As Tatters leaves the safehouse, he starts heading back to town using the same method he used before to shake anyone who might be trying to follow him. He parks in a parking garage just a little ways from the precinct, and heads into the host, hoping to track down the case files and status of Ace & Walker. He easily hacks into the host for the precinct and locates the case files. However, he forgot to check for any security on the file as he opened it and it causes a databomb to go off. However, his cyberdeck absorbs the damage. He jacks out and pushes the events of the morning with Duchess and Acorn out of his mind. Now with a clear head, he jumps back into the host and locates the investigation file again. He downloads the file and sees the latest update. Both Walker and Acorn are being detained in being moved to interrogation rooms. He brings up the camera feeds for those rooms, waiting for them to be brought in and peruses over the investigation notes.

A blonde human woman walks into the interrogation room with Ace. She stands about 5 and a half feet tall, wearing an armored business suit and an Ares predator on her hip. She begins questioning Ace about Trifecto Studios and the boxing promoter, Kanner Leewee. Ace giver her lip about things, but she brings out a terminal and starts playing the trideo of Ace, Walker, Viking and the boxing promoter discussing setting up a meeting with Jackson Pruitt. The trideo starts to get all staticky and fades in and out as Tatters hacks into the terminal and sends a bunch of noise to it. She closes the terminal and proceeds to as if there is anything he would like to add or is he sticking with his story. He continues to give her lip and she turns and walks out of the room.

She walks into the room with Walker and goes through the motions with him. She knew she didnt have much to make anything stick on these two, but maybe she would get lucky. She started the video for him, when her partner poked his head in. “The other one is ready to talk,” he says to her. Rueben looks at Walker. “Well it looks like he is ready to deal, are you?

Walker leans forward, chains rattling on the table. “No deal is ever fair.” He then just leans back, staying silent.

A few minutes later, a uniformed officer comes into each of the rooms and tells them that they are being released. Not questioning it, the pair leave with the officers, go through the paperwork process and are released from the precinct. Just as they are leaving, they here an exclamation from Lieutenant Rueben. “WHO THE HELL IS CAPT JACK SPARROW AND WHY DID HE RELEASE MY SUSPECTS! I want an APB out and all sensors sweep for facial recognition …. NOW

As the pair walk out of the precinct, Tatters pulls up in the Roadmaster to pick them up. “Sorry about the delay guys. Apparently, you weren’t the highest priority for Duchess or anyone to let me know you got picked up.

Not my first time in a station” Ace says. “Thanks anyhow.

Thank you, Tatters.” Walker responds.

Any good bars in the area, I gotta buy you a drink” Ace says to Tatters.

Yeah, I think I know somewhere not too far. Plus I can fill you guys in on the next problem we have.” Tatters heads towards a good whiskey bar he knows nearby.

Walker turns to Tatters. “How is Duchess?

Well, Duchess is okay, if not preoccupied, apparently. Acorn however, is another story. Corp bounty out on her. A big one.”

Wonderful.” Walker says as he feels a headache coming on.

Had a run in with an idiot with a mullet trying to collect, but Acorn and Duchess did good. We shook them for now.” He passes past the whiskey bar and continues taking random streets as he heads out of the city.

Who the hell has a mullet now a days?” Ace quipps from the backseat.

Walker just ignores that question. “Are they somewhere that is safe?

Calypso stashed them in a safe house she has, they should be good for now.” Tatters responds.

Good. I hope Calypso is trustworthy enough. I suppose this means we’ll be looking for a solution to Acorn’s bounty?” Walker says.

Why is there a bounty anyway?” Ace asks.

Tatters shrugs. “I have no idea what the play is here. Getting rid of the bounty is not going to be as easy as walking out of SFPD.” He turns to Ace, “Wasn’t very descriptive, you should ask her.

Walker looks towards Tatters and continues. “Who set the bounty?

Wuxing,” he says flatly as he rounds the corner and takes the Bay Bridge towards Oakland.

Those are the guys who hired us didn’t they?” Ace asks.

Hard to imagine someone so young being necessary to someone like Wuxing.” Walker says softly as they continue, paying little attention to Ace.

She’s a mage.

So am I. I have yet to have a bounty on my head.

They don’t have any hoooks into you I guess

Good. Let’s try and remove their hooks from her.” Walker sighs. “She is starting to become a problem. Something like this means she owes us answers.

I don’t want to reveal where they are, unless necessary. But I can get everyone together in one spot, or we can convene via comms.” Tatters continues. “But we should all talk on this.

One spot sounds good. She has no choice but to talk then.

Could send her back to her parents in Alaska.” Ace offers from the backseat.

The other two seem to ignore his comments. “I’ll set it up and get in touch with everyone.” Tatters suggested.

Ace slams down his commlink. “Why isn’t my fixer not responding?

If it’s you, he most likely doesn’t want to answer.” Walker says as he looks to Tatters. “Where is this spot you are suggesting?

Let me work it out, find somewhere I can get them safely to.” Tatters responds as the Roadmaster exits off the bridge and the camera fades to black.

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