Session 30 — Family Affairs …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Ace

The team gets a message that LaRue has another job for them. They were to meet at the same warehouse that they met before. LaRue was alone this time. She had a simple extraction of a pair of individuals. Walker negotiated a deal, but LaRue had a bonus in mind. They agreed on 10k nuyen and LaRue presented them with a gift. Behind a curtain in the warehouse was a the training model of an Ares Archangel VTOL. This is included in the deal.

The extraction targets were Jannet and Hiroshi Suyin. The are Directors of Magical Research and Aquisition for Wuxing out of Alaska. The pair were expected to be at thier cabin retreat on Lake Minchumina in Alaska, Athabaskan Council. They are expected to be there for the next 4 days. The pair is to be extracted from the lake house. To cover the extraction, there needs to be an accident at the cabin that will make the pair appear to be killed. Security should be light, but expect opposition. The team immediately recognizes that they were extracting Acorn’s parents and they were headed into Wuxing territory with someone that had a Wuxing bounty on her head.

Tatters spends the day getting used to flying the Archangel while the team started to plan the run. The weather looked good and there didnt seem to be a need for any special equipment. They decided to head out to Alaska the next morning. Tatters had already planned and filed the flight plan, so they were all set to go. The flight there was uneventful.

After circling around the lake, there was no clear place to land except for on the lake. However, landing on the lake near the cabin would alert the security. They decided to land on nearby Jim Lake, which was about 3 miles away from the cabin. Tatters was to stay with the plane while the other three hiked in. After they cleared the cabin for the extraction, Tatters would fly over and pick them up. Walker was able to guide them on the hike in and after a few hours, they made it to the cabin.

They approached the rear of the cabin on a slight overlook. As they moved into position, Ace tripped on a tree root and fell down the embankment. Unfortunately he landed right in front of a sasquatch guard. Before Ace could even react, the guard cut his head clean off his body with his combat axe. He then alerted the rest of the guards of the threat. The team sprung into action.

Eternal and the others quickly dispatch the sasquatch, but at a cost. The firefight left some wounds on the team and the rest of the security force was headed in. Before they knew it, they were set upon. The security team used cunning tactics and advantage as they laid down cover fire and picked shots as the team exposed themselves. Eternal was able to use his flash bangs and Walkers spells to finally wear down the security force. Once they were all down, he finished the job.

The team then moved into the house from different points. Walker covered Eternal in magical invisibility and they went in. Eternal found their targets were protected by a lone gaurd and esily dispatched him. The distraught couple looked on in horror as thier bodyguard was slain in front of them. Acorn appeared and they moved into a position to protect their daughter from the unknown horror. She calmed them down while Walker explained the situation. They pair finally came to the understanding that they were being extracted. Acorn convinced them to get in the plane that was waiting for them. Eternal gathered up some of the guard’s gear and set the exposives. Part of the job was to make it look like they were killed in an accident. They were rigged to make it look like there was a gas leak and explosion. The team and their targets left with the explosives going off a short time later.

Tatters set up the drop off point with LaRue and they made the 6 hour flight back to the Bay Area. On the way, Acorn and her parents got caught back up in tearful conversation. Eternal and Hiroshi, Acorn’s dad, also had some stuff to talk about regarding the sinking of the Estella Maersk. The discussion led to files on his terminal with the manifest that he was looking for. The ship was carrying cargo for a DIMR research facility in New Orleans. The cargo was an aquatic creature that had been created with DNA altering and gene splicing. The mention of the facility starting to bring back memories of Eternal’s past.

When they arrived at the drop point, LaRue advised Acorn that she will never see her parents again. She gave them a little more time to say their goodbyes and they were whisked away to an unknown Ares research facility. The team was paid for the job and furthermore, they completed the job they were given by Eternal’s connection with the Family. So with the loss of one of their teammates and now a new lead on Eternal’s past, what will the team do now?


4 thoughts on “Session 30 — Family Affairs …

  1. Well… This felt awkward. breaking into my own parents holiday home. My knowledge of the area was at least useful. we landed in the little lake near the main lake.

    Walked over to there cabin sneaking in the woods. unfortunately Ace decided to try and not be stealthy and just kinda rolled into some dude who just leveled him.

    Of course this meant we was in combat. these guys was tough and well trained locking us down with suppressive fire and stuff I wondered off to the side to get safe and then helped with walker firing spells at them.

    once that combat was over with it was time for the main event. I decided it would be best if I went first. and… well my parents came over and hugged me frightened for my safety I tried to calm them by letting them know they was with me as my team explained it was an extraction.

    It was nice to know they cared… and was still hugging me. I decided it would be best to be honest with them once we was in flight. I told them about everything that happened and apologised for running away. Told them about duchess… it was a real emotional flight…

    getting to the drop off point I was shocked to find out i’d never see them again… but I feel that somehow I will.. I think If I ever retire from shadow running I’ll approach them and ask to be put with my parents again. It would be nice to be with them I think. even if I have to leave everything behind. I regret running away now… I might ask them if I could have a disposable com link to message them even If I can’t know who they are some communication with my parents sounds nice..

  2. As the team departed, Tatters stayed behind to shut down and secure the VTOL. Policing up any loose gear, he made his way by the seat Ace had rode out but not returned in and he realized how matter-of-factly he took Ace’s death.

    It wasn’t so much that he had anything against the guy, as simply the death (or disappearance) of team members was starting to seem rote. Other than Walker and Eternal the team was starting to feel like a bit of a revolving door.

    Turning his thoughts to Eternal, he pondered what would come of the new revelations with him. Would Eternal run off on his own or try to enlist the team to help? Running into more things like Project Titan was liable to get more of the team killed, but as Ace shows that’s seemingly just how things are.

    He climbed out of the Archangel and locked it up, heading to his car as another message came in on his commlink.

    Now how to figure out if Ares was up to something…

  3. Head’s pounding, but I got to get this down while it’s fresh. Ares pinged us for corporate recruitment this time, and sweetened the deal with our own transport plane. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop with those guys, but the perks are nice so far. Poked up to Alaska today, and rolled on a cabin on a lakeside. Nice place, but we had to torch it. Wuxing had a couple massive dudes deployed with their usual grunts, and Ace… well, in the time I’ve known the dude, let’s just say his departure from the living was on par with the rest of his life: loud, messy, and ended up with his face in the dirt. Where I really saw profit in this little jaunt was in our prey. This was the guy that claimed all the stuff in the freighter that the Family stuff was in. Apparently, the boat sank cause something got loose and ripped the boat apart on the way out. More interesting than that is the lab it and the other materials came from happen to be from a very familiar lab in New Orleans. The conversation jogged something in my memory, and the look on Tatters’s face as he was hearing it seems to indicate that we’re on the right trail to my origins. Maybe I’ll finally find out who I was…what I am… and other questions I have yet to ask. But first, I need to swing by Sam’s place. It’s time to face Zerker’s trial again… because I have a feeling I’m going to need some extra power to face my past, and I can hear him calling.

  4. Walker rested against the inside of the Ares craft, rubbing the area where the stim patch had been removed. It had been a while since he had to use something like that just to be in a ready condition, and the lingering sting from the backlash of the drug still tingled on the skin. His orange eyes still traveling through the interior of the craft as he thought on the day.

    Ace was dead. It didn’t come as a big surprise, but, even with the man’s personality, Walker couldn’t deny his own responsibility in his death. The man wasn’t a Shadowrunner. He died a Gambler who got himself mixed in with the wrong people. Now, his corpse was just sitting among a wreckage of other elf corpses.

    He had wanted to bury the man. Walker wasn’t sure why he did. Maybe it was the fact that he did feel responsibility. Ace was still his responsibility. He wasn’t sure if he cared for the man so much that he felt that he was part of the Pack, but he could have gone out better. The truth of that was for sure.

    As his eyes continued to travel over the cockpit, they rested on Eternal, fresh from his conversation with Autumn’s father. The Adept had always been an anomaly, even before he sprouted quills from his person. Now, he is getting to all this talk of secret projects and research. Eternal wasn’t a scientist. This digging, it must lead to something important. Eternal wouldn’t ask questions just because he could. He was searching for something. The man was going to have to speak to the spiked Adept, whether the Adept liked it or not.

    Finally, the orange irises shifted to the teen girl, sitting beside her parents and chatting animatedly. The sight made something seize in the man’s chest. A sharp pain that rocked inside him, and he had to keep himself from turning away. Despite Acorn’s flight, her parents seem to have not given up on her, and Walker couldn’t really stop himself from drawing comparisons between himself and the younger mage.

    Both were individuals that fled from their environments. Acorn did so because of the actions of other, but Dominic did so because of his own actions. The man felt a welling of tears coming on as he sat there. He grit his teeth, turning to make sure the others couldn’t see him as he quietly let the bit of moisture drip down his dirty and slightly bruised visage.

    He only hoped that maybe, just maybe… He could find that type of forgiveness one day.

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