Session 24 — Lets Play Cops! (part 1) …

Cast of Characters

  • Glynn as Detective Johnson AKA “Hardline”
  • Matt as Detective Shepard
  • Naomi as Detective Smith
  • Kopf as Detective Kravec
  • Josh as Detective Rivera
  • James as Detective Combs

In today’s episode of “Lets Play Cops”, we follow the San Francisco Police Department’s Task Force that is assigned to the brutal serial killer that is terrorizing the citizens of the Bay Area. Dubbed “The Crossword Killer”, the task force sets out under the leadership of Capt Frank Rivers. There are already 4 victims of that have been found bruised, beaten and strapped naked to area telephone poles. Each one with a strange, hand-carved symbol and words carved into their backs. The words were carved in the fashion of a crossword puzzle, one building on the other.

The task force was assembled in the conference room that is serving as the war room. An AR display shows the 4 victims and details on their cases. The team reviewed the various details and started to formulate theories on patterns. A quick search of the strange symbol revealed that it is an ancient Japanese symbol of POWER, but was not related to any gangs or organized crime syndicates. There also did not seem to be any theme or pattern determined with the words that were carved into each victim. The the 4th victim, which happened earlier that morning, Detective Combs, Johnson and Smith go to the crime scene while Kravec and Shepard head to the spouse of the first victim. The first victim was the only one that had a spouse.

During the investigation at the crime scene, Detective Johnson received permission to access the nearby traffic cameras and found when the body was dropped. All but one of the cameras only show the body rising out of nowhere and floating up to be strapped to the pole. The one camera was able to pierce the spell and shows the blurry image of a blue sedan. Detective Combs used his ability to see the history of items to see that the body was already dead when it was bound up. Then being put into a truck and floating to the pole. Peeking into the Astral realm, he was able to determine the Astral signature of the spellcaster. So based on this information, it was determined that the killer is Awakened and had multiple spells active.

The team met back up at the war room and more investigation into the previous victims were done. They noted on the board the time of death and the time they were strung up, based on camera feeds in each of the areas, and found that Victim 3 was killed and kept for a week before being strung up. This was far different than the other victims. Furthermore, they did some investigation of the victims vehicles and their last known locations. All were able to be determined with the exception of the first and last victims vehicles. They then decided to get a search warrant and investigate the residence of the last victim.

When they got to the one story ranch style house, they started to look around when Detective Johnson received an alert on his cyberdeck that he was under attack through the Matrix. He hopped in VR and easily handled the threat. Agent Smith’s bumblebee drone surveyed the outside of the house and using a variety of sensors, was able to find what looked like a cat on the counter. They team entered, per the terms of the search warrant, and found a dead cat on the counter. The drones went on high overwatch, but was not able to find anything suspicious. Further search of the house determined that the victim was last active there in the last 16ish hours and his GMC Phoenix was found in the garage. Detective Smith and the forensics team went into gather mode and the rest of the team called it a night. However, early the next morning they received a call that there was another victim found.

So after the first day of investigations, the detectives were able to make some headway in determining who the killer is. Now with another body and increasing terror in the city, will they find the killer in time to stop anymore murders? Stay tuned for the next episode of “Lets Play Cops!” to find out.

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