Session 26 — Lets Play Cops! (part 3) …

Cast of Characters

  • Glynn as Detective Johnson AKA “Hardline”
  • Matt as Detective Shepard
  • Naomi as Detective Smith
  • Kopf as Detective Kravec
  • Josh as Detective Rivera
  • James as Detective Combs

In today’s episode of “Lets Play Cops”, the task force is fresh off a scene on MCT property and headed for a laundromat in Oakland, which was determined to be the scene of the murder. But what will be waiting for the team when they get there?

With a couple of uniformed squad cars parked outside of the laundromat, the task force arrives to start investigating. Both Astral and Matrix are devoid any indication or presence within the building. Drones were sent in and also no reports of anyone around. The team heads in and starts to scour through the abandoned building. Although it once was a laundromat, it is now an illegal gambling den. It appears that someone has ransacked the place and there were scorch marks everywhere. Hardline was able to find a cyberdeck that was buried in the rubble and found some quite useful information. There was a commlink video stored on it that showed the last moments of what had happened here. A woman walked in and started shooting gouts of flame from her fingertips.

Now that they have found the identity of the attacker within the warehouse, they sent out an APB for this person. They found, through facial recognition, that she was 40 year old Melonie Stanton that lived in Los Angeles, PCC. Notification was also sent to PCC as well and the team ends it for the night.

A full day passes without any word and the morning of the next day, they get the call on another body that was found. When they reported to the scene, they also got word on the blue Mercury Comet that was registered to Melonie Stanton. Uniforms currently have her pulled over and awaiting HTR to join. The team was picked up by an SFPD VTOL and flown to the location. As they approached the vehicle, the woman stepped out of the car and taken into custody without incident.

In the interrogation of the suspect, it was found that she had a brother that was killed by shadowrunners. She started interrogating and killing fixers to find out who ordered the hit on her brother and why. She was not able to find any further information. When pressing further, Combs sensed that the Astral presence attempted to cast a spell, which faile. It then separated into two separate entities and tore itself from the suspect, knocking her unconsciuos and barely clinging to life. The almost demonic form seemed to reach out and strike fear into Combs. He screamed in terror and fled the room. Hardline called for threat response with magical support, along with medics.

When the response team arrived, there was only the Astral signature of the entity left in Astral space. The suspect was tended to and will face charges for the serial killings.

So the Crossword Killer was caught! However, was her actions her own or this mysterious Astral entity that seemed to possess her? What havoc could this spirit wreak on the streets of San Francisco, now that its loose? We return now to the regularly scheduled programming, but may return with an all new season of “Lets Play … Something” soon!

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