Session 28 — The Art of Legwork …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Tatters

The team did some initial scouting of the NeoNet compound and is a little overwhelmed at the size of it. The physical security on site is pretty tough and they already know that the Astral security has spirits and a projecting mage on site. Previously, they found an old document that had a sewer tunnel leading from building 2a to the bay. Tatters also needs to get into the host and see if there are any other tunnels or blueprints that he is able to find. The team heads back to the safehouse to join up with Acorn and discuss the plans further.

Eternal decided to scout out the sewer tunnel in the bay that was found. He convinced his contact WaveRunner to take him out and drop him off. He swam up to the entrance and found that the entrance to the sewer tunnel was gated off. Testing the grate, he found that it was going to be very tough to get in and that thermite might do the trick. Eternal then set up a monowire buoy line to mark where the sewer grate was for the operation later.

Tatters decided it was time for him to take a run at the host to get some information. Together with Ace, they find a spot near the compound and hack in. He spent some time in the NeoNet host and found some details about underground tunnels that connect the residential buildings with the security and headquarters that make an underground bunker to be used in case of an emergency or natural disaster. After getting that info, he dropped out of that host and jumped into the Cavalier Arms host to find info about the prototype. After some searching, he found a reference to the project file. However, there was a NeoNet spider that was watching him and engaged the intruder. Tatters took a hit, but jumped out of the host and reset his deck before the spider could get a trace on him. Unfortunately, he was also unable to get the data he was looking for.

With the rest of the plan, the team goes and boosts a old car they found in an Oakland parking garage that was most likely abandoned for some time. WaveRunner also pointed out a spiff new Nightrunner boat that the team was looking for. The boosted that and stored them at the safehouse after they were secured. So now the plan is starting to come into fruition and all thats left now is more possible legwork to see what is inside the tunnel and possibly another run at the Cavalier Arms host.