Session 12 – A Glutton for Punishment

Cast of Characters:

  • Bowjack
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • Ajax
  • Eternal

Gluttony “.. the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste.

After the initial recon was done during lunch at the Dragon Panda, Tatters does some recon on his own through the Matrix. He is able to find the arrest record for Ajax and alter it enough that it shows he was arrested for unlicensed cyberwear. Bowjack also met with the attorney, Lo Wang, shortly after that. They worked out a deal where Lo Wang would expedite Ajax’s release. They agreed on a price and the lawyer was able to get Ajax released the next morning after paying a fine of 5,000 nuyen. After some discussion amongst the team, Eternal fronted the 5k for the fine. More on that later though.

After the meeting with the lawyer, the team gathers together to continue working the job at hand. Bowjack sent in a flyspy drone while Tatters went on Matrix overwatch. Eternal scouted out the loading dock area and Walker kept watch over the vulnerable bodies of Tatters and Bowjack. The tiny drone worked its way into the basement level where most of the kitchen prep and work is done. Tatters was able to hack his way into the restaurant’s host and get information on the blueprints and various other files. As they discussed option on how they would proceed with completing the mission, Bowjack was able to catch a moment that could be an opening. They noticed their mark make his way up to the vats where he would personally test the soup for flavor. They have decided that this was their opportunity.

So lets go back to the release of Ajax. Eternal gave the credstick with the fine on it to Bowjack. Bowjack was the only one that went to pick him up from the precinct. Once there, he pays the fine and Ajax is released with the gear that he had on him. His Jeep, however as with all such cases, was surrendered to the SFPD. When Bowjack and Ajax exited the precinct, there was a surprise waiting for them. An Ares HTR team in two Banshee T-Birds descended on the pair. In a moments thought, a tactical squad was on them with weapons drawn. One T-Bird was hovering with its mounted weapons trained on the pair and the second T-Bird was circling above. Among the Ares officers, a UCAS military official waded through them. In his hand was a scanner. He requested Bowjack to place his hand on the scanner. Reluctantly he did so. The scanner’s trid display showed a “no match” and he moved over to Ajax. When he placed his hand on the scanner, it came back as a match.

Before he could even complete his sentence to “bag and tag him“, Ajax quickly leapt into action and slammed his hatchet in the head of the military official. Luckily, the helmet on his full body armor took the brunt of the blow. Ajax, however, did not fair so well. The HTR response was swift and efficient. All of their weapons unloaded into Ajax, tearing him to shreds. Bowjack narrowly rolled out of harms way, but other innocent bystanders were also killed in the strike. After the bloodshed, Bowjack was free to leave since he did not take part in the attack and they were not looking for him. Still covered in blood and gore, he ate his McHues order and went home to get cleaned up.

Later that day, the team prepares themselves for the their strike. They need only to seize the opportunity, should it arise. Walker was to place an invisibility spell on Eternal while Bowjack watches the basement through the flyspy. Tatters would be on Matrix overwatch and would be ready to spring his trap. When their mark would go up to the vats to taste test, Tatters would cause his cyberwear to cease functioning. This would be the moment that Eternal would knock him into the vat. Well that was the plan anyways.

For the most part, the plan went flawlessly. However, at the moment when Eternal went to knock him into the vat, he found that he was a bit more sturdy than he thought. He slammed into the massive wall of flesh with a disheartening THUD! Quick on his feet, Eternal hits him again with a solid hit that was enough to knock him unconscious and into the vat of soup. As he fell into the boiling hot soup, his body got stuck in the vat opening. His upper half was drowning in the soup while his bottom half was left flailing. After a few moments, the flailing stopped and the deed was done. Just as Eternal starts to make his way off the catwalk and out, one of the cooks notice his body and screams. When EMS and LoneStar security shows up, the team was already on their way out.

The job was completed to the Johnson’s satisfaction and the team was paid after the coroner’s report was released. His death was ruled an accident. The report went on to state that there was a malfunction in his cyberwear that caused him to fall into the vat and subsequently drowning.


3 thoughts on “Session 12 – A Glutton for Punishment

  1. Hours after returning home from the job, Tatters starts to feel the Psyche wear off, and the heavier realizations sink in. He just helped drown a man in boiling soup so an ex-wife could cash out on the insurance plan.

    Pouring his drink, he places a little less ice than usual, and more alcohol (tonight, the real stuff), into his glass. Before even moving from his ‘bar’ he takes a large, burning swig, and then tops it off again.

    He doesn’t know if it’s still an effect from the psyche, his own guilty rationalizations, or some fundamental change in his views, but after everything he’s not sure how guilty he feels about the murder.

  2. “How the hell do you get blood stain out?” Bowjack keep scrubbing his blood-stain coat. “Fraggin bull this is, that fabric cleaner was GUARANTEE to clean all types of stains!” Bowjack flashback to Ajax getting gunned down. He didn’t pay me back! He JUST had to get killed, well at least Eternal agreed to let Bowjack take 2k from Ajax pay lawyer fee aren’t cheap.

  3. Eternal looked around the sparse apartment he was calling home for the next few weeks as he considered recent events. While Ajax was simply a “coworker” to him, Eternal was slightly disturbed of his rather violent death. He rubbed the tattoo on his shoulder as he wondered when “The Project” would catch up with him, and if it would end as badly.

    The job itself was interesting. Eternal’s training had certainly set him up as an assassin, but this had been the first job in a long time that required subtlety rather than strength and speed, and the use of the mage’s invisibility spell was quite enjoyable. He reflected on that flash of excitement has he experienced as he watched the quivering mass of his victim stuck in the vat, and reflected that this bloodlust had been manifesting itself a lot more lately. He wondered if he was going to become like Alpha… rage and pain compressed in a mindless killing machine. It’s no wonder he’s been noticing a change in how the team saw him, with some looking to control or abandon, while the more unstable members seeming to idolize and emulate him. It was bad enough that the Berserker spirit bonded to him to grant strength, but Eternal pondered if he might need to start exploring different ways to channel the bloodlust before he becomes too unstable to continue this life in the shadows.

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