Session 19 — Sittin on the Dock of the Bay …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

The team spent the day training up on skills, with Walker and Acorn building a magical lodge. The following day they started to discuss the job at hand that was coming up. They were hired by a Johnson to bring an art thief to him that stole a painting from him. They identified the thief as Walker’s close personal friend, Black Cat. The team decided to have Sledge try to renegotiate the terms of the run with the Johnson, since the Johnson would only speak to him. However, it did not go over well. Their proposal to bring in the guy who hired the thief had failed. They needed to bring the thief in or the Johnson will find someone else.

Eternal and Tatters decided to take the bull by the horns on the Family job, and attempt to recover the Thunderstruck. He taps into WaveRunner and rent a submersible drone that could open the shipping containers. Further, Eternal had some members of the Family on hand to offload any gear that they found. It took all night and a lot of luck, but they are able to locate the right container and recover a waterlogged Thunderstruck. A few hours of cleaning and Eternal was able to get it in good working order.

The next morning, after Sledge was done with his day job at the construction set, the team hatches a plan to find out more about the Puppet Master. The previous research with Tatter’s agent found that the doctor had an office at San Francisco General Hospital in downtown. They load up in the Bulldog, with the exception of Acorn and Eternal, and post up at a nearby parking garage. Ace heads to the hospital on foot, after changing his appearance, while Tatters hacks into the hospital’s host. He sets up the permissions necessary for Ace to access the hospital through the doctors only entrance. He headed down the the hall and located a locker room for the doctors. Intending on getting some scrubs or something to fit in better. Each of the lockers were keyed to the RFID tags of their respective owners. Tatters tries to assist and pop a lock, but fails. He tells Ace that he is on his own and reboots his deck.

Ace, between the blueprint that was provided and the hospital directory, located the office on the 14th floor. He makes his way up there, but stops on the 13th floor to plug in a direct connect for Tatters to be able to access the system easier. He ducks into a janitor’s closet to hide from a hospital security patrol and heads to the office directly below Doctor Dordan, which happens to be rhinoplasty clinic. He pops open the door and heads to the terminal on the other end of the office. Tatters directs him to where to put in the data tap, but before he can put it in, hospital security comes back around and notices the door is open. Ace was faced with a decision to either plug in the device and get caught or dive for cover. He dove under the desk as security steps in through the door. They turn on the lights and call for backup. Ace stepped out from under the desk and stated that the dropped something. Suspicious of this doctor that is in an office after hours, they scanned his SIN. It seems that Lady Luck did not smile on Ace this time and the check returned that the SIN was fake. Not seeing any other way out, Ace throws a manabolt at one of the officers and injures them. Just as the firefight was about to breakout, Dr Dordan shows up.

He defused the situation and used his mind magic to convince the guards that there is an incident in the emergency room that needs their attention and that it turned violent. Once the guards leave, he walks into the room and closes the door. It was just the Puppet Master and Ace now. He names off the entire team, except for Acorn, and offered to finish this game they are playing and gives them a location in Oakland to be at in 30 mins. He then turns and walks away. The rest of the team is now left hanging and prepare for a fight. There is just one word that hangs on the mind of both Tatters and Eternal … “Titan”. Tatters calls up a friend and asks for help. “Shakespeare is en-route” was all he was told. Eternal stops by his storage unit to pick up his gear, and his newly recovered Thunderstruck, and heads to the meet. Sledge, Viking and Walker do the same, while Ace and Acorn approach this more cautiously. Acorn offers to be nearby and will lend assistance if an opportunity presents itself. Ace, on the other hand, starts looking for an exit strategy and leaving the region.

And so the team prepares for what just might be the fight of they’re lives …


3 thoughts on “Session 19 — Sittin on the Dock of the Bay …

  1. Walker breathed in a deep, cleansing breath as he gazed over the little apartment he called his home for the time being. This fight, this man, this time was going to be a defining moment. It was here that the man had to take a stand.

    The Magician thumbed the totem around his neck for a moment, letting the possibilities drift through his skull. His orange eyes closed, and he let loose a growl that came from deep within.

    The eyes opened, orange irises shining in the light. Tonight, his enemy would perish, or he would die trying.

  2. Tatters finishes situating his full body armor. Checking his predator and spare clips. This was a really dumb idea, walking straight into this, but there didn’t seem to be many options left. This guy has it out for the team and he’s out maneuvered us several times.

    Of course, the mind mage was enough of a nightmare. He had somehow gotten use of Titan. The only hope would be that the Ares squad can level the field a bit, of course, they threw everything at Titan before and we still had to retreat.

    “If we even make it out of this alive, I suspect I’m going to owe Ares a big one…”

  3. Well they blew it. Not sure what the plan was again. Send in the guy who messed up at the cop shop and get him to…..??? I think the plan might of been to bug his office. As It didn’t involve me I just kinda stood outside encase they wanted me to go in. They messed up again. got caught again. failed to fast talk himself out of the situation again. but fortunately was saved by our target of all people. guess he wanted the satisfaction of killing us himself as he then challenged the team with the acception of myself to a duel. Ace is skipping town and the rest are gonna face him. really I don’t care much I’m thinking I’ll give the rest of the guys a hand. but if it gets too hot I’ll exit the scene. I don’t wanna lose my life for these guys but I’ll at least give them a hand.

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