Cast of Characters

The Members of Havoc Squad

Morituri te salutant

Walker — Walker is a 6’2″ White male with dark red slicked-back hair. Orange colored Irises offset by a dark grey militaristic peacoat (armored jacket). He has a close shaved full beard and a small tattoo of a black cat on his neck. Wears street level clothing, combat boots and a Wolf totem necklace.

Tatters — Tatters is a human male, standing just a little under 6’ with a slight build. He has short, cropped brown hair and obvious cybereyes, but no other remarkable features. With his usual dark brown lined coat over a midnight blue suit, he can easily blend into the sea of wageslaves as his eyes carefully observe the scene around him.

Eternal — Eternal is a 5’7″ human with coal black hair, slightly ragged street clothes covered by a long trench coat, and, most distinctly, a plain grey ballistic mask that he never removes in public. He is always seen with his precious monoblade, Rui, either strapped to his back or lovingly being cared for as he listens to other chatter on about jobs at hand. His clothes conceal the fact that, for a short man, he is well toned, and bears an odd military inspired tattoo displaying an infinity symbol in an elongated pentagon shield with the word “NEVER” on the bottom.

Viking — Viking is a 10′ troll in his early twenties with brown eyes and scruffy blonde hair that looks like he just woke up. Viking has 2 large curved horns with the right one’s tip being chipped just a half inch off. Viking typically wears his armored clothes with his lined black leather coat.

Sledge — Sledge is a 6’2″ ork with orange eyes and a slightly scarred up face that looks like it has seen many fights. He has a bulky build, his body has burn scars, stab scars, and old bullet wounds dotting it, He usually wears a ragged shirt and pants with a hat on at times when he is working, and when he is just going around when he isn’t at work he has his armor vest and lined coat on and his hat, when he is doing a run or is in combat he is usually wearing his much better armor. Most of his clothes look worn a bit.

Acorn — Acorn stands at 4’7″ and is kinda a short butt she knows it. She has long hair that goes most the way down her back that was once kept well, but has now become slightly more tattered and overgrown without the care she used to be able to give it. On top of her head she has two perky kitty ears that she generally hides under a hood. While running she often changes her form, but her distinctive cat ears are the one thing she won’t change. Her eyes are different colors one being a seafoam green and the other being a deep magenta colour. Her favourite clothes to wear while just going around with the shadow runners is a lavender zip-up hoodie with bright green pockets. She normally wears skinny jeans or leggings with this to complete her outfit. Her commlink glasses are honey yellow on her green eye and crystal blue on her purple eye. Her skates she sometimes wears are built into her footwear so she can switch between rolling and walking which is useful for a slightly accelerated get away. Her shoes are white skate shoes with bright pink velcro. She has had stickers on the side of them on the occasions she is going out for fun.

Aeternum vale

Rae — Rae was an original, former member of Havoc Squad, but was killed during the Spanners retaliatory strikes against the team in Cara’Sir (Tir Tairngire). He will be sorely missed by Bowjack and the troll stipper Pwoner.

Skitz — Skitz was also an original, former member of Havoc Squad that was also killed during the Spanners retaliatory strikes against the team in Cara’Sir (Tir Tairngire). He was sharing the residence with Sapper when the house was firebombed. Skitz was killed helping Sapper escape.

Bowjack — Bowjack was an original member of Havoc Squad, but in a fit of rage decided to take on the SFPD. In a fiery showdown, in downtown San Francisco, he perished in a hail of gunfire.