Session 32 — The Team Gets Catfished …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Tatters
  • RedShirt

The team convenes on the room at the Bodega Motel. One by one, they each share what memories they remember. From the looks of it, they were supposed to deliver a package from Denver to New Orleans. En route, they were attacked by another VTOL. The Archangel was struck by a missle strike that took out is engine. They were able to land at the airstrip and get it repaired. While it was being repaired, they would be staying at the Bodega.

Each one also had a personal memory that was just slightly off. For instance, Acorn had memories of her girlfriend. Her and Duchess were going on dates and such, but she didnt have her green eyes, nor the way she behaved. She called her girlfriend, in a slight panic, and was concerned if her eyes have changed from the deep emerald green that she remembered. The two discussed what was going on and even met in Astral space. Since Duchess was not able to come to her side, but was able to summon up a spirit to protect her. The beast spirit was to protect her from other spirits, but would only be good for one fight.

Walker remembered the same thing, but there was something off about his wolf pup. There was something off about the pup. It was bigger than he remembered and his coloring was different. Eternal remembered varioius things about doing stuff for the family. He was involved with various shipping stuff, but it all seemed a blur to him. The faces, the details, all of it was just a blur. Tatters seemed to remember the most of the VTOL attack and missle strike, but again, it was all just a blur.

Searching their commlinks and gear, they found the details of a Matrix meeting with a Johnson. According to the details, they were to travel to Shenandoah and meet with the Johnson. The fuel costs of the Archangel would be fronted to them and they rest of the agreed upon payment would be paid when they meet. They were to meet at the Bodega Motel, Room 302. Of course, this does not jive with what they remember. They came to the conclusion that their memories were altered …. they were possibly dealing with another mind mage.

During the discussions, they were approached by the manager of the motel. Walker bribes him with a credstick with 2,000 nuyen on it. Surprised by the payday, since it was 5 times what he makes in a month, the manager happily shares the information that he has and allows them to stay in the room another night. They only needed to make sure they cleaned up the room. Walker did some Astral scouting over the town, since the manager said there were no magician shop or any mages in town. However, he was able to catch a glipse of something … something powerful, but then the aura disappeared. Further investigation of the room revealed a slight astral signature. There was spellcasting in this room. Tatters also placed a call to his Ares contact, LaRue. She will be getting back to him after reaching out to her counterparts in the region. Walker also put in call to Calypso about the Johnson. She, of course, will also be getting back to the team. The team headed back to the Archangel, after receiving a message that the repairs were complete. They figured that would be the best place to start. Of course, they did not clean the room.

Once back at the airstrip, the two mechanics went over the repairs that were made. Apparently the missle strike did quite a number on the engine. However, when reviewing the plane with the pair of mechanics, both Eternal and Tatters notice that there was no damage to the plane. No bullet holes, no scorch marks, not even a bent panel. If they were in the dogfight with the other VTOL and get hit with a missle, surely there would have been more damage than the destroyed engine. Walker, Acorn and an invisible Eternal walk into the office. They wanted to see the old engine. The pair of mechanics were happy to take them out back to the scrapyard. The fenced yard was full of old cars, plane parts, scattered wings, etc. The pair pointed to the destroyed engine on the pallet nearby. The pair were explaining that they were going to salvage what they could of the ruined engine.

However, the team seen nothing wrong with the engine. It looked fine to them. They confronted the mechanics with an image of the engine and it seemed to stir something. The image was showing a working engine, but in front of them was an engine that was destroyed. The shock of the difference overwhelmed them. Their eyes started to twitch, their bodies started to convulse, they went into full blown seizures. Walker watched from Astral and it appeared they both were healthy, but in distress. He then noticed an Astral signature leak out of the spell that was holding the mechanics. It was the same signature that was in the motel room. When the mechanics came to, they were extremely confused. Eternal negotiated a sale price for the old engine and they left the scrapyard.

Walker also seemed to remember a memory. His eye started to twitch as he went into a seizure, much like the mechanics. He started to remember what had happened in the motel room. The team was there talking and the room all of a sudden went silent. There was a bang at the door, followed by bursts of gunfire. The surprised team went on the defensive. Walker and Acorn tried casting spells, but they seemed to be countered. There was a mage there … a powerful one. Then the dart guns were brought to bear and the laes filled darts took out the team. The last thing that the Wolf mage remembered was the mage had scales … the mage was a drake. The team now realizes that the entire run was a ruse. They were set up from the beginning.

The team, now with an idea of what they are up against, heavy discussed their options. Walker wanted to flee back to San Francisco and hole up there. Atleast there, they can face the threat on their terms and their home ground. Tatters, however, wanted to hang nearby and research this new threat. The heated discussion finally brought us to where we are now. They compromised on a luxury hotel in Omaha where they would stage their actions. The hotel would provide them with the security to help protect them from this threat and gives them a secure place to park the Archangel, while they devise a plan.


2 thoughts on “Session 32 — The Team Gets Catfished …

  1. I can’t understand Tatters. The man decides to be rational one day, and the next he manages to suggest something that I can see no logic in. It took an argument just to get him to compromise with the idea of at least staying away from the town. I was tempted, just TEMPTED, to knock him unconscious for the sake of the team.

    He wouldn’t let this go. I know that. It’s just another constant threat that will stay on us until we’re actually dead. I just want time to prepare, but I guess we should do what we can to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

    But, Tatters doesn’t know Magic. He doesn’t know how strong this fucking… thing, was. He just sees a problem that can be solved with investigation and elimination. I can admire him for that. But, he’s not the one who’s going to have to try and work through combating the thing. We find it, and it is going to be a bloodbath.

  2. So.. we try and investigate what happened. turned out we was drugged and our memories was fucked with. which is rather irritating but.. mostly scary.

    We also found he fucked with the guys repairing our ship Im nearly certain our bird now being tracked by him. even if the others can’t find anything

    walker remembered what really happened this guy solo’d us extraction style. our spells was entirely ineffective. This guy is scary as heck

    So.. the others argued for a while I was just rather bored. as far as im concerned we searched the inn and the airfield. I don’t think there is anymore information to gain. so I just took leaning against a tree texting duchess. I think i’ll get my hair dyed when we’re back in town just because im not feeling the current color. and its likely a better use of time than looking for stuff that don’t exist. I’ll get walker to bodyguard.

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