Session 18 — The Master of Puppets …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

Master of puppets I’m pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams

-Metallica (a 5th world rock band)

After Walker went home and played with the wolf pup that was given to him by Duchess, he waited for Black Cat to come home. She came in around 9 or so with takeout for dinner. As she got the take-out ready, apparently orange chicken from the takeout place was very good, Walker confronted her about her extracurricular activities. When asked about the art job, she willingly admitted that she did it. When further questioned on it, she said that she used Tatters to do some Matrix overwatch for her. She had a trideo of her meeting with the teams decker. She ran into him just after meeting with the Johnson. He gave her an RFID tag that she would use to get into the art studio. He also would arrange a window in time where he will loop the cameras to allow her some time to grab the painting. She sent over the video of her and the Johnson and of her and Tatters. They decided that she would leave town until this blows over, but she will not tell anyone where she was going. However, they were going to finish their meal first and is was indeed some very good orange chicken.

After dinner and Black Cat’s departure, Walker contacted Tatters to discuss the new information. After watching the trideo, Tatters looked and Walker and stated what the mage already knew … It was not Tatters on that tape. There were a few nuances that occurred that tipped him off to it. Walker confirmed his statement and decided to bring in Eternal. They explained that the team was being set up by someone, but for what reason. Either way, the three of them had to keep the rest of the team off of the trail on this until they figured it out. Tatters sent his an agent to scour the Matrix for everything it can find regarding the person in the trideo. The team still had the job to destroy the evidence for the Simsense stalker. They trio gets the rest of the team together and meet around the prosecutor’s office.

They got a plan together and, with Tatter’s and Ace in the same car, they started to put it in play. However, Ace suddenly got the urge to get some coffee from down the street. Tatters decided to look around at random stuff on the internet as well, instead of his standard host hacking activities. Eternal, weary of being near a courthouse in downtown San Francisco, decided to wait things out in a bar. Walker, Viking and Acorn were alone and nearby. Sledge was in his truck and eventually fell asleep. On the way to the coffee shop, Ace notices Acorn at a park bench and finally decided to ask about the cat ears. They have a short conversation and he offers to get her some coffee as well.

Meanwhile, Tatters receives a notification that his Agent has some search results and is continuing to work. Tatters brushes the Agent aside and continues to look at random internet stuff, not even thinking about the job or the host. Ace continued onto the coffee shop, but then spotted a street side game of 3 card monte and the compulsive gambler could just not resist. Through the PiTac that was set up, they all watched as he lost the first two rounds, and a total of 3,000 nuyen … However, the third round, he was tempted with an another offer. He can choose twice, but the bet is 10k. He agreed, this time Viking assisted him on the first selection, but lost track of the ball. Ace guessed incorrectly. On the second choice, he calls on Lady Luck for assistance and guessed … correctly. He won the 10k and received the electronic transfer. He then finally made it to the coffee shop and picked up the drinks. He brought Acorn’s drink to her and went to the car with Tatters. As he came up to the car, a wave washed over them, the sense of urgency over the job at hand returned.

Concerned about his recent activity, Tatters requested Walker to investigate. The mage projected himself into the Astral plan and sped over to their location. He found the cause of Tatter’s concern. Before him was another mage perceiving. The other mage projected into the Astral as well. The Astral signature for this unknown mage was familiar to Walker, he remember seeing it in the parking garage where they met their Johnson for the baseball job. The unknown mage calls Walker by name and started to monologue. He talks about how impressed he was with their team during the “fat bastard” job, referring to a previous job. He goes on about how he was involved with the baseball player job and how disappointed he was when they mettled in his Bunraku Parlor activities. Because of this, he set up Black Cat to take the fall on stealing a painting he wanted. A painting named “The Seven Deadly Sins.” He then mentions that he knew that Black Cat was headed for a train to leave the area … and before Walker could act, the unknown mage drops out of Astral space and then suddenly masked his aura. He effectively disappears from the mage. In meatspace, he could be anywhere. Walker returns to his body and informs the team.

Tatters decided to continue with the job. They two join together in the bulldog so that Walker can do Astral overwatch while the decker goes in hot sim VR. Tatters doesn’t hack the host on the first try and reboots. The second time, he does succeed in hacking the host and gains entry. He finds the file with the case load and is able to get a mark on it to noticed the encryption and the databomb that was in place. He moved to disarm the databomb, something he has dozen quite a few times now. However, this time he wasn’t able to disarm it and it goes off. The PiTac’s biomonitor started sending alerts regarding Tatter’s condition. Walker drops out of Astral and finds Tatter’s body shaking and bleeding out of his nose and eyes. Sparks and smoke was coming out of his cyberdeck. Tatters dropped out of VR and back into reality. He wasn’t dead, but he was severely injured. He let the team know that he was done with the job for now, headed to the back of the van, fired up the the medkit and started repairing the damaged cyberdeck.

Ace decided that now would be a good time to go into the office to scout it out. Just as he enters the office, the PiTac and PAN go down as Tatters turned off the deck for repairs. The secretary asked if she could help and Ace concocts a story that he had a package for the prosecutor. He was asked to leave it on the desk and sign it in. Ace decided that a spell would work best, but it failed to take hold. The secretary notices that he has no package and immediately demands to know whats going on. Ace flees the office while she screams out. He shoulder checks a pair of clerks on the way out the door and threw up a barrier to hold them off while he disappears into the crowd. He rounds the corner and ducks into the restroom of a nearby building and uses his magic to change the way he looks. As he leaves, the SFPD shows up at the law office. The team decided it would be best to disperse.

Later that day, Eternal gets a call from Gavino about the explosion and the sinking of the Estella Maersk. The ship was carrying a thunderstruck gauss rifle that was meant to secure the family’s shipping routes. He asked Eternal to gather his team for a job. Gavino was the Johnson and proposed the job to find who was responsible for the sinking of the Estella Maersk and have them delivered to him. The offer was 15k each with no specified deadline. They agreed with no negotiation attempts out of respect.

Tatters received an alert, after the meet, about the Agent that was still running and what it found hit the team at its core. The Johnson that met with Black Cat is a local doctor that is CEO of a non-profit charity, named Dr Alton Dordan. The charity was the beneficiary of the 2 million nuyen donation from the estate of the Johnson for the “fat bastard” run. Further digging into his info by the Agent revealed an online auction account that recently purchased an autographed baseball for 40k nuyen. The doctor was also reported as the surgeon that operated on Harvey Levi, who happened to be the Johnson for the Simsense job they were currently on. Levi had met an unfortunate end and passed away on the operating table yesterday. The Agent had hit on one final file. There was a meeting a few hours ago with an MCT executive. There was one word mentioned that sent a sense of dread through both Tatters and Eternal. The word was “Titan” …

So with the death of the Simsense Johnson, they decided to leave that job. They picked up a new job with the Family to find out who was responsible for the Estella Maersk and they still had the job with finding the thief for the painting. There is 4 days left for that job and even if they take the cred hit, along with the lost nuyen, they were well aware that the Johnson would probably just hire someone else to find her. Walker sent a quick message to make sure she was alright. She responded that she was and had to change her plans at the last minute and headed to a new unknown destination.


4 thoughts on “Session 18 — The Master of Puppets …

  1. Tatters sat, fuming, in his apartment as he continued to run various diagnostics and tests on his repaired cyberdeck. Everything had gone wrong today, beginning with that fragging mage screwing with his head.

    He tried to focus on his work but kept coming back to that mage that was intentionally messing with the team. As much as he wanted to be the one to pull the trigger and geek him, Tatters knew this wasn’t a fight he could really be a part of. Luckily, the team was brimming with people who could deal with a magical threat like this.

    Or they just need to point Eternal and his high-ex grenades in the right place…

  2. Well I procrastinated this long enough. So.. I meet with the guys and told them that I was helping them track down this black cat person despite not; as he can suck it. So as we had no leads they decided to tackle this court case. We all meet up outside the cop shop. not sure what the plan was. I guess whatever the plan was Ace decided it was time to become a one man comedy show.
    I don’t really remember the course of events in order so I’ll just quickly go over everything.
    Firstly; He asked me about my kitty ears. Seemed respective enough but laughed at me for being a small elf. I can’t help my height jerk.. anyway he also offered to buy me a coffee, I could of made a joke about him going corporate with such a BORING choice in drink (seriously coffee? what is this an office sitcom) Anyway I asked for cream and sugar as I don’t really like coffee but was feeling kinda mellow for once and wanted them to at least look like he was being helpful so he went for coffee.
    At least thats what I thought. he got us coffee. then got distracted by some random ass street busker. playing that 3 cup suffle game. or was it cards… meh don’t care stupid ace is stupid. despite being supposaly ‘hot shit’ at gambling he lost like 4 rounds losing something like 45k nuyen but seemed fucking proud when on the double down round he won back like 30k its like wow. you managed to lose 15k but your some how proud and act like you won. what a boozo.
    I guess this would be a good time to mention before this next part I had let everyone know that I can change how people look. I thought it should be noted cause the comedy of fail that followed almost got ace caught and it could of been much easier to escape if he just came to me so I could metaphor him. Oh well!.

    Ace after finally giving me the coffee (which by now was getting cold thanks to his 15m detour) went directly into the cop shop like he owned the place. Then the feed got cut. Great… right when a guy enters is the best time to lose connection. Waiting a few minutes the next thing I know Ace is running out the shop with a whole bunch of guards chasing him like it was a freaking chase sence from a comedy. For what was meant to be ‘scouting’ it was more like drawing as much attention to himself as humanly possible. what a tool. Guess he is the only other elf though so.. Probs won’t tell him as much. hope he didn’t notice me laughing my ass off on the bench.
    I spilt the scene shortly after hitching a ride home with one of the others. Got a communication from our current on the ground fixer. turns out the johnson no longer is able to pay. (or at least thats the important part) Glad I got that down payment. and the others laughed at me for it. guess I’m the one who got the last laugh here. Over all. today was funny. I should smuggle some booze for next run then I can have a REAL laugh.

  3. Walker came to his home as the day’s events played back over in his head. The death of the Johnson, Lith’s departure, and the new face that has revealed itself to the group.

    Walker honestly can’t think of anything this man would want. But, he knew about Lith, and he seemed to hold a grudge about the parlor. Things were adding up and the mage couldn’t really make sense of them.

    He sighed as he sat back down on the couch in the main room. His energy was drained from the working day. Emotions finally coming to the forefront that he thought he wouldn’t have to deal with. The primal urge that Wolf gave him was starting to come on stronger than ever, and, honestly, he suspected he might need it.

  4. Eternal fumed as he played over the information Tatters turned up for a third time. Normally, he didn’t mind the work he got as a shadowrunner. It pays the bills and gives him something to do until Family business comes up. It hones his skills, and, quite frankly, he would get a somewhat perverse bit of pleasure from the mayhem that the jobs create. But the one thing Eternal certainly did not enjoy was being played, as what clearly seems to be what’s going on, based on the information he was seeing. This Dr. Dordan was playing a very dangerous game, and it was about to get worse as Eternal’s eyes hovered over the word Titan. If these Titans were anything like his old “team” from the lab, then this will be the most intense fight ever. Eternal knew he had to prepare. He grabbed his gear and headed out the door, hoping that his new talismonger friend had what he was looking for.

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