Session 34 — Showdown on Main Street …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Tatters
  • RedShirt

The team meets up again, with Acorn, at the luxury hotel room and plan their next move. They know that the roads lead to the mayor, but its not enough to convince Tatters that he is the one behind all this. It was decided that they will set up an appointment with the mayor under the guise of wanting to purchase a parcel of land that is owned by the mayor. In particular, the parcel of land that the team encountered the bug shaman on. The idea being that if the mention the land or interest in the land, if the mayor would somehow get spooked into making a mistake.

Walker contacts City Hall and schedules a lunch meeting with the mayor for the following Tuesday at 11:30am. With a couple of days to kill, the team spends a weekend enjoying the ammenities of the posh hotel.

They arrive at the lunch meeting on time. Eternal and Acorn waited in the car while Walker, Tatters and RedShirt went to the appointment. Walker and Tatters were unarmed, but RedShirt had her machine pistol. The guise was that she was thier bodyguard. They went up to the mayor’s office on the 4th floor. When they stepped out of the elevator, a pair of armed and armored security guards checked them before they entered the office.

Once in, they started discussing the property in question. Walker and Tatters continued thier cover story that they were representatives of a corp employers that has expressed interest in developing the parcel of land. The mayor did have the land surveyed for development already and offered to provide this report. The pair didnt sense that the mayor really had anything to do with the bug spirit, so they closed the meeting and left. An hour later the paperwork was received.

The initial review of the paperwork didnt reveal any direct ties to the shaman or the drake, but after closer inspection, they found that the property was also owned by another party. Tatters did some matrix checking and the other party was the mayor’s brother, who was also the manager of the Bodega Inn Motel.

Now things were starting to come into focus. Walker did some direct Astral scouting of the motel and found the manager there, with a couple of other mundane individuals. The team geared up and made their way to the motel, ready for a showdown. However, it seems that Walker was caught when he was scouting and the drake quickly set up a trap for them. It was time to end the shadowrunners.

As the rental car came up, a grenade rolled out and disabled the car. The pair of gunmen waited while the team regained their senses and started to move into battle position. However, it became difficult as the area around the wrecked car was encased in a sheet of slippery ice. Once they stepped out, they fell on their ass and the gunmen started picking thier shots. Then the drake stepped out into view. Walker exchanged spells with it as it continued to harrass the party with mind magic, convincing both RedShirt and Eternal that thier mage was against them. So Walker had to watch out for both the Drake and his entourage AND his own loose cannon in Eternal. RedShirt didnt have a clean shot at Walker, but did have one on Acorn and shot her. After a few moments, they pair were able to shake the spell before any further damage could be done.

Tatters, having already brought the VTOL nearby, called his drones in to provide fire support. However, after a few more spells from Walker, the drake and company were defeated. These spells were more than normal spells for Walker, he had to put more of himself than normal in them to defeat the drake. Pieces of himself that will take time to regain. Eternal, feeling the pull of the obsidian dagger, walked up and started to cut the head off the drake. The spray of blood and gore on him and the dagger seemed to consume Eternal and please the dagger. Walker was also able to gather up a couple of foci that the drake mage had on him.

Now that the fight was over with, the town police force was on their way and the sirens are blaring. The team “commandeer” a nearby vehicle and drive to the awaiting Archangel. The load up and flee without any further incident. Now the mind mage and his presumed accomplice, the bug shaman, have been defeated. But there was a cost to this. Not only the cost that Walker had to pay for the spells to defeat the drake or the cost for Eternal and his blood bathing, but a cost for Havoc squad. The team was pushed to the limits and is now in disarray and unaligned. How will this affect the future of the team?


2 thoughts on “Session 34 — Showdown on Main Street …

  1. Walker could feel the overwhelming exhaustion that took over his body as he laid down on the couch, returned to his home in San Francisco. The slightly larger pup laid under him, next to the man on the couch. The man’s fingers idly brushed against the pup’s head, ruffling the graying snow white fur that was mohawking a little at the ministrations.

    Next to him, the Drake’s Ring and Necklace sat on the table. Merely small rewards from the battle that had ensued back in the town. As he looked at the focis, he could feel the magic imbibed within them just gently wavering from their beings. It was obvious they were relatively strong pieces of magic essence.

    He looked at the ceiling again, using his free hand to idly text out a messaged to Black Cat to check on her. She still hadn’t told him her location, and he still hadn’t asked for it. Honestly, with how things have been, it was probably best she just stayed where she was. The less people that were in danger because of him, the better it was.

    As he set the commlink down and closed his eyes, Walker could feel a slight shift of fur beside him, but he knew he had his hand on the pup’s head. He knew who it was. For once, Wolf seemed rather calm as he made his pace around Walker, stopping to sit and lay slowly next to the pup, who gave the mentor spirit a quizzical look.

    Wolf didn’t say anything in that time. He just lay beside the two, and Walker honestly was just glad for that little bit of silence that stretched out between them. It showed that bit of understanding. He put so much of himself into protecting his pack, and, while he didn’t know if Wolf was proud per se, he at least felt at peace with what he had done.

  2. The apology cake was coming along spindly Redshirt might be frail so the cake ingredients isn’t the best quality however it should be rich enough in flavor it kill Acorn’s taste buds. That ol’ mind mage really did put smog in the noggin’ making Redshirt shoot Acorn. While she quite happy with dead mind mage drake, however Hedgehog-Man was kinda getting a little to into the drake killing like more than even a unstable person would. With the blood spiriting out everywhere like it was a horror movie at a drive-in movies.

    Redshirt starting to put the icing on the cake spelling out “Sorry I shot you.” After the cake was finished, Redshirt realize that she can’t give the cake to Acorn. Redshirt didn’t have Acorn’s address so Redshirt bake the “I’m sorry I shot you cake” cake for nothing. Redshirt felt overwhelming shame for not being able to properly say sorry, the feeling was like a Redshirt was being stabbed in the heart repeatedly. She had personally failed Acorn once again it was a overwhelming feeling of failure sicken Redshirt. Redshirt was forced to switch her personafix in order to stop the sickerly feeling. She still felt bad about shooting Acorn but not as overpowering. She put the cake into the fridge, one day she will hand the apology-cake over it just won’t be right now.

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