Session 27 — The Return of Havoc …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Tatters

A couple of days have passed since the Big Sur run and Tatter’s facilitating the release of Walker and Ace from jail. Now the team finds out that Acorn has a bounty on her that was put in place by Wuxing. The team meets up at an abandoned warehouse to discuss the bounty and how to proceed with it. The enter into the place and start discussing with Acorn about why Wuxing would want her. It was revealed that her parents were Directors of Magical Research and Acquisitions within the megacorp. It was also revealed that Acorn and Duchess were close as the Raccoon Shaman stood protectively in front of her when it was needed.

Then the flashbangs and smoke grenades came bursting through the windows. Right behind those were heavily armed individuals wearing full body security armor and carrying assault rifles. The assault force swarms the team. Before they could even act, the assault team drops Ace and Tatters. From the rear of the force, comes up the commander who is also wielding a sword. Eternal immediately engages his in a sword fight, but this time is different. The commander feints a strike and the adept falls for it with a parry. The commander ripostes and brings his blade down on the adepts monosword, shattering it. Caught off guard by the destruction of his sword, Eternal looks up as the commander drives his sword deep in his chest, then pulls it out and severs his head. Walker sees the head of Eternal as it rolls to a stop right before him, his eyes looking into his.

Duchess moves between the commander as he walks towards walker and begins to cast a spell. However, one of the other guards aims and fires on the Raccoon mage. The bullets bury deep within her, killing her. The commander smiles and talks to Walker about defending his “pack” this way and forces him to make a decision. But before that, he adds another piece to this puzzle. Two more officers walk into the warehouse with his sister bound up and assault rifle to her head. The guard that killed Duchess also has his weapon pointed at the head of Acorn. Acorn is in tears at the sight of her dead girlfriend laying there in front of her.

The commander prods him for a decision as he points his assault rifle at him. The Wolf shaman smiles and attempts to take them all out with a powerful fireball. The fire erupts around him and he finds himself alone on the Astral plane with Wolf pacing before him. Wolf was disappointed, but still pleased, with the shaman’s actions and welcomed him into the ranks of the initiated.

During the initiation, the rest of the team was actually removed from the encountered and watched the events unfold. Afterwards, the team is reunited with the explanation of Wolf and that he has blessed this warehouse. He erects a powerful manabarrier around the warehouse. They then find themselves back in the warehouse and discussing the bounty on Acorn. Still in shock of what has happened during the initiation, Acorn wrapped up Duchess in a hug and they both kiss. Now the team knows about the love affair between the two. Acorn looks among the others, still shaken and now a little embarrassed and continues to tell her story.

Deciding that there isn’t much that could be done at this moment, the team decides that Acorn will lay low for awhile until a plan presents itself. The starts discussing what to do with their new safe house when Tatters gets a call from LaRue, his Ares contact. She had a job for the team and set up a meet in a half hour. Duchess informs the team that she needed to go back to Baltimore and make plans to meet up with Acorn later for her last night in San Francisco. She meets up with her cab and heads to her hotel room.

They meet up with the human woman, in her late 20’s and wearing a skin tight suit and an Ares Predator on her hip, and they start discussing the job. A rival megacorp has developed a new prototype machine pistol and, naturally, Ares Macrotechnology is interested in this project. So far all they have been able to find out very little details. They have the project file and where the research is being done. The job is to acquire the prototype, all the research notes and then destroy the database. Walker tries to negotiate the terms, but seemed distracted by the events of the day. They agree to her terms and then learns that she wants it done in about 8 days. The team doesn’t have time to waste, so they get to doing their legwork right away.

The prototype is being developed by Cavalier Arms Limited, a subsidiary of NeoNet, at NeoNet’s California Operations Center in Richmond. The team heads that way in the Roadmaster and starts to survey the area. Tatters determines that the host would be extremely difficult for him to access. The compound is surrounded by a 30 ft high wall and covered with sensor suites and drones. All around the surrounding area were more sensors. He sends off his agent to do some research on public utilities and it comes back with stacks of paperwork, but one in particular sticks out. There was a mishandled filing for a sewer to be placed leading from building 2a to the bay. Further research shows that the tunnel has already been build and the entrance in the bay is just below water level. The team decides that this will be their point of entry and further develops their plan.


2 thoughts on “Session 27 — The Return of Havoc …

  1. The further the day goes on, the less likely it seems that I will be able to make sense of it. My pup is growing as we speak, nurtured by myself and Wolf into a strong animal. My own pack seems to grow as well, I being no exception to this rule.

    Acorn and Duchess appear to have found each other. I find myself surprised that I believe this to be a good thing. Acorn is much too headstrong, and Duchess seems very subdued. Perhaps they can balance each other.

    Eternal grows stronger in his own right. He fights with harsh conviction still, and I still see with a ferocity I had not thought of as atypical for a while now.

    I, myself, finally feel the pull of Wolf at it’s strongest as he has accepted me under the chosen. I was marked, but it seems that he finally believes me worthy of that mark. I hope to learn all I can from him. The power I can learn. I hope I can use it to better myself, and I hope I can show my mentor that I am worthy of it. My pack is that which is most important to me.

    I merely hope I don’t disappoint Wolf.

  2. So, I’ve learned this week that the Big Spirits love to fuck with us mortals. First, I get put head to head against a bear, and then Walker gets a bit of theater where I get my head chopped off. Have to say I’m actually starting to like my new look, though those first couple nights was a little awkward to get to sleep without rolling onto a spike or ripping the hell out of the mattress.

    So, now we’re working for Ares. Corps make me nervous, but recent events with the Titans at least makes me not immediately think that Ares is going to lock me in a box just yet, and may be able to help me finally track down my file. What’s really interesting is this job. Finally moving to bigger jobs than blasting gangers and hunting toxic hippies. This should be a good way to find out how good this team really is, and will give me a chance to really hone my skills in what I have a feeling I was originally designed for. May fortune favor the bold.

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