, she flees to the back office and locks the door. Grabbing her commlink, she calls her boyfriend, Bowjack. Just as he picks up, the gangers shoot their way through the door and grab her. She was able to tell him that she is at the shop but then the call trails off to the sounds of screams and more gunfire. They pull her out of the building by her hair, across the shattered glass and into the waiting Americar. Everytime she tried to resist or fight, the gangers would scream at her and punch her in the face until she stops. Once in the Americar, they leave with the remaining bikers. While inside the Americar, Felicia struggles to get loose, but they quickly smack her down. She only hoped that Bowjack was able to get to her in time. She looked out the back window and caught a glimpse of a GMC Phoenix sending one of the bikers into a nearby window. She seen Bowjack behind the wheel and smiles.

Bowjack, who is also just fresh off of the run, stopped to get some waffles and relax. While waiting for the waffles, he gets the message from Walker about the incident at the Bolthole. He makes another order to go and fires up the Phoenix to make his way there. However, shortly after that, he gets the call from Felicia. Frantically looking around, he knows that the office is nearby. He slams the Phoenix in a u-turn, unleashes the Detroit muscle and flies down alleyways an streets towards the office. He blew through stop lights and signs and turning down an alleyway that leads right to the office, he spots a black Ford Americar fly by with bikers riding Suzuki Mirages wearing the leathers of Spanners. Without hesitation or caution, he drifts out of the alleyway and runs down the first of the bikers. The other didnt stand much of a chance as the Phoenix causes the biker to slam into a parked car. The bikers try to shoot at Bowjack, but the bullets are either wide or bounce off the car. Felicia tries to get out of the window to let Bowjack know she is in there, but is pushed back and beaten while a ganger props himself out the window and fires with his AK-97. The spray of bullets riddle the hood and windshield of the car. Slamming the gas, Bowjack makes a couple of attempts to stop the Americar with a PIT maneuver, and the second one takes hold. The Americar looses traction and slams into the bikers, sending them both into nearby parked cars. The front end of the Americar catches on a parked car and goes into an end over end roll. The car slams over and over sending glass and steel everywhere. After a half dozen rolls, the car comes to a stop on its roof. The gangers inside were either ejected or dead. Bowjack pulls the Phoenix up to the remains of the car and sees Felicia’s bloody arm handing out of the window. He rushes towards her and pulls her out of the wreckage. She was still alive, but barely. He gently puts her in the Phoenix, hooks her up to a med kit and flees the scene. He meets up with the rest of the team at Walker’s house.

While there, Walker also hears from Sapper and finds out that Skitz was killed when the Spanners bombed his house. He fleed with some members of the Sons of Gimli to one of their safehouses. He also gets a call from Susan, also known as Vixen and is the leader of the Shooters, and is notified that the Hooters was hit. Her and Pwoner were the only survivors. She regretted to inform him that Rae, also a former member of the team, was killed during the assault. After all the news, Walker takes Black Cat to the back bedroom and Bowjack pulls the Phoenix into the garage and sets the Roadmaster make its way there, then gets back to caring for Felicia. Viking, Eternal and Tatters are all keeping an eye on things and discussing the events of the night.

It first started with the sound of motorcycles down the street. Eternal was the first to notice them just as the spanners launched another Americar through the front window of the house, which was immediately followed up by a high ex grenade. Eternal, who was the only one that noticed the attack, grabbed the grenade and threw it back towards the bikers in the front lawn. The two gangers in the Americar were quickly dealt with by both Eternal and Viking. Bowjack eases the fragile injured body of Felicia off the couch and on the floor, then flips the couch for cover from the gunfire. It was Tatters that brought this to a violent end as he hacked the other high ex grenade that one of the bikers had. The explosion was enough to kill the remaining bikers and leave a large whole in the front yard. Conveniently, Bowjacks Roadmaster pulls up just in time to make their escape. The Phoenix rams its way out of the garage and they team, plus Felicia and Black Cat load into the Taco Tank and flee to a coffin motel that Eternal stays at. They assume it is safe since Eternal has not been with the team long and it may not be known to them.

Black Cat recovers from her injuries and discusses the events with Walker. Bowjack, concerned for Felicia’s safety has me get her a plane ticket out of town. I set it up and also arrange for her to stay at a safehouse in Seattle. Now the team gets ready and plans for an assault on the Spanners main location, an abandoned warehouse on the lower Willamette River in Gladstone.”


3 thoughts on “Session 9 – Retaliation: The Spans Strike Back!

  1. Tatters gets up again, unable to settle into a solid sleep.

    In his head, as he pours a quick bit of whiskey in hopes of getting back to sleep, ‘Let’s review:

    Working with a team that likes to blow up public buildings.
    Was in an underwater lab with ghouls and hellhounds.
    Encountered entirely too much magic drek.
    Got your hardware bricked, and narrowly dodged your brain being bricked.
    Started a gang war.

    On the other hand:

    Made more money than ever before.
    Blew up a grenade someone was planning to throw at me… (another negative, someone was going to throw a grenade at me).
    Working with a team is… sometimes nice.’

    He stares into his glass for a bit, trying to figure out the right path. With a sigh, he throws the drink back.

    ‘Frag it. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.’ And he tries to rest again before scouting out the gang HQ.

  2. Bowjack walks around in his virtual boardroom.
    “We kill this guy already and this guy is out of the country still.” Two orks disappear from the room.
    “Computer how many people are left?”
    The number 12 floats above the large table.
    “Computer, how many orks will be at the office?”
    A question mark pops over the table.
    “Computer use all data Mike sent.”
    A 12 appears over the table.
    “all of the Lieutenants will be there?”
    A question mark appears over the table.
    “Well computer WILL there be any of the lieutenants be there? Use the the data Mike sent.”
    A question mark reappears over the table.
    “Guess we have to get more information when we scope out he place.
    A thumbs up appear over the table.
    “Computer end program and run updates.”

  3. Walker checked side to side before he opened the door to the temporary apartment that he shared with Black Cat. He locked the deadbolt as the rusted metal door shut behind him. The sight that greeted him was the lightly breathing figure of a raven haired woman on the dirty sofa. A shotgun was propped up beside her within arms reach of her sleeping form, and Walker felt a bit of guilt sting the back of his eyes as he thought about why.

    The magician quietly set down the take out he had procured onto the table beside the sofa before crouching next to the woman. He reached out with a hand and gently pressed against Black Cat’s shoulder.

    The woman jolted awake, her hand already moving towards the shotgun when she finally focused on the wave of dark red hair of the magician in front of her. She pressed a hand to her face instead, shaking the sleep out of her senses.

    “Christ, Dominic. Don’t fucking do that.”

    Walker said nothing as he just sat next to her, moving the take out a bit closer to them. “I got take out.” He managed to mumble as he pulled out boxes of soy noodles and artifical drinks.

    With the boxes opened and drinks unpacked, the two fell into a bit of a silence, only punctuated by the slurp of noodles or sip of a drink. Walker kept his gaze down as he ate, trying to look anywhere but at his friend.

    Black Cat noticed halfway into her box of noodles. The somber expression, the hunched back, and the downcast look, all things she had seen before at one point. She put the box onto the table, carefully placing the chopsticks on the top of it.

    “Dominic. Stop it.”

    Walker looked away from her, deciding he wasn’t hungry anymore. He placed the box on the table and stood.

    Black Cat stood with him, gripping his arm and spinning him around. “No! You don’t get to do that! You don’t get to go wallow because of this. I don’t blame you Walker.”

    Walker looked down at her, his features blank and emotionless. “Lith. They found you because of me. The Spanners were trying to hurt me. And instead, they went for you, hoping they could get to me.” He gently pried off her fingers, before wrapping his arms around her.

    “I don’t want to lose you, Lith. You’re the only one who I haven’t pushed away.”

    Black Cat pressed her forehead against his chest, “I’m not going anywhere, Dom. We’re making these bastards pay. Then, we’re going to find a way out of the shitstorm that follows.”

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