Retaliation: Exodus — Behind the Curtain

The sounds of pneumatic tools and the smell of engines permeate the warehouse. Scott Wilkins, an Ork mechanic for the Spanners, is working along side his drone. They are working on fitting a Ford Americar with some armor plating. “Now just hold the plate right there,” he tells the drone. Once its in place, he fires up the welder and sets it in place. His mind wanders to the announcements of the previous raids on the Shadowrunners that blew up the library. “Those fraggers are going to pay for this!” His thoughts go back to his girlfriend, Anita, who was at the library during their raid. When the composite plate was welded on, he orders the drone to get the next piece.

Over the mic, he hears commotion about a possible security breach. Before he could process what was happening, he hears the sounds of the security drones move into place and start firing. As he looked around to survey what was going on, the others in the warehouse grab their weapons and start taking up defensive positions. Then the sounds of a revving engine fill the warehouse as a GMC Phoenix comes blasting through the warehouse garage doors and slams into a parked Bulldog. The security drones continue to fire at the bullet-hole ridden car.

Then, all of a sudden, the drones stop firing and the warehouse is dead silent. Orders are barked out and a group of gangers move up to the car. A pair of panthers were also released and are approaching the car. Another group of gangers, armed with assault rifles and wearing armor, move into covering position. Before the team moves in on the car, the telltale sound of the assault cannon from the ceiling mounted drone takes aim and fires. The cannon round hits dead on to the Phoenix and the following explosion was much more than expected. The resounding explosion blew past the first two ranks of gangers, the damaged Bulldog truck flew and crashed into the opposite wall and the front of the warehouse begins to collapse when the entire front of the warehouse is blown out.

As the front of the warehouse comes down on top of the burning wreckage, nearby gangers start to choke as they shout out warnings. Soon, everyone near the wreckage was dead and others started harnessing their gas masks. “What the hell is going on?” Scott asks himself as he quickly puts on his ballistic mask with the built in gas mask. Another team was assembled and approached the wreckage. There were bodies everywhere, but they were all gangers. Then word got around that there was nobody nearby. It appears that the Phoenix was driven remotely.

Then there were new sounds that filled the air. The whining sound of a pair of Peace Force VTOLs that took up position over the collapsed part of the warehouse. Some stupid idiot decided to fire the assault cannon at it and it struck it straight in the left engine. When the left engine exploded, the VTOL started to waver back and forth as the pilot fought to regain control of it. The gunner started firing on the nearby gangers, who in turn, started firing back. The VTOL was too damaged by the initial cannon round to stay aloft and came crashing down on top of the warehouse, further collapsing it.

With a vengeance, the Peace Forces came in hard. The second VTOL opened fired with its own assault cannon as ground troops repelled from the aircraft. Before long, the Peace Forces had the situation controlled. The remaining gangers, including Scott, were lined up with hands behind their heads and seated on the ground. As he looked around at the others, he noticed one of the Peace Force elves talking on his commlink. He nodded as he received his orders. He walked up to the group, with two other officers. “For crimes against the subjects of Cara’Sir, those of you present are indicted on all charges. By the power vested in me by the Council of Princes, you are all hereby found guilty and punishment is death.” He pulled out his assault rifle and begn firing. Scott closed his eyes and though of Anita. She was his last thought as the bullets from the firing squad ripped through his body.

The scene cuts to a pair of orks looking out a vehicle’s windshield. A call comes in and shows a video of another ork. “Boss, the warehouse has been compromised.” You see a familiar looking chrome plated cyberarm with intricate glyphs slam on the dashboard. “What happened?” he asked. “It was attacked .. Peace Force officers are on scene.” The clenched cyberarm fist slams into the dash again as the driver makes a turn in the vehicle. “Understood. Send anyone that is left underground for now while we regroup.” And the camera fades to black.

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