Session 20 — Wrath of the Titans …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

So the team was enroute to meet with the so-called “Puppet Master” at an abandoned warehouse in Oakland. They all meet, with the exception of Ace who was planning on an exit from the region, at a rendezvous point nearby and pile into the Bulldog. Eternal, with the help of an invisibility spell, moves along with the Bulldog, but on foot. Tatters caught glimpse of a fast moving vehicle that was on a collision course with them. He quickly tried to dodge, but the speeding Roadmaster clipped the rear of the Bulldog and sends it tumbling and flipping. The Roadmaster hits a lightpole, but is relatively unscathed, and pulls out to a stop. Out steps 2 huge giants and a large Ogre, all dressed in full-body armor and fully armed. As the rest of the dazed team straggles out of the ruined Bulldog, Eternal engages one of the giants with the Thunderstruck. However, the shot went wide and the giant drew a monoblade and moved to square off with him.

With the team now out of the bulldog and trading shots with the titans, things did not look to well for the team as their shots seem to be bouncing off of their armor. Tatters makes a quick check with the inbound Shakespeare strike team and they are seconds out. Eternal lands a blow on the giant with his monoblade and it tears into his ballistic mask. Caught off-guard by the giant’s familiar eye, he left himself open for a return strike. The giant buries his monoblade deep within Eternal’s gut and pierced through his back. The rage of Berserker, the revelations of the Titan project, the K-10 flooding his bloodstream and now laying in a slump on the ground, Eternal feels a burning sensation inside him. Berserker screams in rage inside his soul as the burn spreads across his skin. Eternal’s body begins to glow in a piercing bright white light. The burn is excruciating as he feels his skin rip and tear. When the bright light dims, the whole party can see that Eternal has gone through a bit of a change. SURGE has hit Eternal and his body is now covered in hundreds of quills.

As both Sledge and Eternal wail on the one giant, the other two Titans were trading shots with the rest of the party. Then a pair of Ares marked VTOLs show up, flanking the Titans. The warn them that they are engaged with an asset of Ares Macrotechnology and to cease all hostilities. The Titans responded by throwing a nearby wrecked motorcycle at one of them, striking the VTOL in the rotors and bringing it down in a fiery crash. Out of the other Ares Venture, Shakespeare team rappelled down and immediately formed a defensive barrier around Tatters. The Puppet Master attempted to use some mind magic, but it only opened it up to a massive lighting bolt from Walker. However, he was ready for the incoming bolt and attempted to counterspell it. The Puppet Master was not ready for such a powerful spell and eventhough he was able to successfully counter it, the effort took a painful toll on him.

Over the next few moments, the bullets flew, a furious swordfight and the mages took on the Puppet Master. The Titan that took down the VTOL tossed a grenade at the protected Tatters, but before it went off, Mercutio dove on the grenade. Even before Tatters could know what happened, the grenade exploded, instantly killing Mercutio and spraying blood and body parts all over. Back over to the swordfight, the Titan over reached with a thrust and fell prone. Eternal was able to counter and land a telling blow on the huge giant, dropping the Titan once and for all. Sledge immediately followed with a blow from his sledgehammer. That was one Titan down and two more to go.

Then, much to the surprise of everyone, Ace shows up with a car full of runners to assist. However, the runners were a team that the team already had a run in with. They recognized their Bulldog, which the team kept, and started firing on Eternal and Sledge and looking for the young mage Duchess. Unfortunately, Ares has had other ideas and the VTOL opened fire on the car. Ace jumped out of the car as it slammed in reverse and fleed the scene. This left him open as one of the Titan fired on him with the automatic shotgun, puncturing his armor, dropping him and leaving a bloody mess.

Now with the large giant down, Eternal fires on the ogre with the Thunderstruck. The gauss rifle easily penetrated the armor and dropped it. Walker and Acorn finish off the enemy mage. Tatters, escorted by the remaining Shakespeare team, headed to the VTOL to head up to the rooftop where the Puppet Master’s body was. The mind mage was unconcious on the rooftop when Tatters found him. He walked up, put his Ares Predator to his face and ended him in one fell swoop, He then threw his body over the side and down to the street below.

The final Titan hops in the Roadmaster and attempts to flee the violent scene. Eternal, on the other hand, fired on him with the Thunderstruck. The round pierced the windshield, the ogres head, the front seat, a backseat headrest, and through the back of the Roadmaster, finally burying itself in the side of a building. The threat of Project:Titan and the Puppet Master was over. However, Sledge and Eternal were not done. Eternal, still raging from the K-10, emptied the rest of the clip into the bodies of the Titans. Sledge, taking his sledgehammer, walks up to Ace. He called him a traitor as he buried the head deep into Ace’s chest, crushing his ribs and lungs.

Shocked by this sudden turn of events and the potential response by SFPD, Acorn flees the scene. Tatters grabs a medkit and starts to triage the teams wounds. The last two members of the Ares strike team grab the bodies of their fallen and load them up into the VTOL. They also lay claim to the bodies of the Titans and load them up before leaving. As they pass, they exchange words of sorrow and gratitude with Tatters. They gather up the items that the Puppet Master had on him, along with the commlink for Ace and Tatters gets to work. Noticing that Ace was indeed trying to assist the team with hiring the runners, he moved over to his limp body and immediately starts to resuscitate the fallen comrade, saving his life.

The team is bruised, battered and beaten, but still alive. The drain the Puppet Master’s bank account and funnel it into their team account, but also acquire his car and the painting that Black Cat stole. They will need to lick their wounds and tie up the loose end with the art dealer before taking on any more jobs, but how long with Havoc Squad have before they get another opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Session 20 — Wrath of the Titans …

  1. Ace moves into the waiting taxi cursing under his breath. How in hell did they piss off another Shadowrunner team and most importantly, how unlucky is Ace right now to hire that team. Ace starts pulling out his old lucky charm an NAN trinket in shape of a coin. “Heads” Ace flips his trinket, it lands on dragon tails. Just might be a fluke, “heads” Ace flips the trinket again and it is lands on dragon tails. Ace keeps flipping his trinket all the way home and every time it lands on dragon tails.

    Looks like Lady Luck is pissed at Ace again.

  2. Why don’t I have rocket Skates yet FUCK. So we was heading out to deal with this guy. I was thinking just stand back snipe him and get out if too hot. pfft no they ambushed us on the freaking road! The other spell caster spotted the main target as big guys surrounded us our car fucked. I got the last blow. knocking him down. What a deweeb. Meanwhile our team was dealing with the big dudes. Another team showed up too in there own car but at a look at our corprete back up and fled. fuck.. I’m not making a lot of sense… well ace got a second team to help us. turns out they have some gripes with some of the others or something. Yup we won and I got out. Fuck knows what REALLY happened though there was too much chaos for me to really understand it. Afterwards I went and got some coffee and some donughts. Too stressed to party. Must upgrade my skates.

  3. With the painting and vehicles secured until they could decide what to do with them, despite the late hour (or early hour considering it was almost morning), Tatters practically collapsed into a chair, bottle in hand.

    He took a long pull from it as he considered the night.

    A major threat that had been tormenting the team was down, his mind-raping brains splattered on a rooftop in Oakland.

    They took a full on assault from Project Titan and Eternal sprouted… quills.

    He now had a big debt to Ares.

    The team was battered physically and Sledge assaulted Ace due to a misunderstanding of sorts.

    And he still needed to help Walker get Black Cat free.

    Despite it all, he smiled before taking another pull and thought on putting his predator to that fraggers head.

  4. Walker moved into his apartment. Tired, sore, and wounded. All of these things were perfect in their description of how he felt at his core. But, he was also happy. His group had defeated a major threat to them.

    While it probably wouldn’t be the last, the magician at least believed that, for the night, he could rest fairly easy. So much had happened in the past week that it had just been one catastrophe after the other. At some point, he knew it was all going to implode.

    Wolf forbid. He hoped that time was as far off as possible.

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