The Laes Incident — Behind the Curtain

Are you sure your ready?” The mysterious man asked the wily teenager.
YES!” he gleefully replied.
Okay, then” the man says with a sigh. “The agreement is in place then. Certain … disreputable people will be given to you for your cause. In return, you leave my town alone.
The teenager shakes his head.
I swear kid, if you frag with me on this, I will gut you like a trout.
The agreement is solid. I will not hunt in your town and you will provide me with the bodies that I need. But you know that you will need to boost the ‘tourism’ to attract more people.” the young teenager said.
That is none of your concern.” he says with a wave of his hand. “I have a few things in play currently tat will bring in enough for you.
Excellent!” he exclaims and heads to leave the room.
I swear to god kid, if you frag with any townfolk, I will squash you like the little cockroach you worship.
The kid stops and pivots on his heal to face the man. “Beetles, you impudent bastard. It is beetles, not cockroaches. Remember that!


The mysterious man looks at the four ‘shadowrunners’ he has in front of him. He has heard rumors, and of course, watch the trids about these guys. But they are from out of town and that is what he wanted. He only needed to get more … There was this ‘Havoc’ team operating out of the bay area. Street cred is pretty solid on these guys.

So what I need from you guys is an extraction job. The time and place is still unknown, however, you will have atleast a few hours of advanced notice. Once I get the intel on when the targets are arriving and where, then I will pass that onto you. I am willing to pay 20k to each of you for this.

The group look and appear to be discussing amongst themselves. A few minutes later, a pretty elf steps forward. “You know, Mr Johnson, these types of jobs require a little more time to perform legwork and develop a plan. I dont …” Her voice trails off momentarily. She shakes her head. “Yes, that is agreeable with us. You got a deal!

Excellent” The Johnson says. “One other detail, I will be going along for the ride on this one as well.
Very well” she responds. “We will await your message then.
The mysterious man smiles and gestures the team out of the door. “Now to get Havoc ….


Calypso gets a call on her commlink. “Hrm …” she says as she doesn’t recognize the number. “Yes dear, how can I help you today?

I am in need of some disposable assets and hear your the woman to talk to.” The voice comes through the commlink.

Why yes, I have been known to come across a few. What kind of job you need?

Well, I am not entirely sure yet. Basically, there are some unsavory elements here and I need people from the outside to assist. I don’t know how deep this goes.” He responds.

The mysterious man and Calypso discuss various things regarding a job. Everything seems to check out.
Yes, I can have one of my teams assist you.

Actually, word on the street is that there is a team there named … Havoc or something like that.” He quickly interjects. “I want them.

Well … I don’t know of their availability, but I can put in a word and see if they are interested in some traveling.
Excellent. Thank you for your time.
The call disconnects.
Calypso then reaches out to the team with the details on a Matrix meet.


The mysterious man smiles when he gets the message that Havoc will meet with him for the job. Its a shame that it has to be over the Matrix and not in person. Either way, he is going to get what he needs. He joins the Matrix meeting and finds Havoc waiting for him.

Mr Johnson: “You and your team are needed for a job. Its in Omaha and you are needed urgently. Your teams street cred has reached us all the way here and we need an outside force to assist us with our … situation.

Walker: “What kind of situation is it and why us?

Mr Johnson: “The kind of situation that requires Havoc. We need to have some … unsavory people eliminated. We are prepared to pay you 12k each along with fronting any fuel costs that you need.

Walker: “Ok, our team is ready to accept your job offer with the fuel costs paid up front and 18k paid upon arrival for the job.

Mr Johnson: “Excellent, here are the coordinates on where we will meet. Its an airstrip just outside of Omaha in Shenandoah. Once you land there, meet us in Room 302 of the nearby Bodega Inn Motel. Just message me when you land.

Walker: “Ok, we will arrive there in a few days and message you once we land.

Mr Johnson: “Its a pleasure doing business with y’all.

The mysterious man sends a message to the other runner team. “Targets will arrive in roughly a couple of hours and the extraction point is Bodega Inn Motel, Room 302. Be ready

He gets a response back. “We are ready.

The smile on the mysterious man’s face widens as his plan is coming into fruition. Soon he will have all the bodies that the pesky insect mage will need. “I don’t see why I just don’t wipe the pest off the face of the planet.” he says to himself. “Fraggin little cockroach.

He reaches into the cabinet and pulls out some vials. “Yes, the elves did do something right coming up with this drek.

The shadowrunners and the mysterious man gather to make the run on Havoc. Before they enter, he shifts into a more powerful form … what he considers his ‘true’ form. The scales form on his skin as his horns begin to protrude from his head. It was sometimes a painful process, but he has gotten used to it over the years. The other runners with him start to gasp, but a simple spell eases them. They waited as the members of Havoc walked by and entered into the room.

We got to make this quiet. I dont want to raise suspicion in my town.” He says.

I got that covered” says the pretty elf subvocally.

Focus on the pokey one first, I will handle the mages.

Mag..” the elf was about to say, but the commotion started before the word could get out.

She goes into casting the spell and the team kick in the door. The occupants were caught offgaurd … slightly. The decker and the man with orange eyes seem to jump into action. The cat eared and one that had the quills were surprised. The man with orange eyes immediately opened with a powerful spell, but the mysterious man was ready for him. He reflected the spell back at him. The lightning bolt struck the orange eyed man with full force and he went down. The runners focused their gunfire on the one with quills. The barrage of stick n shock both hit and missed him. The quilled one went into a rage and charged at them with a flaming sword in hand, but the protection spell from the elf stopped him in his tracks. The fight was fast and furious, but within seconds, the quilled one was fell down twitching. The cat eared one and decker were next and quickly fell to the barrage of bullets and spells. The hit was quick, quiet, and efficient. At the end, the mysterious man shot each of them with a dart of laes.

Grab them and get them out to the truck.” He ordered. “But first …” He hesitates a bit. “Just in case.” He goes through the motions of casting a spell. The spell takes some time on each of them as the mysterious man prodded each member, then crafted a new memory to mask what had actually happened.

There, just in case the little drekhead frags something up.” He said to himself.

The shadowrunners gathered up the bodies of Havoc Squad and loaded them into the waiting truck. The mysterious man drove them to a field where they met with a strange teenage. The two of them talked away from the truck for a bit. He motioned to the runners to bring the bodies of Havoc to them.

Excellent!” the teenager exclaimed as he looked over the bodies … and the runners. “All of these will do perfectly.

What about our payment?” The elf asks the mysterious man.

Ahh yes, your payment will be serving a greater power.” He said with a chuckle.

Before the runners could react, the beetle spirits manifested and tore into them.

Looking upon the destruction, the mysterious man remarked “Didnt even bring your guns out. tsk tsk tsk rookie mistake.

The bodies of both the runners and Havoc Squad were taken down into the hole. The mysterious man gets back into the truck and leaves.

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