A Stop at the Local Dennys — Behind the Curtain

Duane Sharpman was eating lunch at the Dennys in downtown San Francisco. It was a mild afternoon out and the Dog Shaman decided to stop in for a soyburger and fries. He was sitting there enjoying his meal and skimming through local news and social feeds, when a pair of teenage girls came in. They caught his attention because one was dressed like she was straight out of one of those cosplay conventions and the other one … are those … cat ears? Shaking his head, he went back to eating his meal. “What the frag is wrong with the youth today …” he says to himself. The pair of girls were sitting at a table on the other side of the diner with middle aged man in an armored coat. “Hmph … must be one of their dads …

A few minutes later, just after the waitress brings him more coffee, he got an alert from the Bounty Hunters Network. He glanced at the alert to see the new bounty for him to track down and nearly spit out his coffee. Keeping his composure he reads over the bounty notice. He brushes his blonde hair mullet away from his face and settled the trinkets that adorned his chest. The description matches, right down to the cat ears. “Acorn? … well isn’t that cute …” he says as he reads over the post. Wuxing is paying a huge sum of nuyen for this little girl. He takes a few images with his commlink of the individuals with her and shoots out an email to the rest of his team to meet him at the diner for a pickup. He takes a peek into the Astral and is surprised to see that the other girl is a mage as well, but not as powerful as he is. He continues to eat his lunch and keeping an eye on his mark as he waits for his team to arrive.

Before the team could arrive, the feed on his commlink freezes and a message shows up. “You’re late on this bounty. If you want any tips, I’m sure I could teach you a thing or two.

What the frag?” He says to himself. Looking back over to the other table, the young mage threw a pretty powerful spell on the mark, knocking her unconcious. The man goes to bind her up. “Drek!” he says as he realizes that he is losing a pretty good payday.

HEY! That bitch is my bounty!” He screams at them. Now the entire diner is starting to know whats going on. He pulls out his Ares Predator, but once he gets it clear of the holster, it starts to spark and smoke. “Fraggin deckers …” he mumbles.

Out of nowhere, a table flings into him, knocking him prone. He could only watch as the trio left the diner, but just before they cleared, a large Raccoon beast spirit manifests on the table that is laying on top of him. He is pinned beneath the spirit and table. “Fraggin mages …” he mumbles, just as they leave the diner. He musters up a spell and easily send the spirit back to his plane and tosses the table off him. He rushes to the door and goes to fling it open, but its stuck. A quick peak in Astral reveals why. The bitch mage threw up a barrier to keep him in.

He catches a glimpse of the car as it speeds away and tries to get a few images with his commlink before he does. Before long the barrier drops and his team shows up. Sharpman passes the images he captured over to his decker for analysis. The decker on his team finds that the sensors in the diner have been looped. “Frag, this guys good” he says. “But I am better!” The decker brings up a fairly clear image of the man and young girl. “Just let me run this through my deck and I will find out who these fraggers are.

Excellent” the bounty hunter says to his friend. “That fragger is dead when I get my hands on him … he bricked my Predator …” he says as he lets out a howl.

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