Session 31 — ‘Twas But a Memory …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Tatters
  • And Introducing RedShirt

The team wakes up … in a dirt room lined with treeroots. Eternal and Walker are the first to stir and catch a glimpse of Tatter’s head being dragged down a tunnel. A quick inventory of themselves and they find that all of thier gear and equipment was gone. They had no weapons, no armor, no gear of any kind unless it was attached. However, Eternal finds the obsidian dagger and cuts themselves free. The cut Acorn loose and gather their bearings. As an afterthought, they remember Tatters was being drug down the tunnel. They quickly move out and catch a giant dung beetle dragging the body of Tatters. They pounce on it and easily dispatch it. Walker was able to determine that the beetle was infact an insect spirit. Tatters was unconcious but wasnt dead. They wake him up and explain the situation.

There was only one way to go to get out of this and so the team followed the tunnel. It came upon a small cavern with another pair of dung beetles and a stag beetle. Before a plan could be developed, Eternal dropped down on one of the dung beetles and started attacking. As Acorn and Walker assist with spells, Tatters found a hidden bottle of black label whiskey. He knocks it back as they defeat the spirits. However, it was at a cost. The fight with the spirits took a toll on Eternal. Both Acorn and Walker was able to use magic to heal the wounds and they went on their way.

There was two choices at the end of this cavern. One passage leading to the right and the other to the left. Eternal was in the lead and he headed to the right. This tunnel started to take them further down into the ground. Tatters rebelled a little proclaiming that they need to leave. He knew of some Ares people that LOVE to kill these things. However, Eternal was steadfast in his pace. They came upon a large cavern with multiple beetle spirits, the insect shaman and a bright light eminating from the center of them.

Tatters started to turn to leave, but noticed the sound of scrapping coming down the tunnel towards them. It was then that the beetles all noticed the intruders. Eternal caught the sound of Eileen calling out to him. Before he could act though, Walker unleashed a lightning bolt directly at the insect shaman. The shaman was caught in the middle of a ritual. The lightning bolt ripped through him, tearing him to pieces and disrupting the ritual. The shaman was instantly killed. The remaining spirits disappaited, leaving only darkness.

Scattered along the walls were bodies, mostly dead, except for a trio that were found near the shaman. Eternal and the others gathered their gear, then Walker attended to the injured victims. Eternal could hear the ancient rythmnic chanting as the dagger called out to him. It has had a taste of blood and wanted more. He took the dagger’s lead and moved in to assist one of the victims. When Walker wasn’t paying attention, he slipped the obsidian dagger into the heart of one of the victims. It drained the blood and life from the poor soul. The chanting in the head of Eternal thrummed of satisfaction.

The team escorts the remaining two victims out of the tunnels and onto a grassy field. Now with matrix connection, they learn that the date is … September 3rd? Its been two months … but where has the time gone? Furthermore, they found themselves in a small town just outside of Omaha, UCAS! Tatters convinces the survivors to come with them and they can escort them to safety. He located the matrix signal of the Archangel at a nearby airstrip and make their way there. Once there, they see the plan with a missing engine. The mechanics that were working on it let them know that it will be later that day. The missile damage took out an engine and it had to be replaced. Unsure of what was going on, they find that they were staying at a local motel called the Bodega Inn Motel.

The make the couple mile walk to the motel, with Tatters and one of the victims, stopping off at a bar first. They started to realize that this victim was part of thier team? He went by the name of RedShirt. After making things square, they all met at the motel room. There they found the room in complete disarray. Something big happened here. There was scorch marks, bullet holes and blood scattered about. Then they caught sight of some darts on the ground. A check with the med kit revealed the darts have residue of Laes, the elven memory erasing drug. Now faced with the fact that they may have had their memories altered, they review their commlinks and any other device that they had to find out what has happened for the last two months?


3 thoughts on “Session 31 — ‘Twas But a Memory …

  1. Fuck everything! what the hell even happened. waking up in a hole without my shit. I had to fight bugs. spirit bugs. the worst kinda bugs.

    Was so angry I decided to summon a spirit preadtor of those jackass’s but It wasn’t a fun time. kicked the ass for the spirits got our gear again. and happen to get the fuck out of there and to work out what the hells going on

    Didn’t get much on that yet, from my coms I just worked out that I missed duchess. URGH so confused and frustrated I just wanna BREAK THINGS. I decided to go for a drink to calm myself. we fucked up and now im all paranoid!

  2. Tatters left the hotel to head back to the bar he had stopped in prior. As he walked he kept going through his commlink trying to piece together what he found there and what few memories he could piece together.

    Settling onto a stool at the bar, he ordered what passed for a good whiskey given the place’s questionable selection. His thoughts turned to how often Havoc seems to be yet again drawing the attention of some magical foe and he couldn’t help but wonder if the money was worth it.

  3. Walker slowly sips on the glass of Jack that he managed to procure at the bar of the motel. The situation that had happened. It was… just wrong. The memories that he managed to pull out of his time before. They were all just… off.

    The man tossed back the glass before getting another one, and he pulled up his commlink, scrolling through the messages again. He had to see if Lith was alright. This nagging feeling in his brain just wouldn’t go away.

    They had to get to the bottom of what happened, one way or another. Whoever did this, they were going to have their day. They’d wish they were the Insect Shaman.

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