Session 17 — The Greed in the Hearts of Men

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.


The team finalized the plans to complete one of their jobs. They were hired to get baseball sensation Jackson Pruitt kicked out of the league. The developed a plan that would involve exposing him to the drug K-10 and triggering a berserk episode at the mall. Figured the destruction and public exposure would be enough for the league to take action against him. So Walker, Ace and Sledge go in the “rental” car to the boxing ring and pick up Pruitt on time. The cover story was that they were having a meet and greet with the public for a children’s charity. One the way there, Ace and Pruitt started discussing his family. They learned that he has a wife and 4 kids in Minnesota. The game tomorrow in NYC was going to be the first game that his kids would be attending.

When they arrive at the mall. Eternal, Tatters and Viking were parked in the bulldog near the entrance while Acorn was dropped off by Walker earlier. Walker and Ace escort Pruitt into the mall, and Sledge parks the car next to the bulldog at the entrance. The team used AR to mark the path and point where he becomes exposed. Once he was in the open, Acorn hit him with a manabolt to trigger the K-10 and with a solid hit, the drug quickly takes effect. Both Ace and Walker have already started to move away from Pruitt as he flew into a rage. It first started with him throwing punches at people that were nearby, completely catching bystanders off guard. Just as quickly, he pulled out a telescopic baseball bat from a hidden compartment in one of his cyberlegs and started swinging away.

By this time, Ace and Walker were about to leave the mall. Just then, Pruitt surprisingly drops his bat and pulls out a machine pistol from his other cyberleg, along with an implanted grenade launcher in his cyberarm. He let loose with a barrage of gunfire and starts launching grenades. Shoppers and onlookers at the mall started dropping and fleeing for their lives. Just as Ace and Walker walk out of the mall, a grenade flew through the front glass doors and slammed into a car that was parked in front of the rest of the team. The moment later, the car explodes, sending shrapnel and debris everywhere.

Ace, Walker and Sledge quickly jump into the bulldog and has Acorn meet them down the street. They called the rigger that they rented the car from and he piloted it home. When the team picked up Acorn and fled the mall, HTR and SFPD VTOLs arrive on scene. Tatters monitors the news feed and find that law enforcement quickly detained Pruitt. However, the dame has been done.

The team decided that this should be enough for Pruitt to be kicked out of the league, they contacted the Johnson to collect payment. A meet was set up for a parking garage to collect payment. The team, now geared up, and heads there. The approach a parked Americar and cautiously decide what to do. Dropping into the Matrix, Tatters finds only a single commlink in the car. Since it is not running, there is no Matrix presence for it. Sledge moved up to the car and opens the door. It startles the sleeping Johnson awake. They collect the payment and were on their way.

Sunday, the next day, they get another message from Calypso about a job for the team. They still have one more job that is pending, but is still a week or so away. A meet was set up at the MoonDust diner in South San Francisco. Their Johnson seemed to only speak with Sledge, since he was the only ork in the party. The job was to retrieve the thief that stole a particular painting from a nearby art gallery and the team agreed to take on the job, although some members were reluctant to do so. The details of the job were that the particular painting, named the Seven Deadly Sins, was stolen. The art gallery owner does not care for the return of the painting as he has already filled the necessary police report. He wants to have the thief brought to him, either dead or alive. There is a small added bonus if they are able to recover the painting undamaged.

They were given a copy of what the painting looks like and a copy of the video footage of the robbery. Sledge sent the footage to the rest of the team to review. With a shock, Tatters, Walker, Viking and Eternal all look at the footage and realize that the thief in the footage was Black Cat … Walker’s close personal friend and roommate. About the same time, Eternal gets a call about an expected shipment is coming in. He breaks away from the team and heads for the pier. While waiting around for the container ship and talking with some of the dockmen. Eternal turns around to catch a glimpse of the ship in the bay, just as a series of explosions occurred on the ship, quickly scuttling it. As the ship, and Eternal’s cargo, sinks to the bottom of the bay, he makes a call.

So with one job completed, another one on the horizon and now one that involves a close personal friend, what will the team do? To top it off, what will Eternal do to deal with his lost cargo.


5 thoughts on “Session 17 — The Greed in the Hearts of Men

  1. Journal log: 5/27/74

    Ace is sitting down on his chair in his makeshift office space at home.

    “You know, for a bunch of hardern shadowrunners. They get real touchy on some subjects. Take today for an examples I’m talking to the mark right? *Ace take a bite out of a apple* Trying to get the mark all comfortable so he won’t be subjecting us of no wrong doing. But that uhh *Ace snaps his fingers a few times* Walker! That’s his name, right so this guy just freezes up. By the way what kind of name is Walker? *Ace takes another bite of apple.* Is he walking away or to something? It’s a stupid name. Anyway, the mark went full madman on once we got him in the mall right after Acorn zapped him with some magic. *Ace takes bite of the apple.* Oh, that another thing Acon, see she got cat ears right? I don’t understand it, why cat ears? Did she get a surgery for it? Was she born with it? *Ace stops for a moment.* What if she was born with it? What if she born somewhere where magic was so dense it could give her cat ears! *Ace starts to mumble.* Don’t think she tell me if she got surgery or she was born with it. I gotta get a sample or a answer some how. *Ace takes a bite out of his apple again*
    Anyway, I’m signing off for now, we got a new job to do in the morning.”

    Journal off

  2. Tatters sat flipping in AR through various news reports, social media posts, gossip, and anything else he can find about the mall massacre. He told himself to feel terrible about everything that happened. He thought over the body count as it increased as news came in.

    He considered the regret over what happened and his participation in it. Did he really feel terrible over what happened? What he telling himself to feel terrible over what happened? How much was this confusion from the psyche still draining from his system, helping to numb him from what he does, and how much was just how much this path has already changed him.

    Not that it started here.


    And then the next meet. Tatters knew the loyalty Walker had for Black Cat. How this goes could destroy the team. There was no question in his mind over whether to side with Walker. As far as Awakened go, Walker was one of the more trustworthy. With a team rife with Awakened, it paid to have a trusted one around.

    Tatters considered the real issues. We can’t just turn down the job after the fact. Besides the reputation hit, Black Cat would still be pursued. The whole problem has to be solved, and there is too little information to go on so far.

  3. Okay so. the task for today was to deal with the bating man. can’t remember the sport .. I’m not really into watching sports.. never saw the appeal of watching others do something like skiing when you could do it yourself.. Sigh.. I miss skiing and the snow. jeez its only been what… a couple months and I’m already starting to miss home. god damn it…. This isn’t important.. but it just… its not quite home here.. the sun is hot and there is the cost.. but its not the same as waking up every morning to white fields and the air.. how I miss the freshness of the air. even in the cities it wasn’t nearly as dense as it is here.. Okay.. I’m getting off topic. The plan went off without a hitch. then we got the money, which granted did make me a bit paranoid.. the entire crew seamed jumpy too.. guess it rubs off on people given how IM normally the one freaking out a bit. Anyway got the cash. went home. some time after we get a call from that lovely women she tells us that there is another client. we arrive on the scene and there is some orc dude. not that it bothers me. I could tell by the way he looked he didn’t partially like the fact that I was different to him. but that was also alright, he insists with talking with our orc about the details of the job. get some girl who stole a picture and the picture its self. pretty normal stuff. Would been up for it. raised my hand to ask about the operation and when he made contact I complimented him on his strength as I asked if its okay to ask a question. and he ignored me! what a dickhole. like I understand being talked down to. That I’m okay with “Well little fairy what would you like to ask” would been fine I don’t care about those kinds of insults. but ignoring me is.. ITS AGGRAVATING! Personally I hope he never finds that chick. I have no intention of looking ‘woopise looks like one got away’ who cares if my street cred takes a hit. we are only human and I didn’t run away from my parents to continue to be ignored by some damn johnson who walks off the street. This jackass can go sleep in the hole he dug. fuck him. fuck his job. If the others find the girl I’ll come along to get the reward because fuck if that guy deserves to keep the currency. I’ll probs just give it to the others for their work and say sorry. but I aint lifting a finger for that asshole. Urgh.. and he got me thinking about home too. guess thats what spurned that outburst earlier.. Im gonna go get a drink. This guy can get fucked.

  4. Walker slammed the door as he came into the apartment complex. His thoughts racing as he trekked into the main room, pulling off his normal clothes. Out of all the things that could happen, he did not think that BC being his target would be one of them. How the hell did she get in there? Why did she steal the painting? Who could of…

    The mage threw his jacket at the table, startling the Wolf pup that was napping on the slightly chewed couch seat. The pup yipped a bit, moving off the seat. Walker felt a growl forming in the back of throat.

    Eternal. He could feel the man’s eyes on him as they watched that video. He knew how he acted when threats were around. He knew Walker knew where Black Cat was.

    Walker forced himself to sit on the couch, hands balled into fists at his sides. This was not going well. If Black Cat was caught, that would mean things that he didn’t want to think about. He knew she wasn’t in the apartment this night. There was nothing indicating her here, but he knew she would be back. She had to be.

    Walker sighed as he felt that bit of feral anger melt away. His teeth shifted to the point where he realized he’d been clenching them. The pup crawled out from the side of the couch, ears flat and a small whimper escaping its maw. The Shaman looked at it with pity as he laid himself down on the couch. The pup tentatively hopped up with him and curled up next to his side.

    There was nothing he could do but wait now. Hopefully, he could find a way to sort this out.

  5. (The drive to the docks…)

    The oldies music wafted from the car speakers as Eternal made his way to the docks. Not only was he impressed that Gavino had gotten the weapon, but that it was coming in even earlier than originally expected. It was turning out to be a good couple of days… the job with that baseball guy went even better than they hoped, and gave Eternal an idea of what K-10 actually does when it kicks in, which was interesting. And now the delivery being a full 3 days ahead of schedule. The only hitch was that whole issue with Walker and that girl they had rescued from the Tir when the Spanners rolled the mage’s house. Eternal had barely been able to restrain himself from drawing his Predator and start demanding where Walker was hiding the girl, seeing it as the most efficient means to complete the mission, but he caught himself at the last moment. Walker, like Tatters, was a pretty valuable asset to completing runs, and he would hate to have to replace that asset just for a run not ordered by the Family. It’ll be interesting to see how this job is going to go down over the next couple days.

    It was about this point that Eternal pulled up to the warehouse. As he stepped out of the car, he noticed Johnny talked with one of the new rig operators about moving a few of the autoloaders around to be ready to offload the ship. Eternal made a little small talk with them as the boat started to make its way down the slip towards the docks. Without warning, great red flames and gouts of black smoke began to erupt from various points on the ship, and a thunderous series of booms filled the air.

    “Wellllll… drek”

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