Session 11 – Arrested Development

Cast of Characters:

  • Bowjack
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • Viking
  • Ajax
  • Eternal

After Aspen told me about his “Havoc Squad,” I did a little digging on them and they could be just what the bay area needs. After they get settled in, I set them up with a job. The meet was set for 3:30am at Cheng’s Restaurant in Oakland. The owner there is having some issues with another restauranteur. She says that he has been intimidating her because she refuses to sell to him. The word on the street is that he was going to take drastic action. She reached out to me for some help. I figured this would be a great way for the new team to get their feet wet.

They team meets up at the restaurant and go to the meeting. The Johnson was alone and eating her noodles when they arrived. After discussing the job, the team learned that she is requesting that this person be killed, but in a particular way. They are to kill him in a vat of his own soup and it must look like an accident. After some negotiation, they are paid a partial amount up front and the rest will be paid after the coroner’s report is released. They come to an agreement and discuss the details.

Their mark is a Chinese man named Xiu Yang. He owns a chain of Chinese buffet-style restaurants in San Francisco. The team is provided a photograph of him. They also find that he does have ties to the Triad. Tatters does starts some matrix searches on him and finds that the is a heavy handed style boss that has his thumb on everything regarding his business. They leave the meet and head home. Tatters does find out that the original restaurant, Dragon Panda, is where he mainly is. but does make appearances at the other locations.

As the rest of the team is headed home, Ajax decides to head into downtown San Francisco and do a quick drive by on the restaurant. Once down there, SFPD picks up on a Jeep suspiciously driving around Chinatown at 4:00am. They proceed to pull the vehicle over and perform their normal checks. A SIN check reveals that the driver is broadcasting a fake SIN. While questioning Ajax, they pick up on his nervousness and detain him for further questioning. Another pair of officers check the Jeep while a portable scanner is used to reveal Ajax’s true identity. The scanner picks up on his cyberwear and a handprint scan returns some interesting information. When he was first pulled over, Ajax started broadcasting to the rest of the team through his image link on what was occurring. Tatters starts digging on the matrix for any information on the SFPD and the local precinct.

The whole team was watching as the handprint scanner displayed that he was wanted by UCAS military for desertion and AWOL. Ajax is immediately taken into custody and taken to jail. Before the police could link Ajax to the rest of the team, Tatters hacks and bricks his commlink.

Shocked at the early morning incident, the team decides to move forward with the job and will worry about Ajax later. Bowjack does decide to lookup an attorney that could help him and scheduled an appointment with Johnson and Lo Wang for later that day. The plan was for the team to meet up at the Dragon Panda and have lunch to check the place out. Eternal stays behind and does some legwork for his family responsibilities. When they get there, they go into the buffet in pairs and get some food. They do notice that some Triad members are present and there is pretty good security here. After some time, they hear the crash of broken dishes and screaming coming from the kitchen. A young woman comes running from the back, through the restaurant and out the door crying. A large morbidly obese Chinese male with heavy cyberwear comes out from the back and yells that she is fired! Looking back at the image they were provided, which appears severely dated, and find that this is their mark. Concern amongst the team spreads as they realize that this man must weigh close to 800lbs.

Seeing an opportunity, Walker and Bowjack rush out to follow the fired waitress. Bowjack trips and falls, but Walker is able to catch up to her and started a conversation to keep her from getting in a cab and leaving. Tatters gets a bead on her commlink and puts a mark on it for use later. Walker talks her into letting him pay for a cab and escort her home to allow her to vent as she needs. Tatters then does some searching on the Matrix for her and finds an image on her social media of her, their mark and their Johnson together at a family function. About that same time, Walker learns that the waitress, who is Janet Che, is the niece of Xiu Yang.

At this revelation, Tatters does some more digging and learns that the Johnson, Lien Cheng, and Xiu Yang had divorced 3 years ago. Furthermore, he located a life insurance policy that named her as the beneficiary. As a kicker, the life insurance policy has an accidental death clause that will pay out if he was to suffer an accidental death. It seems that the team has stumbled across quite the dilemma. One of their members has been arrested, their job is to eliminate the ex husband of their Johnson and to make it look like an accident AND they find that their Johnson will receive a life insurance policy payout upon the accidental death of her ex husband … yes, quite the pickle they find themselves in.


3 thoughts on “Session 11 – Arrested Development

  1. Bowjack stands in line to pick up his suit from the dry cleaners. His appointment with Ajax lawyer is at 3:30 and it’s 3:20 now! Of course Ajax has to get arrest! He can’t just be a normal person and not creep around at 4 in the morning. He also just HAD to have a sin! I swear, when I get him out of jail I’m gonna make him pay DOUBLE what he cost me.

    Bowjack is finally in front of the line and he gets his suit. It’s 3:32 he already late and he hasn’t even left the fragging cleaners. Great

  2. He sits in his new apartment reflecting on his active return to running. The first foray wasn’t very smooth, but the nuyen was much better than he was used to.

    In his mind, he replays through the events in Portland.

    “Just need to try to mitigate some of the more brazen parts of the team,” he says to his glass of whiskey before finishing it off.

    He gets up and walks over to a bottle of whiskey on a table across the room. “Of course, all this is also complicated by the fact I need help find a way to jailbreak a team member. On our first job in this city,” he says while pouring another glass.

    But he thinks on how it’s not the first time he’s done that, although usually to get some intel on a case, not falsify documents on such a high profile case.

  3. Walker walked in to the little low-quality apartment that he shared with Black Cat. Closing and locking the door behind him, the man turned to the side and laid his forehead on the wall next to the doorway.

    The day had been absolute nonsense. First, one of their Sams gets arrested because he thought it was a good idea to scope out a place at 4 AM. Then, he and the team manage to infiltrate the place only to find out that the target is much, MUCH different looking now than the picture that was assigned to them. Finally, the entire team finds out that the target was actually related to the Johnson, and Walker lamented on the fact that he spent an hour chatting up their niece for information.

    In the name of all that is Wolf, the drek has come early. And, the magician processed the information in the only way he thought possible at the moment. He banged his head repeatedly against the wall, and went to sleep while communing with Wolf.

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