Session 33 — The Chase is On …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • RedShirt

The team spends the night in the posh luxury hotel in Omaha while they plan their next move. It was decided that they would drive into town to investigate, instead of using the VTOL. They get the concierge to get them a rental and head back to Shenandoah. On the way, both Walker and Tatters hears back from their contacts. Walker lets the rest of the team know that a fixer friend of Calypso’s, by the name of Tex, operates out of the Omaha area. He contacts him and finds out that he had a runner team that was sent to the little airstrip outside of Shenandoah for an extraction. As memory served, one of the runners was with them in the tunnel. A young elf woman was rescued as well. They decide that they neede to find this elf woman. Couldnt be too hard in a small town like this.

They start at the Bodega Inn Motel, where they were extracted from. Walker questioned the motel manager again, but no further information was gathered from him. As they headed out to the street, Tatters first notices a pair of armed and armored individuals getting into a black SUV. As the vehicle started to leave, he gets a mark on it to track it. However, Eternal had another idea. He pulled out Eileen and fired a tracer round at the moving vehicle. Unfortunately, it missed and hit the dirt. Hearing the shot, the security team turned wireless off and fled the scene.

The team hopped into the rental car and sped after it. The SUV went around a turn and as the rented Americar rounded the same corner, the SUV was no longer in sight. It went onto a busy street right in front of a parking garage. The parking garage was in between a trid theatre and City Hall. The on ramp to the garage was protected by a gate and a pair of guards.

Eternal and RedShirt, with the cover of Walker’s invisibility spell, infiltrate the parking garage and find the SUV in the lower parking deck. RedShirt tags them each with a stealth tag and head to the elevator. Tatters easily hacks the elevator to allow it to be used to go to the unmarked lower level. However, RedShirt has other ideas. Feeding on the urges from the the dagger, along with the influence of RedShirt, Eternal goes along with the insane plan. His plan was to eliminate the parking garage guards.

The pair approach the unaware guards and hit them with their tasers. However, the guards were tougher than they appeared. The guards were able to escape and fleed towards City Hall, screaming for help in the crowded streets. Eternal and RedShirt head back to the Americar and Tatters pulled away. As he was pulling out, a Sheriff patrol car drove by. The Sheriff that was driving the patrol car locked eyes with Tatters, but continued onto City Hall. Tatters drove the rental car back to Omaha for the night and to let things cool down in town.

The next day they head back to Shenandoah. This time they went for City Hall and the mayor, Dennis Hinkle. Tatters hacked into the host, very easily, and survey the floors. In the sub-basement, where they wanted to focus a search on, they find that its storage and files. An Astral search revealed no magical auras, spirits, Awakened, or barriers/wards. It seems that the City Hall was a dead end. The next step was to scout the personal residence of the mayor. It was the middle of the day and midweek, so it should be pretty empty. They pulled into a nearby trailhead and popped back into the Matrix and Astral. However, the search turned up very little. Tatters was able to pull some financial data off the mayor’s terminal, but that was about it. Facing another dead end, the team heads back to the hotel in Omaha.

The team was convinced that the Mayor has something to do with their extraction attempt, but no real proof of it. The next step was to shadow the Sheriff around and find out what information he knows. Tatters spent a few days tailing him and found him in a bar at the end of the week. With Eternal, RedShirt and Walker nearby, the decker pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered a passible glass of whiskey. He eventually slid over and made small talk with the sheriff. The talk revealed some information, including the discovery of a dead female elf just outside of town. His cover was that he was in town about possible real estate dealings. After finding out the sheriff knew of a few parcels of land and some hunting cabins, Tatters inquired about the parcel of land where the insect shaman had them. It was then they learned that the mayor owned that particular spot, including several other parcels and a hunting cabin. This information was confirmed with the financial information from his terminal. Armed with this information, they scout out the empty hunting cabin and head back to the hotel for more planning. The mayor is now their lead suspect.

One thought on “Session 33 — The Chase is On …

  1. We’re drawing closer to the Drake. At least, that’s what it feels like. The aura in itself is wily. I haven’t been able to find it in the Astral since that first moment I glimpsed its power. The foe is formidable. Just hiding alone takes several sessions of extensive training.

    Wolf is beside me in the matter. This I know. But, I just want to make sure everyone can make it out of this alive. Acorn is too young for this. If she wants to run the shadows, she should at least get a chance to live beyond this event. Redshirt is another problem entirely. I find myself mixed with how much she deserves protection vs. how much she is expendable.

    Tatters is trying to keep us safe in his own way. I respect him for that. He wants the real threat eliminated as soon as possible, and I believe his did an admirable job gathering information. He does things that no one else can do within the matrix. Something that is often lost on capabilities.

    Eternal is… Eternal. I honestly don’t know where his line will end. But, I hope he is as prepared for an upcoming fight as he always is. He is my pack, much like Acorn and Tatters, but his actions are getting harder and harder to maintain as credible. I only hope he can keep it together until this threat is dealt with.

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