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    GM Manifesto and Other Stuff [updated 6-18-17]

    Rules of the game
    1. Life comes first. I completely understand that not everyone, including myself, will be able to attend every game due to various reasons. All I ask is that you notify me as soon as possible. If more than half of the team is going to be out, then the game may be cancelled depending on where and what we are doing. I will do the same and notify everyone as soon as I can if I will not be able to be in.

    2. Its just a game. I put alot into this rule. Cheating will not be tolerated, if you have to cheat at a roleplaying game, then this game is not for you. If you are caught cheating, then you will be asked to leave the game. Please no OOC personal attacks. We are all adults and if there is an inter-player conflict, then that will need to be resolved outside of the game.

    3. No PVP, with a few caveats. If there is a conflict between the characters, then all parties and the GM need to agree to allow it. What we don’t want to see is a player that just has their character randomly attacking other characters just because “its what his character would do”.

    4. GM trumps all. I say this because I don’t want to have a game fall into a rules argument. I am still fairly new to this system and will be bound to make a mistake or two along the way. However, when I make a ruling in game, then that is how it will be. If there is a disagreement with a ruling, then please discuss it with me after the game.

    5. I will do things that will not be nice to your characters. I am going to use things that they have done in the past and things that are done in the present against them. They will be put in situations where they will have to make a choice and that choice will have consequences. Please don’t take this personally if/when it happens to your characters, its all apart of the game. The setting is very dangerous and dark and bad things happen to people. But also know that I will NEVER set out to intentionally kill your character.

    Character Creation Guidelines
    1. No attribute can be a value of 1. The reason for this is defaulting on a skill is the attribute minus 1. In this case, it would result in no dice being rolled.

    2. There are a few qualities that are not allowed or require additional information.

    Positive Qualities

    • **Better to be Feared than Loved (from Chrome Flesh) **Need to know what contacts are blackmailed and what information you have on them**
    • **Privileged Family Name (from Run Faster). **Need additional information in backstory**
    • Born Rich (from Run Faster). **Banned**
    • Erased (from Run Faster). **Banned**
    • Friends in High Places (from Run Faster). **With GM Permission**
    • Revels in Murder (from Chrome Flesh). **With GM Permission**
    • Trust Fund (from Run Faster). **With GM Permission**
    • Restricted Gear (from Run Faster). **With GM Permission**

    Banned Negative Qualities

    • **Big Regret (from Run Faster). **Need additional information in backstory**
    • **Code of Honor: Avenging Angel (from Hard Targets). **Need additional information in backstory**
    • **Reduced Sense (From Run Faster) below the 5 Karma level.** **Banned**
    • Amnesia (8 Karma level) (from Run Faster). **Banned**
    • Bi-polar (from Run Faster). **Banned**
    • Borrowed Time (from Run Faster). **Banned**
    • Consummate Professional (from Assassin’s Primer). **Banned**
    • Earther (from Run & Gun). **Banned**
    • Emotional Attachment (from Run Faster). **With GM Permission**
    • Faceless (from Hard Targets). **Banned**
    • Impassive (from Hard Targets). **Banned**
    • Leeroy Jenkins (from Data Trails). **With GM Permission**
    • One of Them (from Chrome Flesh). **Banned**
    • Pacifist (15 Karma level) (from Run Faster). **Banned**
    • Pregnant (from Bullets & Bandages). **Banned**

    3. Characters are created using Standard Play Rules and using Sum to Ten Priorities.

    4. A backstory will need to be created and sent to me. The better the backstory, the more bonus karma you can get for it.

    5. Metasapients and SURGE characters are not allowed at creation.

    6. Blood, Toxic, Insect and Possession magic/traditions are not allowed

    7. Characters will need to be created with HeroLab or Chummer and the files, or PDFs, need to sent to me for approval (at character creation) and for upkeep as the character progresses in their career.

    8. Contacts can only have a maximum of 7 points total spent on loyalty and connection

    9. Some spells, such as Turn to Goo, are also banned. I will not be listing whether or not a spell is banned, but GM does have final say on whether a spell can be used.

    If you are unsure on if something is acceptable or not, please ask the GM. These rules are subject to change with time, experience and new material/errata.

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