House Rules

These house rules deviate from the standard core rulebook, or any other supplements, and are used for this group specifically.

Character Deaths and New Characters

Voluntary Replacement of Character

If a player chooses to replace a character in any way, other than retirement, then the group will have input on what the character will be. The player will be stuck with this new character and cannot voluntarily be replaced again. The character can be retired after it meets the retirement requirements. Furthermore, the GM reserves the right to brutally/violently kill the character in any that is deemed fitting.

The group members that are present at the time of the death of the character will each be able to choose one aspect of the character each pass. There will be 2 passes, so each player can choose two aspects. These aspects can include but are not limited to the following details.

  • Negative Qualities (GM has ability to declare a negative quality as free to exceed the 25 karma character creation limit.)
  • Positive Qualities (Again, GM can declare one free)
  • Metaype (within reason)
  • Sex
  • Role
  • Skill Sets
  • Character Flavor
  • Backstory Elements
  • Quirks

The GM reserves the right to veto any aspect provided.

The player will take this information and incorporate the aspects into the new character. The character must still fall within the character creation guidelines, with the exception of any GM freebies.

The addendum to this is if the character is killed, in a way that fits the character concept, and the player decides to not burn edge (or has no edge to burn), then the same process will still take place, but the player can have input and decisions in the aspects chosen.

Character Retirement

A player can retire a character at any point after meeting the following requirements. Players will be able to dictate what happens to the character during retirement. Once retired, a character cannot return as a PC, but can be a contact or NPC at the GMs discretion.

  • No outstanding debt (as in the In Debt quality)
  • No Negative Qualities that have not been resolved. (Resolved does not necessarily mean paid off)
  • Character story elements are all resolved

The player should have prior discussions with GM and approval for retirement.

Regardless of how the character is replaced, the runner name of the new character will be chosen by the consensus of the group within 3 full sessions. The new name will be based on the actions and personality of the new character.



  • Lifestyles are due on the first of each month.
  • Lifestyles can only be changed on the first of each month.
  • Each fake SIN must have a lifestyle attached to it.


Crash Rules

The “crash rules” RAW are total bullshit and will follow the following rules instead.



When an Awakened character is ready to initiate, then the character will undergo a personal test. They type of test will depend on the individual’s tradition and/or type of Awakened they are. The time that it will take to initiate will 2 hours per Initiate grade, with the exception of a mage that is creating a thesis or masterpiece. Cost for initiation will be the standard 10+(Initiate Grade x 3), is non-refundable and must be paid prior to the Initiation rite taking place. In the event that the rite fails and the initiate does not succeed, the character will lose the karma and most likely gain some other drawbacks as a result of the ordeal, likely (but not limited to) negative qualities.

Hermetic Mages

Mages that learn magic through study and consider magic as a sort of complex mathematical formula would fall into this category. Thus, Initiation for hermetics would consist of scholarly tests / quizzes and may include being accepted into a Fraternal Order of Mages. These tests will be entirely on the Astral Plane and will be designed mainly to test the mages knowledge of magic and not just the practice of magic.

Hermetic mages could also create a thesis or masterpiece. A thesis must be written on parchment or paper and hardbound as a physical tome. A masterpiece must also have a physical representation (e.g., a musical score, a painting, or a lm script). Producing a thesis requires a Logic + Arcana [Mental] (8 + desired initiate grade, 1 week) Extended Test. Producing a masterpiece requires an Artisan + Intuition [Mental] (8 + desired initiate grade, 1 week) Extended Test.

Shamanic Mages

Mages that believe magic is a gift (or curse) that is provided through another entity and that it is “spiritual” instead of “mathematical” would be included. Mages that follow a totem / mentor spirit would also be considered shamanic for the purposes of Initiation. Initiation for shamans would be a grueling mental or physical task that will challenge the character’s determination and ability. This will be tailored to the individual character’s background, belief system, and the magical art the character wishes to attain.


Both Physical and Mystic Adepts would need to complete a ritual that will take a number of hours to complete that is equal to the initiate grade desired. This ritual will allow them to get the assistance of a guidance spirit that will use its Astral Rift power to escort the character into the Astral Plane. Once on the Astral Plane, the initiate will proceed with a test that will also test both their physical and mental limits, again using the individuals background and belief system.

Additional Rules

All initiates are open to giving an Oath to a magical society that would accept them. The swear an oath to obey the given magical group’s rules and strictures. This oath would be included in the actual initiation rite and would be sealed once its completed. Please note that, depending on the society, they would need to apply for a position or somehow have an in-character rationale to join such a group.

Other options presented in supplements are available with the caveat that the option is appropriate for your character’s concept, background and type. If you would like to explore one of these options for your initiation, please consult with me and we will work something out.

Each initiate grade will be a different experience, but one thing will remain constant. The process of initiation will be very grueling and difficult on the character. As with all things Shadowrun, the possibility of death is very real and could happen even with initiation. Once the initiation rite is completed and successful, then you are considered an initiate of the appropriate grade with all the benefits.