Eternal Gets Initiated — Side Run

Beware, young adept,” Stephanie tells Eternal. “Beserker expects strength and prowess in his followers. When its time, he will ask one thing of you. To Survive. He will set the arena against you and put you against a worthy opponent. In order to be blessed by him, you will need to use all of your skills, talents and gear to survive. Are you sure you want to proceed?” she asks.

Yes” Eternal says flatly.

Ok then, I will open the gate to his realm.” Stephanie calls upon her spirit allies and a dimensional rift appears. “Step into the gate.

Eternal nods and walks into a forest. The fir and oak trees here grow to sizes that he has not known. The underbrush is full of smaller plants, firs and stone outcroppings. He draws out his monoblade and submachine gun as he surveys the surroundings. As he is taking stock of the area, there is a sound of breaking tree branches, but he is unable to pinpoint where that is.

The adept sneaks through the forest, trying to get the drop on his prey, but then curses the woods as he steps on a branch. The snapping sound was enough for his quarry to pinpoint where he was. From his rear right flank, and bursting through the foliage was one of the largest bears he has ever seen. Rearing up on his hind legs, the beast stood close to 18ft high. It lets out a roar that froze Eternal in his steps and charges, but its claws just bounce off of Eternals body armor.

Shaking the effects of the roar off, Eternal makes some space between them and opens fire on the bear with his submachine gun. The burst of bullets seem to just bounce off the fur of the hulking beast. The bear returns the attack with another charge and bite. It attempts to bring its huge teeth down on the skull of Eternal, but he moves at the last moment and takes the hit in the shoulder instead.

Realizing the submachine gun is worthless in this fight, he drops it and sheaths the sword. The supernatural quickness of the adept allows him to bring out the Ares Alpha and let loose a burst. This time the bullets have some effect on the bear as blood is starting to show. The bear, now in a rage, roars in Eternal’s face. ALl the adept could do was drop his Alpha and run. Luckily, he was able to run faster than the Awakened bear.

Once he is able to shake the effects of the bear, Eternal swivels on his heel and digs in for the fight as the bear charges in on him. Still about 20 meters out, he grabs a hi-ex grenade and throws it. The grenade lands just before the bear and explodes, sending debris everywhere. The bear bursts through the dust field, seemingly unfazed by the explosion. Eternal pulls out his Predator and monoblade and lets loose a burst of bullets. The explosive bullets pound into the charging bear and take chucks of flesh with it, but it continues to charge.

Just as the bear leaps for its attack, Eternal side steps the attack and brings the blade down full force on the beast. The monoblade strikes true and cleanly severs the head of the bear. From behind him, Eternal hears the clapping sound of Berserker as he congratulates his pupil.

You have fought true and strong today, Eternal. I am proud to have you as one of my initiates.” Eternal then finds himself back in the Stephanie’s lodge. Bruised a little from the fight, but proud to now be an initiated follower of Berserker.

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