Session 10 – Retaliation: Exodus

Cast of Characters:

  • Bowjack
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • Viking
  • Ajax

“There comes a time in every runners life, where you have to make a decision. A decision between vengeance or walking away. When the odds are insurmountable and you have to make that instinctual choice to fight or flight. This decision has come to my runners. The attacks that the Spans made against them left them battered and raw. Close loved ones have been hurt, former teammates were slain, and their sense of safety has been taken from them. After suffering the black eye of that day, the team plans for their retaliation.

The Spans main safehouse was an old warehouse in Gladstone. With the city already on high alert, any direct assault would bring Peace Force HTR on top of them within minutes. Walker came to me for some new fake SINs and we started to discuss the plan. I offered to have other shadowrunner teams run interference to delay the HTR response time. A contact of Bowjack’s was also able to possibly delay them as well. However, I felt it was my duty to impress on the young follower of Wolf the gravity of the situation and the possible repercussions.

So the team went out and did what runners do. They scouted out the warehouse and took up a position nearby for recon work. What they didn’t expect was a fortified warehouse. While there wasn’t much in the way of magical or Astral threats, there was plenty present in meatspace. Tatters hopped into the Matrix and did some scouting. He found that the place had some decent defenses, sensor suites and was well armed and manned. Bowjack tried to do a little checking inside the warehouse with his fly-spy drone. While scouting the perimeter, he found just how good the defenses were. The sensor suites picked up on the drone and before Bowjack could react, a turret with a mounted assault rifle came out of the walls and took out the minidrone.

Tatters decided to come back for more scouting and to see if he can get the camera feeds the following day. He jacked in and entered the host again. However, this time, he had more difficulty. He wasn’t able to hack the cameras, but was present when another truck full of reinforcements and additional steel lynx drones arrived. Once the patrol IC spotted him, it was time to jack out and leave. It was clear that the Spanners were digging in and prepared for the team of shadowrunners.

So, after much debate and discussions of options, the team decided it was time to relocate their operations. This, of course, is easier for some than others. Walker needs to discuss with Black Cat on what she would like to do. Likewise, Bowjack and Felicia need to discuss and decide what they should do. Eternal and Mutt would also need to decide since they really are not on the Spans list at this time. They could very well remain in the Tir and continue on. For now, the team needs to plan their Exodus and decide on where they go. I have already offered to assist them with leaving and getting them in touch with anyone I could in the new location. While it is sad that I am losing this team of runners, I am glad that they did not go through with their plan. For the sake of the stability of Cara’Sir, and my other operational teams, the decision to leave was the best one they could have made.”


2 thoughts on “Session 10 – Retaliation: Exodus

  1. Walker finished loading what was left of his and Black Cat’s belongings into the Honda Spirit. It was a minuscule collection at best, all of what they had left from before their homes were destroyed. He hated that this happened. He hated that he had inadvertently caused this. And, he hated that Black Cat had to be in the crossfire.

    The magician placed his head on the top of the car, trying to ignore to ignore the bit of rain that had started to leak through from the sky. By Wolf, he wanted to scream, he wanted fight, but he couldn’t do either of those things. He had to keep it together. The past had done enough damage, so he couldn’t bear to let the present break him down any more.

    Walker sighed as he tipped his head back, just letting what bit of nature was still prevalent pour down upon him.

    “Walker, you ok there?”

    The man turned around, wiping the droplets of rain from his features. Black Cat stood a few feet behind him, watching him with a raised eyebrow, her jacket hood up over her head.

    “Yeah, yeah. I’m just… I’m enjoying the rain.” He began searching for his keys in his pocket while Black Cat walked around to the passenger side door.

    “Alright, then.” Black Cat said, more than a little unconvinced, but she let it slide. She hated the rain and would like to get out of it.

    The two entered the car, Walker turning it on as he heard the rain start to pour down faster than before. As they went to head out of the city, Walker gently tapped the Wolf Totem that still hung around his neck. If nothing else, he could count that Wolf would watch over him. The shaman just hoped that would be enough.

  2. Tatters heads into The Clean Shot, which became his usual haunt after coming to Tir mere months ago. Heading immediately to the bar, he catches Chris’ eye and nods.

    In short time, the bartender and friend, comes by with a glass of rye whiskey. As Tatters picks up the drink, Chris explains, “Just got this in stock, in fresh from a fairly new distillery in the CAS. I mean, it’s probably just repackaged from a mega’s line but – ”

    Tatters cuts him off with a frustrated edge in his voice, “I have to skip town. Once again got myself into drek I shouldn’t have. Well, to be fair, I’d argue others got me into the drek, but doesn’t change the end result. Thanks for giving me a place to land, however short it was though.”

    They chat for a bit longer, Tatters neither explaining the details of what happened and where he’s going next nor Chris asking. When finished he heads to the back of the bar to the corner where Egg conducts business.

    “Your coming here seems to confirm my suspicions,” Egg says as Tatters nears the table.

    Tatters nods, disappointed, “Thanks for getting me started out here, Egg, but it looks like events are taking me elsewhere.”

    “Well, should things quiet down, and you return, feel free to look me up. Although, I may have to carefully consider what kind of work I’d extend to you and your associates. You all did well on the small job for me, but I’ve heard the whispers of the usual modus.”

    Tatters shakes his head, “You’ve heard about the bad, but there were plenty that you didn’t hear about that went right. Yeah, the team needs to smooth out the edges, but there’s potential. And hell, the work is a lot better than what I was doing before. Anyway, speaking of the job we pulled for you. My time is short, any chance you can move the bonus for me?”

    “Ah, yes. Happy to help there, and as you’ve done well by me, I’ll give you the full value for it. May you find better fortunes wherever you go next.” Egg offers a quick toast, before Tatters leaves the bar behind, maybe for good.

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