Guest Star: Duchess

Duchess is an on-again / off-again member of Havoc Squad. She is originally from Baltimore, UCAS, but met up with Calypso while on a club spree in San Francisco. At that time, she was 15 years old. Calypso was the one that introduced her to the shadows after learning of her magical potential. So far, she has made friends with Walker, whom she considers a kindred spirit and fellow shaman, and Eternal, which she affectionately calls “Uncle Eternal.” Duchess is a currently player in another Shadowrun game that is based in Baltimore that is roughly a year in the future of this campaign, so the events that happen during this game are actually backstory events for her. Recent (backstory) events have unfolded to where Duchess and Havoc member Acorn have developed a relationship and are officially a couple.

Duchess is a human girl that stands about 5ft in height and about 110 lbs soaking wet. She has green dreaded hair, green eyes and pale white skin. She is has a very distinctive look about her and her outfits tend to lean towards the steampunk flavor. Her AR fashion is definately in this flavor, along with her steampunk armor and aviator goggles that she wears.

For more information on her, you can read about her exploits on the Duchess Blog