Session 29 — The Dreddnaught Prototype …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Tatters

The team gets their final shopping list together and make their final arrangements. It was time to go and get this run completed. They gather the gear and pile into the new NightRunner boat and head out of the safehouse and into San Francisco bay. Eternal, Acorn, Tatters and Walker don the new drysuits on the way and store away their gear in the airtight bags. Ace is charged with manning the boat and to pick them up if they come back through the water. Once they get to the buoy that was placed, they hop in the water and the boat leaves. The team swims down to the tunnel entrance and use the thermite bar and miniwelder to remove the grate. The 4ft wide pipe was too small to walk around in, but they are able to swim up the pipe until the water ends. They crawl through the sludge, sewage and greywater to the end of the tunnel. Tatters easily pops the door to the maintenance room and the team enters into the dark room. They change out of the dry suits and into their regular gear.

Using the flyspy drones, Tatters keeps a watchful eye as they move from the maintenance room and into the front lobby. There were a pair of guards posted there. As the team prepares to leave the building, with invisibility spells from Walker, Eternal sneaks off. He hits the guards with his taser. The rest of the team hears the commotion and realizes that he has gone rogue again. They assist with a volley of spells and bullets from Tatter’s silenced pistol, quickly incapacitating them. They pull the guards back into the maintenance room and bind them up. Once Tatters was done, an invisible Eternal finishes the pair off by snapping the guard’s necks.

Before leaving, Tatters hacks into the Security Services terminal and inserts thier fake SINs into the employee records and gives them Director level access. Noticing that the file he had contained the names, positions and access levels of all NeoNet CFS operations employees, Tatters makes a copy of the file for possible bonus pay. With the new level of access they have assigned to the cardkey they have, the team easily leaves the building and down the steps to the street. The see a little Mercury Comet parked and decided to have Eternal go dark in the trunk and they would drive over to the R&D facility.

The drive there was uneventful as the security checkpoint was easily passed. They arrive at Cavalier Arms R&D facility and find an employee entrance that they use. Once in, Tatters hacks into the terminal while the others keep watch. As he was in VR, a security patrol walks by, but see the level of clearance they have and keep walking. Tatters was able to find that the project they are looking for is on the 5th floor. They move out of the cubicle farm and into the front lobby. The guards stationed at the front desk just waived them by, again noting the level of clearance they were broadcasting.

They rode the elevator up to the 5th floor and found another security patrol, complete with a barghest, that was completing their pass by. The floor was laid out in a circular formation with a central room where the research notes and prototype were kept. They move around to the only door entering in and Tatters goes to work on hacking in. He pauses as he notices that the panel to bypass the lock was loose. Someone has already bypassed this and could be in the room. He lets the team know as he pops the door open. Once the door opens, however, the runner team was waiting for them. The decker was already jacked in and attacked the cyberdeck that Tatters had. Eternal rushed the troll that was standing guard over the limp body of his decker, but he was waiting for him. After the troll dodged the sword swing, he brought up his assault rifle and let loose a silent burst fire, hitting Eternal with a solid hit. The hidden mage throws up a barrier to block the rest of the team from entering, but Walker and Eternal were able to hit the troll with magic. Tatters, remembering the gear that Eternal had on him, set off a pair of the narco-gas grenades that were active. The explosions were enough to take out the decker, troll and mage. It was also enough to take Eternal down and very close to death. After a few moments, the HVAC system cleaned the air and the team moved in.

Tatters grabs the cyberdeck the decker had and jacked in to get the research data. Meanwhile, Walker checks the other runners and turns off their gear. He also finds a couple of credsticks and grabs those as well. Tatters was quickly able to locate and copy the research notes, delete the associated files and pop open the drawers. There was a set of prototype boots that had skates that would increase the wearers speed when using them and a pair of the prototype machine pistols. He also further dug and found another project file that had the same level of secrecy as the project they were after. This one had notes detailing a mole that was inserted into Ares Contact Services Division and their mission was to compile a list of deniable assets that they use. He also made a copy of this file as well.

Walker went to pick up one of the prototypes and it started to initialize. Not sure what that meant, he put it back down and picked it up with a bag instead. He then put a slap patch on Eternal. Knowing that the adept may not be lucid, he stands a bit back when he sticks in on him. Just has he thought, Eternal came up swinging and nearly took his head. The monoblade stop on the edge of his cheek as Eternal realized where he was. He then went on to kill the other runners before grabbing the other prototype. It went on to initialize and acquired the DNA profile of its new owner. The weapon spoke with Eternal and gave a run down of its capabilities. Eternal smiled.

The team decided it was time to leave and left the building. They loaded into the Comet and drove out of the compound with no further issues. They met up with Ace at the safehouse and notified LaRue that the job was complete. The set up a meet at the same warehouse to exchange in a half hour. When they got there, Tatters was surprised to see a young woman with raven hair that he had an encounter with earlier this month while Havoc was in Big Sur. On the defensive the whole time, they decide to wrap it up quickly and exchanged the research notes, one of the prototype and the nuyen. They also received a bonus as well. LaRue reminded Tatters that she would need him soon for another job, as they left the warehouse. The job was completed and it was easier than they thought.


4 thoughts on “Session 29 — The Dreddnaught Prototype …

  1. Today was a pretty cool adventure. After getting threw the water system into a building inside a side complex of these guys area we stripped off. while our team planned a stealthy approach the first room we entered had two guards. so I think the plan was to go invisible and disable them. but…. our resident mad man chopped heads before we could react. Oh well so much for that

    So we knocked out the second bloke. Easy enough. then we disabled the camera in the room so people couldn’t see in and left for the heart of the complex.

    we posed as executives as we traveled. passed a few patrols unmolested and got into the main building. then headed up to the place the gear was stored. Got into the room and got ambushed

    turns out there was a second team here. no idea why or who hired them but its whatever. we kicked there ass’s decided to pinn the whole afair on them. placed them in such a way that it looked like a narrative of them turning on each other and left the building with the prototype and a few other cool things. I got awesome skates that allow me to move rather quickly. its gonna be cool grinding with these bad boys… you know… if I wasn’t stuck in our hideout URGH dumb bounty people… Well least I can grind in missions if im lucky.

    We got out as smoothly as we got in. and laughed our way to the drop off. this run was incredibly smooth comparatively to anything else.

  2. The sun had been up for a depressing amount of time when Tatters finally made it back to his apartment. The run had been a shocking success, despite the hurdles. Would have been better if Eternal could have held off killing the corp employees but at this point it’s expected.

    The most concerning part of the night – morning – was the drop off.

    Had Ares set him up when he hit that Jackrabbit?

    He paced back and forth through the apartment, continuing to ignore the message that had come in earlier from the woman.

    He thought over the last time someone had manipulated him like this… And what it was for…

    Tatters threw the glass he hadn’t even yet filled against the wall and walked out leaving the shattered glass for later.

    Outrunning the Mafia was one thing. Outrunning a triple A?

    Stepping back out on the street, he took a deep breath.

    “Facts first,” he told himself.

  3. Man…narco hits like a fuckin’ truck. Say what you will about the team, but at least we complement each other’s skills better than I would have first suspected. Between the invisibility spells and Tatters popping that gas, I think we did quite well for our biggest job yet. Best of all, now I have Eileen… and she is a beautiful piece of hardware. Gotta go over her systems when I have some time, but should be fun. I’m not overly thrilled about how deep we’re getting in bed with Ares, since it was fear of corps like that that convinced me to get in with the Family, but so far, it’s not so bad. Time will tell how screwed we’ll end up getting.

  4. Walker sighed slowly as he felt the last barrier of his person fall away. He breathed deeply, feeling magic pulse through his body. His orange eyes glowed faintly as he came to in the dark room, his meditation finally nearing it’s completion. Wolf had helped to show him the next step in gaining power, and Walker had finally managed to elevate the power within him to those standards.

    He stood slowly, feeling his entire body shift as he pushed the magic through him. His hands crackled with the familiar electrical energy of a Lightening Bolt, now glowing faintly brighter at the rush of new power. The breath he released as it faded escaped with conviction, and Walker stared directly at Wolf, sitting in front of him with his own deep orange eyes glowing back. The spirit was already nodding as Walker opened his mouth to speak.

    “I will not disappoint you.”

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