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A behind the scenes look at the events that occur up to, during and after sessions.

The Laes Incident — Behind the Curtain

Are you sure your ready?” The mysterious man asked the wily teenager.
YES!” he gleefully replied.
Okay, then” the man says with a sigh. “The agreement is in place then. Certain … disreputable people will be given to you for your cause. In return, you leave my town alone.
The teenager shakes his head.
I swear kid, if you frag with me on this, I will gut you like a trout.
The agreement is solid. I will not hunt in your town and you will provide me with the bodies that I need. But you know that you will need to boost the ‘tourism’ to attract more people.” the young teenager said.
That is none of your concern.” he says with a wave of his hand. “I have a few things in play currently tat will bring in enough for you.
Excellent!” he exclaims and heads to leave the room.
I swear to god kid, if you frag with any townfolk, I will squash you like the little cockroach you worship.
The kid stops and pivots on his heal to face the man. “Beetles, you impudent bastard. It is beetles, not cockroaches. Remember that!


The mysterious man looks at the four ‘shadowrunners’ he has in front of him. He has heard rumors, and of course, watch the trids about these guys. But they are from out of town and that is what he wanted. He only needed to get more … There was this ‘Havoc’ team operating out of the bay area. Street cred is pretty solid on these guys.

So what I need from you guys is an extraction job. The time and place is still unknown, however, you will have atleast a few hours of advanced notice. Once I get the intel on when the targets are arriving and where, then I will pass that onto you. I am willing to pay 20k to each of you for this.

The group look and appear to be discussing amongst themselves. A few minutes later, a pretty elf steps forward. “You know, Mr Johnson, these types of jobs require a little more time to perform legwork and develop a plan. I dont …” Her voice trails off momentarily. She shakes her head. “Yes, that is agreeable with us. You got a deal!

Excellent” The Johnson says. “One other detail, I will be going along for the ride on this one as well.
Very well” she responds. “We will await your message then.
The mysterious man smiles and gestures the team out of the door. “Now to get Havoc ….


Calypso gets a call on her commlink. “Hrm …” she says as she doesn’t recognize the number. “Yes dear, how can I help you today?

I am in need of some disposable assets and hear your the woman to talk to.” The voice comes through the commlink.

Why yes, I have been known to come across a few. What kind of job you need?

Well, I am not entirely sure yet. Basically, there are some unsavory elements here and I need people from the outside to assist. I don’t know how deep this goes.” He responds.

The mysterious man and Calypso discuss various things regarding a job. Everything seems to check out.
Yes, I can have one of my teams assist you.

Actually, word on the street is that there is a team there named … Havoc or something like that.” He quickly interjects. “I want them.

Well … I don’t know of their availability, but I can put in a word and see if they are interested in some traveling.
Excellent. Thank you for your time.
The call disconnects.
Calypso then reaches out to the team with the details on a Matrix meet.


The mysterious man smiles when he gets the message that Havoc will meet with him for the job. Its a shame that it has to be over the Matrix and not in person. Either way, he is going to get what he needs. He joins the Matrix meeting and finds Havoc waiting for him.

Mr Johnson: “You and your team are needed for a job. Its in Omaha and you are needed urgently. Your teams street cred has reached us all the way here and we need an outside force to assist us with our … situation.

Walker: “What kind of situation is it and why us?

Mr Johnson: “The kind of situation that requires Havoc. We need to have some … unsavory people eliminated. We are prepared to pay you 12k each along with fronting any fuel costs that you need.

Walker: “Ok, our team is ready to accept your job offer with the fuel costs paid up front and 18k paid upon arrival for the job.

Mr Johnson: “Excellent, here are the coordinates on where we will meet. Its an airstrip just outside of Omaha in Shenandoah. Once you land there, meet us in Room 302 of the nearby Bodega Inn Motel. Just message me when you land.

Walker: “Ok, we will arrive there in a few days and message you once we land.

Mr Johnson: “Its a pleasure doing business with y’all.

The mysterious man sends a message to the other runner team. “Targets will arrive in roughly a couple of hours and the extraction point is Bodega Inn Motel, Room 302. Be ready

He gets a response back. “We are ready.

The smile on the mysterious man’s face widens as his plan is coming into fruition. Soon he will have all the bodies that the pesky insect mage will need. “I don’t see why I just don’t wipe the pest off the face of the planet.” he says to himself. “Fraggin little cockroach.

He reaches into the cabinet and pulls out some vials. “Yes, the elves did do something right coming up with this drek.

The shadowrunners and the mysterious man gather to make the run on Havoc. Before they enter, he shifts into a more powerful form … what he considers his ‘true’ form. The scales form on his skin as his horns begin to protrude from his head. It was sometimes a painful process, but he has gotten used to it over the years. The other runners with him start to gasp, but a simple spell eases them. They waited as the members of Havoc walked by and entered into the room.

We got to make this quiet. I dont want to raise suspicion in my town.” He says.

I got that covered” says the pretty elf subvocally.

Focus on the pokey one first, I will handle the mages.

Mag..” the elf was about to say, but the commotion started before the word could get out.

She goes into casting the spell and the team kick in the door. The occupants were caught offgaurd … slightly. The decker and the man with orange eyes seem to jump into action. The cat eared and one that had the quills were surprised. The man with orange eyes immediately opened with a powerful spell, but the mysterious man was ready for him. He reflected the spell back at him. The lightning bolt struck the orange eyed man with full force and he went down. The runners focused their gunfire on the one with quills. The barrage of stick n shock both hit and missed him. The quilled one went into a rage and charged at them with a flaming sword in hand, but the protection spell from the elf stopped him in his tracks. The fight was fast and furious, but within seconds, the quilled one was fell down twitching. The cat eared one and decker were next and quickly fell to the barrage of bullets and spells. The hit was quick, quiet, and efficient. At the end, the mysterious man shot each of them with a dart of laes.

Grab them and get them out to the truck.” He ordered. “But first …” He hesitates a bit. “Just in case.” He goes through the motions of casting a spell. The spell takes some time on each of them as the mysterious man prodded each member, then crafted a new memory to mask what had actually happened.

There, just in case the little drekhead frags something up.” He said to himself.

The shadowrunners gathered up the bodies of Havoc Squad and loaded them into the waiting truck. The mysterious man drove them to a field where they met with a strange teenage. The two of them talked away from the truck for a bit. He motioned to the runners to bring the bodies of Havoc to them.

Excellent!” the teenager exclaimed as he looked over the bodies … and the runners. “All of these will do perfectly.

What about our payment?” The elf asks the mysterious man.

Ahh yes, your payment will be serving a greater power.” He said with a chuckle.

Before the runners could react, the beetle spirits manifested and tore into them.

Looking upon the destruction, the mysterious man remarked “Didnt even bring your guns out. tsk tsk tsk rookie mistake.

The bodies of both the runners and Havoc Squad were taken down into the hole. The mysterious man gets back into the truck and leaves.

Enter the Enigma — Behind the Curtain

The door closed as the woman with a raven haired bob walks into the conference room. Sharon Weston looks at the woman. “Have a seat” she says pointing to a seat. “I called you in today to discuss a job that I need done. It involves doing some covert office work and you are perfect for … you in?

Certainly Ms Weston.

Please, call me LaRue.

OK, LaRue … send me the details and I will get the job done.

The file is sent, thanks Enigma.

The young woman stands and walks out of the conference room. Its been awhile since she had a job and needed the extra income. She reviewed the file and details of the job as she headed out of the office and into her Jackrabbit. She was starving and decided to stop and get some food before reporting for her first day on her new “job.”

A couple of days go by and her progress is coming along pretty good. Some new instructions came in from LaRue. Now that she was able to get in as the assistant to MCT director, she needed to get an appointment created with the SINs of other operatives. After multiple attempts, one of which almost blew her cover completely, she has failed to do this and it needed to get done quickly. She left the office to get some food and try to figure out a way make this work. She was eating a burrito from Stuffer Shack when her car was rear ended.

“OH FRAG!” she yelled and got out of the car. She went to go scream at the idiot that hit her, but seeing the man step out of the Americar caught her off guard. He started to apologize and said he would pay for the damages. “Damn right he will,” she thought to herself.

He asked about helping her with keeping her job and she berated herself for letting that slip. But then thought that she may be able to make this work. She accepted when he asked her out to coffee. She explained what she needed done to him over coffee and was surprised when he said he would help.

A little later, she got message from the man named Philip and decided to meet at a place called Woodwork. She got dressed up for meeting him and headed there a little early. There was a table in the back of the room that she grabbed and waited for him to show. On a hunch, she ordered him some whiskey, real Tennessee whiskey, for him. Philip arrived in a Berwick suit and all cleaned up. “Damn!” She thought to herself. She smiled and greeted him. They make small talk and the man tells her that her problem was solved. The woman was caught off guard and surprised that he was able to accomplish that.

Want to get out of here?” she asked him.

The man downs the drink he had. “After you.” They head back to her place and one thing led to another.

The next morning she received a call from her “boss” at MCT thanking her for the great work she did. He also asked her to grab some Soybucks and donuts for the meeting this morning.

Fraggin asshole!” She says after hanging up the commlink. Another call came in “WHAT!” she scream.

Enigma …” the woman’s voice says from the other end. She quickly looks at the commlink and realizes it was LaRue that was calling her.

Yeah … sorry … what can I do for you?

Need you to come in, you have completed all that was required of you. Debrief at 9:30 this morning.

Ok, I will be there.” She says and the call completes.

Enigma arrives in the debriefing meeting with LaRue and explains the details of what she had done on the job. She got to the point where Philip had assisted her and was a little more careful about what she said.

I needed to get some outside help and luck has it that I was able to get a little. A young decker, it seems, hit my car in San Jose and helped me with placing the guest list that you requested.

Oh really now?” LaRue asks and her attention perks up. “Who was this person?

The young woman explained what Philip looked like, but didnt provide any names.

Hrm …” LaRue says with a knowing look on her face. “Seems like you have met with a pretty good person indeed. That is all we need for now.” She pauses and then says “do you need to expense anything that you paid for this decker?

Nope” she says. “I paid him … in my own way.” and a big smile comes across her face.


A few days later, Enigma gets another call from LaRue. “Need you to come with me on a meeting in about a half hour. How fast can you meet me at this address.

Well I am already in my car, I can be there in about 10 minutes.

Great, meet me there.

The Jackrabbit pulls up to a convience store and LaRue is waiting in her Americar and opens the door for her. She climbs in and they drive to a nearby warehouse and park. “They should be here soon” she says as they get out and head in. “This is a warehouse I tend to use when meeting with other deniable assets that are not on the payroll … officially.

The pair continue talking when the group of runners come in. LaRue turns around to greet them and Enigma catches a glimpse of him. “What the frag is Philip doing here?” She thought to herself. The young woman quickly composes herself and follows LaRue’s lead, but it was too late. LaRue picked up on the facial expression of the young woman and knew that it was Tatters that she met with.

LaRue notice the tense expression of Tatters, but was able to de-escalate the situation and get the wrap up on the job she hired Havoc for done. The team leave the warehouse, leaving only Enigma and LaRue. As they were leaving, the young woman sent a message to Tatters apologizing. She didnt know this was going to happen and she was sorry. No response was sent back. The two woman continue to make small talk and leave the warehouse, a small sly smile appears on LaRue’s face.

A Stop at the Local Dennys — Behind the Curtain

Duane Sharpman was eating lunch at the Dennys in downtown San Francisco. It was a mild afternoon out and the Dog Shaman decided to stop in for a soyburger and fries. He was sitting there enjoying his meal and skimming through local news and social feeds, when a pair of teenage girls came in. They caught his attention because one was dressed like she was straight out of one of those cosplay conventions and the other one … are those … cat ears? Shaking his head, he went back to eating his meal. “What the frag is wrong with the youth today …” he says to himself. The pair of girls were sitting at a table on the other side of the diner with middle aged man in an armored coat. “Hmph … must be one of their dads …

A few minutes later, just after the waitress brings him more coffee, he got an alert from the Bounty Hunters Network. He glanced at the alert to see the new bounty for him to track down and nearly spit out his coffee. Keeping his composure he reads over the bounty notice. He brushes his blonde hair mullet away from his face and settled the trinkets that adorned his chest. The description matches, right down to the cat ears. “Acorn? … well isn’t that cute …” he says as he reads over the post. Wuxing is paying a huge sum of nuyen for this little girl. He takes a few images with his commlink of the individuals with her and shoots out an email to the rest of his team to meet him at the diner for a pickup. He takes a peek into the Astral and is surprised to see that the other girl is a mage as well, but not as powerful as he is. He continues to eat his lunch and keeping an eye on his mark as he waits for his team to arrive.

Before the team could arrive, the feed on his commlink freezes and a message shows up. “You’re late on this bounty. If you want any tips, I’m sure I could teach you a thing or two.

What the frag?” He says to himself. Looking back over to the other table, the young mage threw a pretty powerful spell on the mark, knocking her unconcious. The man goes to bind her up. “Drek!” he says as he realizes that he is losing a pretty good payday.

HEY! That bitch is my bounty!” He screams at them. Now the entire diner is starting to know whats going on. He pulls out his Ares Predator, but once he gets it clear of the holster, it starts to spark and smoke. “Fraggin deckers …” he mumbles.

Out of nowhere, a table flings into him, knocking him prone. He could only watch as the trio left the diner, but just before they cleared, a large Raccoon beast spirit manifests on the table that is laying on top of him. He is pinned beneath the spirit and table. “Fraggin mages …” he mumbles, just as they leave the diner. He musters up a spell and easily send the spirit back to his plane and tosses the table off him. He rushes to the door and goes to fling it open, but its stuck. A quick peak in Astral reveals why. The bitch mage threw up a barrier to keep him in.

He catches a glimpse of the car as it speeds away and tries to get a few images with his commlink before he does. Before long the barrier drops and his team shows up. Sharpman passes the images he captured over to his decker for analysis. The decker on his team finds that the sensors in the diner have been looped. “Frag, this guys good” he says. “But I am better!” The decker brings up a fairly clear image of the man and young girl. “Just let me run this through my deck and I will find out who these fraggers are.

Excellent” the bounty hunter says to his friend. “That fragger is dead when I get my hands on him … he bricked my Predator …” he says as he lets out a howl.

An Executive Meeting Takes Place — Behind the Curtain

The young man walks into the office for the meeting with Carla Freewell, an executive for MCT. The woman rises to shake the man’s hand and waves him to have a seat.

So Dr Dordan, what was it that I can do for you this afternoon.

Thanks for meeting with me Carla, I know this was short notice, but it is pretty urgent.

Certainly doctor

I wanted to discuss a project that you are currently working on that is a little hush hush. Please don’t insult me by asking me about how I know, but I need a favor regarding Project Titan.

The executive’s face suddenly turned to stone and then softened. “drek,” she thought to herself. “I hope he didnt catch that slip.” But it was too late … he did.

Carla please, dont insult me!” he exclaimed. “Without me that little bitch of a daughter you have would still look like the disgustingly ugly troll that she goblinized into. I made her look beautiful again!” The young man raises his hands, palms out, and pauses for a moment to ease the tension in the room.

Carla reaches into her desk and pulls out a white noise generator and turns in on. “You prideful asshole!” she yells. “What do you want …

A smile goes across the young man’s face and he started to explain.

The meeting wraps up with the young man recounting the meeting. “So things will be in place the moment I request it, right?

Yes, just as we discussed” the executive agrees. “It is in the record as a field test for the prototype.

Another sly grin goes across the young man’s face. “Excellent!” He thanks her for her time and leaves the room. Carla sat there for a few, with the white noise generator still going. She stood up and walked to the window overlooking San Jose. She caught a reflection of herself in the window and looked at it in disgust. “You fragging bastard … I hope that some shadowrunner wipes the smirk off your face someday …

The Greed in the Hearts of Men — Behind the Curtain

The young man smiles and brings up his contacts in a commlink and dials one of them up. It rings a couple of times and then gets picked up.

Hello?” a man’s voice comes from the other end.

As it turns out, I am interested in making that purchase.” The young man says. “My final offer is for 40,000.

Well I was hoping that the it would fetch more after … the incident, but it will do. Just finalize the purchase …” He waits for the sale confirmation, which only take a couple of moments. “Lets meet at the parking garage over on 4th. I am meeting those others you pointed me to there later today. Lets meet up a little before that.

A grimace comes across the face of the young man. He thought to use his mind magic on him in their previous encounters, but decided against it. He is starting to regret that decision.

Very well.” he agrees.

The young man parked nearby and walked the rest of the way to the parking garage. He meet up with him in his Americar on the second floor. The two exchange handshakes and he passes a small box to the young man.

Excellent … ” The young man says as he opens the box. Inside was a mint condition baseball autographed by Bill Gardenos.

I was hoping that the incident with Pruitt would drive up the value of the ball up a little more. Gardenos was the original rookie sensation and when that good for nothing cybered junkie decided he was going to try and break his record. A shame though, his family …“. He was caught in the middle of the statement when the young man decided to finally use his mind magic.

The young man cast the spell and altered the guys memory to erase any knowledge of the young man. He left the memory of the runner team that was hired. He did not want the link between the them to exist. Just as he was finishing up the spell, he implanted the thought that he was sleeping into the other man’s head. Not moments later, another vehicle pulled into the garage and was making its way up.

Drek …” the young man thought. He quickly shut the car door and cast an invisibility spell to hide him. Just before leaving, his curiosity caught him and he decided to risk it anyways. He took up a position next to the wall and watched the scene unfold.

The runner team was cautious. The didn’t just get out to meet their Johnson.


After a few moments, an ork stepped out and opened the door. It startled the sleeping man awake. The exchanged the payment and went their own ways.

Once everyone had left the garage, he let out a hearty laugh. “Yes,” he said to himself. “This game is playing out quite well indeed.

Pawn to Rook 4 — Behind the Curtain

The young man surveyed the options that were available to him and took his time about it. The waiter, generally impatient, waited to take his order. There was something about him that gave the waiter pause. He was about to tell the patron that he would be back to take his order. The young man simply held up his finger while, causing the waiter to stop before he even spoke. The young man was dressed in an expensive dark blue suit with matching tie and shining black shoes. His dirty blonde hair was clean cut and styled to perfection. He had a rough start of a beard growing on his chiseled chin. He looks at the waiter with his sharp blue eyes and simply says “I will have the strip steak, real meat, medium rare with the blue cheese butter spread, again with real butter. Grilled asparagus, baked potato and a bottle of the 2013 red burgundy cabernet sauvignon.” The waiter took the order. “I would like the order delivered to my room please” and he closes the AR menu.

Yes sir,” the waiter says to the young man as he took the details.

The young man gets up and makes his way out of the restaurant and to the hotel parlor a couple of buildings down. He walked in, nodding at the guards by the door, and heads through the lobby and up the stairs. He got to his room and enters in with his keycard, looking around before he steps through the threshold. She was there sitting on the couch wearing a blue silk dress. A pair of high heels sit next to the couch. When he enters, she stands to greet him as she was programmed. He waived her away as he went to get cleaned up in the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he thinks silent thoughts as he decided that the woman would not do for his current taste.

He leaves the bathroom, opens the door and asks the woman to leave. Once she is out the door, he closes it and calls the front desk.

I am not satisfied with my order and have sent her back. I require the manager to see me immediately please.

Before the front desk clerk could even say anything, the young man terminated the call. It took about 10 minutes, but there was a knock on the door. He opened the door to a middle aged human of japanese decent, also wearing a suit.

Yes, come in Himura” he said to the manager. “I require something more than your current offering has.

The manager bows and nods. “What is it you would like?

Her” he said as he hold up the image of a young girl in her late teens. “I desire her.

A puzzled look comes across the managers face. “Sir … we have options available for that … age.

No Himura, I require HER!” and he thrusts the image closer to him.

A shocked look now shows as he recognizes the young girl. She was the daughter of a local mafia don. “ummm, she is ..

I know how the hell she is, dammit!” the young man interrupts. “How much?

Himura was a member of the Yakuza, whom run this particular bunraku parlor, and there has been a tentative peace between the Yakuza and the families since the occupation. However, he knew that this young man was possibly more dangerous than even the family. A moment passes by and the manager simply states “120,000 nuyen.

Done.” the young man states and sends the creds to the manager.

Yes sir, but please be patient as it will be a few days at least.

Very well” the young man said as he gestured towards the door for the manager to leave. “Please cancel my order with the Boulevard restaurant as well. I no longer have my appetite.

Certainly” the manager states as he left the room.

A few days pass with no word from the manager. On the third day, the young man gets a message that his order has been completed and is enroute. She will be wiped and chipped within 12 hours and ready for delivery tomorrow evening. A thin smile of satisfaction grew across his face.

The following evening, he refreshed himself and headed to the lobby to mingle with the other patrons and await his delivery. He was in the middle of a discussion with a couple of other individuals when the door was suddenly kicked in. Before anyone knew it, the guards at the door and two others by the bar were being assaulted. When an ork drilled one of the guards with a sledgehammer, they thought it best to flee upstairs and lock themselves in their rooms until law enforcement arrives. Together, as a herd of prey fleeing a predator, they moved as a group up the stairs to their rooms. However, the young man pauses on the stairs. He started to record the scene with his contacts. He had a feeling he knew why these people were here and wanted to know who they were. He caught the video of the shadowrunning team making quick work of the Yakuza guards. Without skipping a beat, they moved to the basement and within moments, young women were escorted out of the building. He slammed a fist down as he spotted his prize leave with these people. Moments later, law enforcement shows up and begins to start taking peoples statements. Then the explosion happened from the basement and it shook the building. Again, the patrons froze in panic, but were reassured by the SFPD that they have things under control.

The young man went back to his room and called the manager again. This time it took an hour or so for him to arrive due to the police activity.

I’m sorry, but there seems to have been some … complications ..” he says to the young man.

Understood … these things happen …” He looks directly into the eyes of the manager, who is strangely drawn in … almost hypnotically. “You understand my displeasure, correct?

Yes …” he says and nodding his agreement. The manager brought up his commlink and transferred a sum of 150,000 nuyen to the young man. “For the misunderstanding …

Thank you” the young man says and dismisses the manager.

Seething, the young man reviews the video of the raid over and over. “Yes …” he says to himself. These pawns were who he thought they were. They were the ones that were hired to eliminate Xiu Yang. “Curious” he thought to himself.” These also look like the ones that were hired to do those as well … excellent then, they will be perfect pawns in this game …” He smiles as he looks at the man wearing a ballistic mask. “Excellent …

Blaze of Glory — Behind the Curtain

As the team finished up their dinner at the diner in southern San Francisco. Walker and Duchess were leaving the diner and talking by his car.

Hey. Thank you for this. It was generous. Look… you have my comm code, and you’re always welcome to contact me. I do hope you got what you wanted from this whole… endeavour.” Walker says to the young mage while petting his new wolf pup.
Your welc ….” The words barely left Duchess’s mouth as Bowjack barrels out of the diner with people shouting from it. He jumped into his roadmaster, slams the door and peels out of the parking lot in a haste. The sounds of shouting and screaming came from the inside of the diner. As Walker and Duchess look in with a sideways glance to see a troll bouncer sitting … yes sitting … on Sledge. They were yelling at him to calm down and that the SFPD were on their way. From down the street, the sudden squeal of tires caught their attention and the roadmaster comes to a screeching halt.

Looking down the street, a pair of SFPD cars had arrived and blocked the speeding roadmaster in. Not knowing what was going on or why this vehicle was driving at such a high rate of reckless speed, they decided to block it in. Minutes seemed like hours as they stood there in a stalemate. The elf slams the roadmaster in reverse and whips the car around and bails the other way, just to come to a halting stop as another pair of SFPD cars block him in. Quickly flipping the car around again, he tries to make it down a side street, but that too was blocked by more law enforcement vehicles. Again, they all sit there in another stalemate. The whine of a an SFPD VTOL is heard and the two magicians look to the sky.

Drawn out by the commotion, the bouncers let Sledge off with a warning and step out to see whats going on. Viking finally got his food to go and heads out of the diner, nodding to Walker and Duchess as he passes, and down the street to his Harley. The troll does not want to have any part of what is going on. Walker instinctively grabs a hold of Duchess’s arm and pulls her next to his car. The wolf shaman sensing that this situation was about to get out of control. Just as he gets her to relative safety, the roadmaster starts revving his engine.

Inside the roadmaster, Bowjack looks at the surrounding police cars that are blocking the escape routes. He was trapped in. Looking up and seeing the VTOL hovering above, he closes his eyes and a calm serene feeling came over him. He thought about his drones, his novacoke and his assault rifle that is next to him. The young elf’s thought train goes to the young elven woman that he captured his heart. “What would Felicia think about this …” he said to himself quietly. “Ahh Frag it!!!!” he screamed! He grabbed the bag of novacoke in the console next to him, puts his face in the bag and inhales deeply. The burn of the novacoke hits his system and he looks out at Walker and Duchess standing there. “FRAGGIN WIZZARDS!!” he screams out at Walker as he slams on the gas. The roadmaster hurls in reverse and slams against a pair of cars, but doesnt break through. The stunned officers pull their weapons and the elf slams the gas and it barrels forward towards the other roadblock. This time, the officers were ready for him. The open fire on it.

Once the gunfire starts, Walker moves in to cover Duchess and pins her between the car and his body. Bullets riddled the roadmaster as it slammed into the other pair of vehicles. It hit so hard that the roadmaster recoiled and rolled back, stopping in front of the diner. Walker takes a peak over his car, just in time to see Bowjack do some more novacoke and grab his assault rifle. “drek …” he thought to himself as he moves back to cover Duchess. Bowjack steps out of the roadmaster with his assault rifle and opens fire on the nearby officers. They in turn return fire. From above, the whine of the VTOLs minigun winding up and firing on the roadmaster and the elf. Bullets riddle both Bowjack and the roadmaster.

Then there was silence. The stunned onlookers from the diner coming out from their cover to view the horrifying scene. Duchess and Walker slowly peer up from behind his car. “O..h… God …” Duchess says as she sees the bloody scene. Walker brings the young girl in close and shields her from the view. Viking, hearing the gunfire, moved to Walker’s side and surveys what they witnessed. There, in the middle of the street, destroyed roadmaster and the bullet riddled elven body of Bowjack. The assault rifle he carried falling on the ground next to him. Viking and Walker escort Duchess out of the area as law enforcement approaches and secures the horrific scene.

Aspen and Calypso — Behind the Curtain

So I find myself discussing internally what will happen. I just got done with a discussion with Walker about the team possibly having to leave the Tir. On my drive home, I start to think about who I know that I can call in a favor with. At this point, it seems like Detroit, Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and the San Francisco metroplex would be the best bets. I decided to place a call to Calypso in San Francisco. Just the thought of that name sends goosebumps everywhere. Back in the day when I was a runner, Calypso worked with me on a number of jobs. She is another shaman that follows a different set of rules. She, how can I put this nicely, is quite the manipulator. There have been quite a few jams that we got out of due to her looks, and a few jams because of her looks. She is a beautiful woman and she knows it. After our running days, we both took up being fixers. Calypso took up residence in the Bay Area and I moved into the Tir. She was there during the occupation and helped to oust Saito and his forces. Lets give her a call.

The commlink rings. “Aspy … Its been a long time,” She answers. “Hey Calypso, I have a some chips that I need to cash in.

Chips??? I didnt know we still dealt with chips. If thats the case, then I still have a bank full of favors left. So what can I do for you, love?

Frag, Calypso, do start that drek again. I have a runner team that needs to be relocated. The Tir is getting a little hot and they need to get out with a quickness.

Well Aspy, you know that I can always use more help down here. Ever since that Imperialist asshat left, the Corps are here thinking they own the place. Go ahead and send me their info and give them my comm number. Once they get here and settled in, then I will put them to work.

Thanks Calypso, I really appreciate this.

You know, Aspy, you should come down for a visit some time. You know that the Bay Area has better tacos than those dandilion eaters up there.

Hahahahaha, yes Calypso, I will make my way there for a visit some time. Until then, take care of my runners.

The conversation and the call ends with the usual pleasantries.

Retaliation: Exodus — Behind the Curtain

The sounds of pneumatic tools and the smell of engines permeate the warehouse. Scott Wilkins, an Ork mechanic for the Spanners, is working along side his drone. They are working on fitting a Ford Americar with some armor plating. “Now just hold the plate right there,” he tells the drone. Once its in place, he fires up the welder and sets it in place. His mind wanders to the announcements of the previous raids on the Shadowrunners that blew up the library. “Those fraggers are going to pay for this!” His thoughts go back to his girlfriend, Anita, who was at the library during their raid. When the composite plate was welded on, he orders the drone to get the next piece.

Over the mic, he hears commotion about a possible security breach. Before he could process what was happening, he hears the sounds of the security drones move into place and start firing. As he looked around to survey what was going on, the others in the warehouse grab their weapons and start taking up defensive positions. Then the sounds of a revving engine fill the warehouse as a GMC Phoenix comes blasting through the warehouse garage doors and slams into a parked Bulldog. The security drones continue to fire at the bullet-hole ridden car.

Then, all of a sudden, the drones stop firing and the warehouse is dead silent. Orders are barked out and a group of gangers move up to the car. A pair of panthers were also released and are approaching the car. Another group of gangers, armed with assault rifles and wearing armor, move into covering position. Before the team moves in on the car, the telltale sound of the assault cannon from the ceiling mounted drone takes aim and fires. The cannon round hits dead on to the Phoenix and the following explosion was much more than expected. The resounding explosion blew past the first two ranks of gangers, the damaged Bulldog truck flew and crashed into the opposite wall and the front of the warehouse begins to collapse when the entire front of the warehouse is blown out.

As the front of the warehouse comes down on top of the burning wreckage, nearby gangers start to choke as they shout out warnings. Soon, everyone near the wreckage was dead and others started harnessing their gas masks. “What the hell is going on?” Scott asks himself as he quickly puts on his ballistic mask with the built in gas mask. Another team was assembled and approached the wreckage. There were bodies everywhere, but they were all gangers. Then word got around that there was nobody nearby. It appears that the Phoenix was driven remotely.

Then there were new sounds that filled the air. The whining sound of a pair of Peace Force VTOLs that took up position over the collapsed part of the warehouse. Some stupid idiot decided to fire the assault cannon at it and it struck it straight in the left engine. When the left engine exploded, the VTOL started to waver back and forth as the pilot fought to regain control of it. The gunner started firing on the nearby gangers, who in turn, started firing back. The VTOL was too damaged by the initial cannon round to stay aloft and came crashing down on top of the warehouse, further collapsing it.

With a vengeance, the Peace Forces came in hard. The second VTOL opened fired with its own assault cannon as ground troops repelled from the aircraft. Before long, the Peace Forces had the situation controlled. The remaining gangers, including Scott, were lined up with hands behind their heads and seated on the ground. As he looked around at the others, he noticed one of the Peace Force elves talking on his commlink. He nodded as he received his orders. He walked up to the group, with two other officers. “For crimes against the subjects of Cara’Sir, those of you present are indicted on all charges. By the power vested in me by the Council of Princes, you are all hereby found guilty and punishment is death.” He pulled out his assault rifle and begn firing. Scott closed his eyes and though of Anita. She was his last thought as the bullets from the firing squad ripped through his body.

The scene cuts to a pair of orks looking out a vehicle’s windshield. A call comes in and shows a video of another ork. “Boss, the warehouse has been compromised.” You see a familiar looking chrome plated cyberarm with intricate glyphs slam on the dashboard. “What happened?” he asked. “It was attacked .. Peace Force officers are on scene.” The clenched cyberarm fist slams into the dash again as the driver makes a turn in the vehicle. “Understood. Send anyone that is left underground for now while we regroup.” And the camera fades to black.

Retaliation!— Behind The Curtain

The room flickers into a view of a chrome plated cyberarm with intricate glyphs and symbols etched into it. You have seen this cyberarm before. In front of the desk the arm is resting on is a pair of orks, dressed in street leathers. The pattern and colors of the leathers denote them as members of the Spanners gang. There is a conversation going on and it seems rather intense.

What do you mean there was an explosion?

One of the orks speaks up
Like I said, there was an incident at the library and there was an explosion there. The building is in ruins and Peace Force is on the scene investigating

So what do we know, what did the surveillance drones catch?

The ork brings for a trid viewer and starts to play a video where there are few different angles from above showing a birds eye view of the building. The video shows an Ares Roadmaster pull up, individuals jump out and rush the building. Within a few seconds, there were explosions in the building and homeless people fleeing through the windows, followed by smoke.

That Roadmaster .. .

The video continues to show as the one person speeds off on a motorcycle and the others fleeing in the Roadmaster. The trid viewer then switches to a view of the inside of the building. Suddenly there was an explosion from a grenade in the middle of the room. In burst the people from the outside, all wearing masks. Commotion ensues and there are gunshots and a smoke grenade goes off, then another larger explosion goes off in the back that shook the building. The intruders flee and the sounds of the Roadmaster speeding off. It seems like seconds later, the building collapses.

The hand of the cyberarm clinches and slams into the desk.

Get me Keys! He should have been there and I need him to track these fraggers!

The other ork clears his throat and says “I cant do that”

and why not,” he says in a deep voice.

The ork stiffens and says “He’s dead, Jim“. Then shows a trid video from the parking lot. It shows the decker Keys jumping through the window, then immediately followed by one of the intruders. Seconds later, the head of Keys is rolling on the pavement as its severed from his body. The video shows the intruder grabbing his cyberdeck and fleeing towards the Roadmaster.

I want you to get this fragger where he breathes! I want you to find this nancy-boy that drives that Roadmaster and his team, I want them DEAD! I want their families DEAD! I want thier houses burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna PISS ON THEIR ASHES!

You see the other two orks recoil at this.

Yes! We have all the info we need. We will start by gra…

The view fades to black as they continue their discussion.