Session 35 — Viva! Las Vegas …

Cast of Characters

  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Shade
  • Bathtub Mary

The team has had the last few months off. During this time, Eternal had left to search for answers in an old DIMR research facility outside of New Orleans. He gathered up his gear and headed out of town.

RedShirt decided to stick around the warehouse. She seemed to be stuck in the persona of a 1950s housewife, so now she keeps the safe house clean.

During the two months of downtime, Tatters and Walker decide to legitimize the safe house. The city has been snooping around, since it was supposed to be abandoned, and is starting to as too many questions. They set up a fake SIN and B&E Import / Export was set up at the location of the warehouse. This front provides a cover for the use of the Archangel and the Nightrunner.

The trio of runners left in Havoc received a message from Calypso. She figured they were in need of some additional hands, so she set up a “interview” of sorts. She had a couple of runners that she thinks would be a good fit, so she set up a meeting for them at the Cerebus club.

They all meet up there in the early morning. The club was in the ruins of an old church and has already been closed for the night. Tatters, Acorn, Walker and his pet Wolf all met with the runners that went by the name of Shade and Bathtub Mary. Havoc Squad provided a primer on what to expect with the runs and to stay on their toes. Both of the new recruits agreed just as a new job came in.

The meet was later that night at Moreno’s, an italian diner in South Bay. Walker, Acorn and Tatters were already familiar with this Johnson as they have worked with Dante before. They made arrangements with Bathtub Mary to pick her up before the meet and Shade would meet up with them. They went their separate ways.

Tatters, Walker and Acorn received a message that there was a package for them at the safe house. The package had a note that said:

She belongs with you. -E

The trio went to the warehouse and it was Acorn that opened the box. Once the box was opened, an explosion ripped through the warehouse. When the dust settled and the ringing in Tatter’s ears stopped, he seen that both Walker and Acorn were down. Acorn was the most severely injured, so he grabbed a medkit and got it working on her. He did the same with Walker. Once Walker was mobile, he used his magic to heal both himself and Acorn as well. The roadmaster was also slightly damaged, but due to the nano-maintenance system, it started to fix itself. They spent the rest of the day tending to their wounds.

The complete team meets up at Moreno’s for the meet with the Johnson. Before going in, they explain to the new people that they needed to show this guy respect as he was well connected. As with the previous meet, Dante insisted on the team getting a proper pasta meal before they discuss business. When the meal was completed, he proceeded to make them the offer.

The family was bidding for some items on an action. Unfortunately, they did not win, but they desire the item anyways. After the negotiations, the team agreed to the terms. The item that the family would like is the Bonnie and Clyde death car. The 1934 Ford Deluxe was sold at the auction, but the details of the sale have been sealed. The sale was facilitated by the Genco Auction House in Las Vegas. The auction closed yesterday, so time is of the essence.

The way that the auction worked was that the auction house facilitated the sale between to item owner and the buyer. Once the auction was over, the wiiner buyer was notified on where the item was and they decided on a pick up time. The buyer was responsible for taking delivery of the item.

With this information in mind, the team leaves to go a nearby runner bar, The Broken Stallion. They got a room in the back and started discussing the job, after taking the appropriate precautions of course. After some cursory searching, Tatters was not able to find any information on the host for the auction house. He was, however, able to get the provenance record of previous owners. The current owner seemed to be Whiskey Pete’s Casino in Primm, Nevada, PCC. It was assumed that they were the seller. Now the team needed to find out who the buyer was and when they intend to ship the goods.

The team decided they would need to head to the auction house’s office to get more information on the sale. It would be a good 9 hour drive, so they decided to use the Archangel. However, the original Havoc was not ready to reveal the location of the safe house yet, so they decide to go to a field near the Cerebus club and have the VTOL meet them there. Tatters set a course for Las Vegas and filed a flight plan. The team made their way to Sin City.

Along the way, Shade noticed a few things about how Tatters was flying. Being a pilot himself, he noticed that the decker was using the auto-pilot and pretending to be flying. However, he decided to keep this information to himself for the time being.

They landed the VTOL on a valet pad at a nearby casino and walked the few miles to where the office was. It was still the middle of the night, but the lights and sounds from the strip were still there. This was a city that never closed, but on the outskirts, the businesses still kept office hours. Along the way, they also noticed that they seemed to be in a gang territory, due to the lookouts and graffitti. The team kept their cool and arrived at the office. There wasnt much in the way of vantage points in this area, so the team set up in an alleyway next to the building. It was dark enough to provide them cover and would allow them to get some work done.

Shade sent in his flyspy drone for some recon. The office was empty at this time of the night, so the recon was pretty easy. Once the drone made it to the basement, they found a terminal that was surrounded by a chainlink fence. The door to this area had a mechanical lock. Once the target was found, Shade and Tatters would go in and hack the terminal, while Walker, Acorn and Bathtub Mary would remain outside and keep watch.

Tatters looped the camera feeds as they went in and, before he could pop the maglocks in the Matrix, Shade was able to pop them open with great efficiency. The pair went in and headed for the terminal. Again, Shade was easily able to pop the mechanical lock to get access to the terminal. Once inside, Tatters noticed that the terminal was surrounded by a faraday cage.

Meanwhile, Bathtub Mary was keeping watch outside and noticed some movement at the edge of the alleyway, where the parking lot was. She pointed it out to the rest of the team and they were able to take up defensive positions. The ambush didnt go as the gangers had planned. They proceeded in and took up positions, but Bathtub Mary was able to take a couple of them out very accurately and efficiently. The gangers decided that this was not worth their effort and fleed. Unfortunately for them, Acorn and Walker were able to hit a pair of them with a manabolt as a parting gift.

Tatters was able to easily hack into the terminal and find the information on the auction in no time. He was also able to get the information on 5 other auctions as well. With all this info downloaded to his deck, the pair make their way out of the office and into the alleyway. Now the team needs to analyze this information and determine who the buyer is and how they plan to take possession of the Bonnie and Clyde death car.