Session 20 — Wrath of the Titans …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

So the team was enroute to meet with the so-called “Puppet Master” at an abandoned warehouse in Oakland. They all meet, with the exception of Ace who was planning on an exit from the region, at a rendezvous point nearby and pile into the Bulldog. Eternal, with the help of an invisibility spell, moves along with the Bulldog, but on foot. Tatters caught glimpse of a fast moving vehicle that was on a collision course with them. He quickly tried to dodge, but the speeding Roadmaster clipped the rear of the Bulldog and sends it tumbling and flipping. The Roadmaster hits a lightpole, but is relatively unscathed, and pulls out to a stop. Out steps 2 huge giants and a large Ogre, all dressed in full-body armor and fully armed. As the rest of the dazed team straggles out of the ruined Bulldog, Eternal engages one of the giants with the Thunderstruck. However, the shot went wide and the giant drew a monoblade and moved to square off with him.

With the team now out of the bulldog and trading shots with the titans, things did not look to well for the team as their shots seem to be bouncing off of their armor. Tatters makes a quick check with the inbound Shakespeare strike team and they are seconds out. Eternal lands a blow on the giant with his monoblade and it tears into his ballistic mask. Caught off-guard by the giant’s familiar eye, he left himself open for a return strike. The giant buries his monoblade deep within Eternal’s gut and pierced through his back. The rage of Berserker, the revelations of the Titan project, the K-10 flooding his bloodstream and now laying in a slump on the ground, Eternal feels a burning sensation inside him. Berserker screams in rage inside his soul as the burn spreads across his skin. Eternal’s body begins to glow in a piercing bright white light. The burn is excruciating as he feels his skin rip and tear. When the bright light dims, the whole party can see that Eternal has gone through a bit of a change. SURGE has hit Eternal and his body is now covered in hundreds of quills.

As both Sledge and Eternal wail on the one giant, the other two Titans were trading shots with the rest of the party. Then a pair of Ares marked VTOLs show up, flanking the Titans. The warn them that they are engaged with an asset of Ares Macrotechnology and to cease all hostilities. The Titans responded by throwing a nearby wrecked motorcycle at one of them, striking the VTOL in the rotors and bringing it down in a fiery crash. Out of the other Ares Venture, Shakespeare team rappelled down and immediately formed a defensive barrier around Tatters. The Puppet Master attempted to use some mind magic, but it only opened it up to a massive lighting bolt from Walker. However, he was ready for the incoming bolt and attempted to counterspell it. The Puppet Master was not ready for such a powerful spell and eventhough he was able to successfully counter it, the effort took a painful toll on him.

Over the next few moments, the bullets flew, a furious swordfight and the mages took on the Puppet Master. The Titan that took down the VTOL tossed a grenade at the protected Tatters, but before it went off, Mercutio dove on the grenade. Even before Tatters could know what happened, the grenade exploded, instantly killing Mercutio and spraying blood and body parts all over. Back over to the swordfight, the Titan over reached with a thrust and fell prone. Eternal was able to counter and land a telling blow on the huge giant, dropping the Titan once and for all. Sledge immediately followed with a blow from his sledgehammer. That was one Titan down and two more to go.

Then, much to the surprise of everyone, Ace shows up with a car full of runners to assist. However, the runners were a team that the team already had a run in with. They recognized their Bulldog, which the team kept, and started firing on Eternal and Sledge and looking for the young mage Duchess. Unfortunately, Ares has had other ideas and the VTOL opened fire on the car. Ace jumped out of the car as it slammed in reverse and fleed the scene. This left him open as one of the Titan fired on him with the automatic shotgun, puncturing his armor, dropping him and leaving a bloody mess.

Now with the large giant down, Eternal fires on the ogre with the Thunderstruck. The gauss rifle easily penetrated the armor and dropped it. Walker and Acorn finish off the enemy mage. Tatters, escorted by the remaining Shakespeare team, headed to the VTOL to head up to the rooftop where the Puppet Master’s body was. The mind mage was unconcious on the rooftop when Tatters found him. He walked up, put his Ares Predator to his face and ended him in one fell swoop, He then threw his body over the side and down to the street below.

The final Titan hops in the Roadmaster and attempts to flee the violent scene. Eternal, on the other hand, fired on him with the Thunderstruck. The round pierced the windshield, the ogres head, the front seat, a backseat headrest, and through the back of the Roadmaster, finally burying itself in the side of a building. The threat of Project:Titan and the Puppet Master was over. However, Sledge and Eternal were not done. Eternal, still raging from the K-10, emptied the rest of the clip into the bodies of the Titans. Sledge, taking his sledgehammer, walks up to Ace. He called him a traitor as he buried the head deep into Ace’s chest, crushing his ribs and lungs.

Shocked by this sudden turn of events and the potential response by SFPD, Acorn flees the scene. Tatters grabs a medkit and starts to triage the teams wounds. The last two members of the Ares strike team grab the bodies of their fallen and load them up into the VTOL. They also lay claim to the bodies of the Titans and load them up before leaving. As they pass, they exchange words of sorrow and gratitude with Tatters. They gather up the items that the Puppet Master had on him, along with the commlink for Ace and Tatters gets to work. Noticing that Ace was indeed trying to assist the team with hiring the runners, he moved over to his limp body and immediately starts to resuscitate the fallen comrade, saving his life.

The team is bruised, battered and beaten, but still alive. The drain the Puppet Master’s bank account and funnel it into their team account, but also acquire his car and the painting that Black Cat stole. They will need to lick their wounds and tie up the loose end with the art dealer before taking on any more jobs, but how long with Havoc Squad have before they get another opportunity.


Session 19 — Sittin on the Dock of the Bay …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

The team spent the day training up on skills, with Walker and Acorn building a magical lodge. The following day they started to discuss the job at hand that was coming up. They were hired by a Johnson to bring an art thief to him that stole a painting from him. They identified the thief as Walker’s close personal friend, Black Cat. The team decided to have Sledge try to renegotiate the terms of the run with the Johnson, since the Johnson would only speak to him. However, it did not go over well. Their proposal to bring in the guy who hired the thief had failed. They needed to bring the thief in or the Johnson will find someone else.

Eternal and Tatters decided to take the bull by the horns on the Family job, and attempt to recover the Thunderstruck. He taps into WaveRunner and rent a submersible drone that could open the shipping containers. Further, Eternal had some members of the Family on hand to offload any gear that they found. It took all night and a lot of luck, but they are able to locate the right container and recover a waterlogged Thunderstruck. A few hours of cleaning and Eternal was able to get it in good working order.

The next morning, after Sledge was done with his day job at the construction set, the team hatches a plan to find out more about the Puppet Master. The previous research with Tatter’s agent found that the doctor had an office at San Francisco General Hospital in downtown. They load up in the Bulldog, with the exception of Acorn and Eternal, and post up at a nearby parking garage. Ace heads to the hospital on foot, after changing his appearance, while Tatters hacks into the hospital’s host. He sets up the permissions necessary for Ace to access the hospital through the doctors only entrance. He headed down the the hall and located a locker room for the doctors. Intending on getting some scrubs or something to fit in better. Each of the lockers were keyed to the RFID tags of their respective owners. Tatters tries to assist and pop a lock, but fails. He tells Ace that he is on his own and reboots his deck.

Ace, between the blueprint that was provided and the hospital directory, located the office on the 14th floor. He makes his way up there, but stops on the 13th floor to plug in a direct connect for Tatters to be able to access the system easier. He ducks into a janitor’s closet to hide from a hospital security patrol and heads to the office directly below Doctor Dordan, which happens to be rhinoplasty clinic. He pops open the door and heads to the terminal on the other end of the office. Tatters directs him to where to put in the data tap, but before he can put it in, hospital security comes back around and notices the door is open. Ace was faced with a decision to either plug in the device and get caught or dive for cover. He dove under the desk as security steps in through the door. They turn on the lights and call for backup. Ace stepped out from under the desk and stated that the dropped something. Suspicious of this doctor that is in an office after hours, they scanned his SIN. It seems that Lady Luck did not smile on Ace this time and the check returned that the SIN was fake. Not seeing any other way out, Ace throws a manabolt at one of the officers and injures them. Just as the firefight was about to breakout, Dr Dordan shows up.

He defused the situation and used his mind magic to convince the guards that there is an incident in the emergency room that needs their attention and that it turned violent. Once the guards leave, he walks into the room and closes the door. It was just the Puppet Master and Ace now. He names off the entire team, except for Acorn, and offered to finish this game they are playing and gives them a location in Oakland to be at in 30 mins. He then turns and walks away. The rest of the team is now left hanging and prepare for a fight. There is just one word that hangs on the mind of both Tatters and Eternal … “Titan”. Tatters calls up a friend and asks for help. “Shakespeare is en-route” was all he was told. Eternal stops by his storage unit to pick up his gear, and his newly recovered Thunderstruck, and heads to the meet. Sledge, Viking and Walker do the same, while Ace and Acorn approach this more cautiously. Acorn offers to be nearby and will lend assistance if an opportunity presents itself. Ace, on the other hand, starts looking for an exit strategy and leaving the region.

And so the team prepares for what just might be the fight of they’re lives …


An Executive Meeting Takes Place — Behind the Curtain

The young man walks into the office for the meeting with Carla Freewell, an executive for MCT. The woman rises to shake the man’s hand and waves him to have a seat.

So Dr Dordan, what was it that I can do for you this afternoon.

Thanks for meeting with me Carla, I know this was short notice, but it is pretty urgent.

Certainly doctor

I wanted to discuss a project that you are currently working on that is a little hush hush. Please don’t insult me by asking me about how I know, but I need a favor regarding Project Titan.

The executive’s face suddenly turned to stone and then softened. “drek,” she thought to herself. “I hope he didnt catch that slip.” But it was too late … he did.

Carla please, dont insult me!” he exclaimed. “Without me that little bitch of a daughter you have would still look like the disgustingly ugly troll that she goblinized into. I made her look beautiful again!” The young man raises his hands, palms out, and pauses for a moment to ease the tension in the room.

Carla reaches into her desk and pulls out a white noise generator and turns in on. “You prideful asshole!” she yells. “What do you want …

A smile goes across the young man’s face and he started to explain.

The meeting wraps up with the young man recounting the meeting. “So things will be in place the moment I request it, right?

Yes, just as we discussed” the executive agrees. “It is in the record as a field test for the prototype.

Another sly grin goes across the young man’s face. “Excellent!” He thanks her for her time and leaves the room. Carla sat there for a few, with the white noise generator still going. She stood up and walked to the window overlooking San Jose. She caught a reflection of herself in the window and looked at it in disgust. “You fragging bastard … I hope that some shadowrunner wipes the smirk off your face someday …

Session 18 — The Master of Puppets …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

Master of puppets I’m pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams

-Metallica (a 5th world rock band)

After Walker went home and played with the wolf pup that was given to him by Duchess, he waited for Black Cat to come home. She came in around 9 or so with takeout for dinner. As she got the take-out ready, apparently orange chicken from the takeout place was very good, Walker confronted her about her extracurricular activities. When asked about the art job, she willingly admitted that she did it. When further questioned on it, she said that she used Tatters to do some Matrix overwatch for her. She had a trideo of her meeting with the teams decker. She ran into him just after meeting with the Johnson. He gave her an RFID tag that she would use to get into the art studio. He also would arrange a window in time where he will loop the cameras to allow her some time to grab the painting. She sent over the video of her and the Johnson and of her and Tatters. They decided that she would leave town until this blows over, but she will not tell anyone where she was going. However, they were going to finish their meal first and is was indeed some very good orange chicken.

After dinner and Black Cat’s departure, Walker contacted Tatters to discuss the new information. After watching the trideo, Tatters looked and Walker and stated what the mage already knew … It was not Tatters on that tape. There were a few nuances that occurred that tipped him off to it. Walker confirmed his statement and decided to bring in Eternal. They explained that the team was being set up by someone, but for what reason. Either way, the three of them had to keep the rest of the team off of the trail on this until they figured it out. Tatters sent his an agent to scour the Matrix for everything it can find regarding the person in the trideo. The team still had the job to destroy the evidence for the Simsense stalker. They trio gets the rest of the team together and meet around the prosecutor’s office.

They got a plan together and, with Tatter’s and Ace in the same car, they started to put it in play. However, Ace suddenly got the urge to get some coffee from down the street. Tatters decided to look around at random stuff on the internet as well, instead of his standard host hacking activities. Eternal, weary of being near a courthouse in downtown San Francisco, decided to wait things out in a bar. Walker, Viking and Acorn were alone and nearby. Sledge was in his truck and eventually fell asleep. On the way to the coffee shop, Ace notices Acorn at a park bench and finally decided to ask about the cat ears. They have a short conversation and he offers to get her some coffee as well.

Meanwhile, Tatters receives a notification that his Agent has some search results and is continuing to work. Tatters brushes the Agent aside and continues to look at random internet stuff, not even thinking about the job or the host. Ace continued onto the coffee shop, but then spotted a street side game of 3 card monte and the compulsive gambler could just not resist. Through the PiTac that was set up, they all watched as he lost the first two rounds, and a total of 3,000 nuyen … However, the third round, he was tempted with an another offer. He can choose twice, but the bet is 10k. He agreed, this time Viking assisted him on the first selection, but lost track of the ball. Ace guessed incorrectly. On the second choice, he calls on Lady Luck for assistance and guessed … correctly. He won the 10k and received the electronic transfer. He then finally made it to the coffee shop and picked up the drinks. He brought Acorn’s drink to her and went to the car with Tatters. As he came up to the car, a wave washed over them, the sense of urgency over the job at hand returned.

Concerned about his recent activity, Tatters requested Walker to investigate. The mage projected himself into the Astral plan and sped over to their location. He found the cause of Tatter’s concern. Before him was another mage perceiving. The other mage projected into the Astral as well. The Astral signature for this unknown mage was familiar to Walker, he remember seeing it in the parking garage where they met their Johnson for the baseball job. The unknown mage calls Walker by name and started to monologue. He talks about how impressed he was with their team during the “fat bastard” job, referring to a previous job. He goes on about how he was involved with the baseball player job and how disappointed he was when they mettled in his Bunraku Parlor activities. Because of this, he set up Black Cat to take the fall on stealing a painting he wanted. A painting named “The Seven Deadly Sins.” He then mentions that he knew that Black Cat was headed for a train to leave the area … and before Walker could act, the unknown mage drops out of Astral space and then suddenly masked his aura. He effectively disappears from the mage. In meatspace, he could be anywhere. Walker returns to his body and informs the team.

Tatters decided to continue with the job. They two join together in the bulldog so that Walker can do Astral overwatch while the decker goes in hot sim VR. Tatters doesn’t hack the host on the first try and reboots. The second time, he does succeed in hacking the host and gains entry. He finds the file with the case load and is able to get a mark on it to noticed the encryption and the databomb that was in place. He moved to disarm the databomb, something he has dozen quite a few times now. However, this time he wasn’t able to disarm it and it goes off. The PiTac’s biomonitor started sending alerts regarding Tatter’s condition. Walker drops out of Astral and finds Tatter’s body shaking and bleeding out of his nose and eyes. Sparks and smoke was coming out of his cyberdeck. Tatters dropped out of VR and back into reality. He wasn’t dead, but he was severely injured. He let the team know that he was done with the job for now, headed to the back of the van, fired up the the medkit and started repairing the damaged cyberdeck.

Ace decided that now would be a good time to go into the office to scout it out. Just as he enters the office, the PiTac and PAN go down as Tatters turned off the deck for repairs. The secretary asked if she could help and Ace concocts a story that he had a package for the prosecutor. He was asked to leave it on the desk and sign it in. Ace decided that a spell would work best, but it failed to take hold. The secretary notices that he has no package and immediately demands to know whats going on. Ace flees the office while she screams out. He shoulder checks a pair of clerks on the way out the door and threw up a barrier to hold them off while he disappears into the crowd. He rounds the corner and ducks into the restroom of a nearby building and uses his magic to change the way he looks. As he leaves, the SFPD shows up at the law office. The team decided it would be best to disperse.

Later that day, Eternal gets a call from Gavino about the explosion and the sinking of the Estella Maersk. The ship was carrying a thunderstruck gauss rifle that was meant to secure the family’s shipping routes. He asked Eternal to gather his team for a job. Gavino was the Johnson and proposed the job to find who was responsible for the sinking of the Estella Maersk and have them delivered to him. The offer was 15k each with no specified deadline. They agreed with no negotiation attempts out of respect.

Tatters received an alert, after the meet, about the Agent that was still running and what it found hit the team at its core. The Johnson that met with Black Cat is a local doctor that is CEO of a non-profit charity, named Dr Alton Dordan. The charity was the beneficiary of the 2 million nuyen donation from the estate of the Johnson for the “fat bastard” run. Further digging into his info by the Agent revealed an online auction account that recently purchased an autographed baseball for 40k nuyen. The doctor was also reported as the surgeon that operated on Harvey Levi, who happened to be the Johnson for the Simsense job they were currently on. Levi had met an unfortunate end and passed away on the operating table yesterday. The Agent had hit on one final file. There was a meeting a few hours ago with an MCT executive. There was one word mentioned that sent a sense of dread through both Tatters and Eternal. The word was “Titan” …

So with the death of the Simsense Johnson, they decided to leave that job. They picked up a new job with the Family to find out who was responsible for the Estella Maersk and they still had the job with finding the thief for the painting. There is 4 days left for that job and even if they take the cred hit, along with the lost nuyen, they were well aware that the Johnson would probably just hire someone else to find her. Walker sent a quick message to make sure she was alright. She responded that she was and had to change her plans at the last minute and headed to a new unknown destination.


The Greed in the Hearts of Men — Behind the Curtain

The young man smiles and brings up his contacts in a commlink and dials one of them up. It rings a couple of times and then gets picked up.

Hello?” a man’s voice comes from the other end.

As it turns out, I am interested in making that purchase.” The young man says. “My final offer is for 40,000.

Well I was hoping that the it would fetch more after … the incident, but it will do. Just finalize the purchase …” He waits for the sale confirmation, which only take a couple of moments. “Lets meet at the parking garage over on 4th. I am meeting those others you pointed me to there later today. Lets meet up a little before that.

A grimace comes across the face of the young man. He thought to use his mind magic on him in their previous encounters, but decided against it. He is starting to regret that decision.

Very well.” he agrees.

The young man parked nearby and walked the rest of the way to the parking garage. He meet up with him in his Americar on the second floor. The two exchange handshakes and he passes a small box to the young man.

Excellent … ” The young man says as he opens the box. Inside was a mint condition baseball autographed by Bill Gardenos.

I was hoping that the incident with Pruitt would drive up the value of the ball up a little more. Gardenos was the original rookie sensation and when that good for nothing cybered junkie decided he was going to try and break his record. A shame though, his family …“. He was caught in the middle of the statement when the young man decided to finally use his mind magic.

The young man cast the spell and altered the guys memory to erase any knowledge of the young man. He left the memory of the runner team that was hired. He did not want the link between the them to exist. Just as he was finishing up the spell, he implanted the thought that he was sleeping into the other man’s head. Not moments later, another vehicle pulled into the garage and was making its way up.

Drek …” the young man thought. He quickly shut the car door and cast an invisibility spell to hide him. Just before leaving, his curiosity caught him and he decided to risk it anyways. He took up a position next to the wall and watched the scene unfold.

The runner team was cautious. The didn’t just get out to meet their Johnson.


After a few moments, an ork stepped out and opened the door. It startled the sleeping man awake. The exchanged the payment and went their own ways.

Once everyone had left the garage, he let out a hearty laugh. “Yes,” he said to himself. “This game is playing out quite well indeed.

Session 17 — The Greed in the Hearts of Men

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace
  • Viking

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.


The team finalized the plans to complete one of their jobs. They were hired to get baseball sensation Jackson Pruitt kicked out of the league. The developed a plan that would involve exposing him to the drug K-10 and triggering a berserk episode at the mall. Figured the destruction and public exposure would be enough for the league to take action against him. So Walker, Ace and Sledge go in the “rental” car to the boxing ring and pick up Pruitt on time. The cover story was that they were having a meet and greet with the public for a children’s charity. One the way there, Ace and Pruitt started discussing his family. They learned that he has a wife and 4 kids in Minnesota. The game tomorrow in NYC was going to be the first game that his kids would be attending.

When they arrive at the mall. Eternal, Tatters and Viking were parked in the bulldog near the entrance while Acorn was dropped off by Walker earlier. Walker and Ace escort Pruitt into the mall, and Sledge parks the car next to the bulldog at the entrance. The team used AR to mark the path and point where he becomes exposed. Once he was in the open, Acorn hit him with a manabolt to trigger the K-10 and with a solid hit, the drug quickly takes effect. Both Ace and Walker have already started to move away from Pruitt as he flew into a rage. It first started with him throwing punches at people that were nearby, completely catching bystanders off guard. Just as quickly, he pulled out a telescopic baseball bat from a hidden compartment in one of his cyberlegs and started swinging away.

By this time, Ace and Walker were about to leave the mall. Just then, Pruitt surprisingly drops his bat and pulls out a machine pistol from his other cyberleg, along with an implanted grenade launcher in his cyberarm. He let loose with a barrage of gunfire and starts launching grenades. Shoppers and onlookers at the mall started dropping and fleeing for their lives. Just as Ace and Walker walk out of the mall, a grenade flew through the front glass doors and slammed into a car that was parked in front of the rest of the team. The moment later, the car explodes, sending shrapnel and debris everywhere.

Ace, Walker and Sledge quickly jump into the bulldog and has Acorn meet them down the street. They called the rigger that they rented the car from and he piloted it home. When the team picked up Acorn and fled the mall, HTR and SFPD VTOLs arrive on scene. Tatters monitors the news feed and find that law enforcement quickly detained Pruitt. However, the dame has been done.

The team decided that this should be enough for Pruitt to be kicked out of the league, they contacted the Johnson to collect payment. A meet was set up for a parking garage to collect payment. The team, now geared up, and heads there. The approach a parked Americar and cautiously decide what to do. Dropping into the Matrix, Tatters finds only a single commlink in the car. Since it is not running, there is no Matrix presence for it. Sledge moved up to the car and opens the door. It startles the sleeping Johnson awake. They collect the payment and were on their way.

Sunday, the next day, they get another message from Calypso about a job for the team. They still have one more job that is pending, but is still a week or so away. A meet was set up at the MoonDust diner in South San Francisco. Their Johnson seemed to only speak with Sledge, since he was the only ork in the party. The job was to retrieve the thief that stole a particular painting from a nearby art gallery and the team agreed to take on the job, although some members were reluctant to do so. The details of the job were that the particular painting, named the Seven Deadly Sins, was stolen. The art gallery owner does not care for the return of the painting as he has already filled the necessary police report. He wants to have the thief brought to him, either dead or alive. There is a small added bonus if they are able to recover the painting undamaged.

They were given a copy of what the painting looks like and a copy of the video footage of the robbery. Sledge sent the footage to the rest of the team to review. With a shock, Tatters, Walker, Viking and Eternal all look at the footage and realize that the thief in the footage was Black Cat … Walker’s close personal friend and roommate. About the same time, Eternal gets a call about an expected shipment is coming in. He breaks away from the team and heads for the pier. While waiting around for the container ship and talking with some of the dockmen. Eternal turns around to catch a glimpse of the ship in the bay, just as a series of explosions occurred on the ship, quickly scuttling it. As the ship, and Eternal’s cargo, sinks to the bottom of the bay, he makes a call.

So with one job completed, another one on the horizon and now one that involves a close personal friend, what will the team do? To top it off, what will Eternal do to deal with his lost cargo.


Pawn to Rook 4 — Behind the Curtain

The young man surveyed the options that were available to him and took his time about it. The waiter, generally impatient, waited to take his order. There was something about him that gave the waiter pause. He was about to tell the patron that he would be back to take his order. The young man simply held up his finger while, causing the waiter to stop before he even spoke. The young man was dressed in an expensive dark blue suit with matching tie and shining black shoes. His dirty blonde hair was clean cut and styled to perfection. He had a rough start of a beard growing on his chiseled chin. He looks at the waiter with his sharp blue eyes and simply says “I will have the strip steak, real meat, medium rare with the blue cheese butter spread, again with real butter. Grilled asparagus, baked potato and a bottle of the 2013 red burgundy cabernet sauvignon.” The waiter took the order. “I would like the order delivered to my room please” and he closes the AR menu.

Yes sir,” the waiter says to the young man as he took the details.

The young man gets up and makes his way out of the restaurant and to the hotel parlor a couple of buildings down. He walked in, nodding at the guards by the door, and heads through the lobby and up the stairs. He got to his room and enters in with his keycard, looking around before he steps through the threshold. She was there sitting on the couch wearing a blue silk dress. A pair of high heels sit next to the couch. When he enters, she stands to greet him as she was programmed. He waived her away as he went to get cleaned up in the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he thinks silent thoughts as he decided that the woman would not do for his current taste.

He leaves the bathroom, opens the door and asks the woman to leave. Once she is out the door, he closes it and calls the front desk.

I am not satisfied with my order and have sent her back. I require the manager to see me immediately please.

Before the front desk clerk could even say anything, the young man terminated the call. It took about 10 minutes, but there was a knock on the door. He opened the door to a middle aged human of japanese decent, also wearing a suit.

Yes, come in Himura” he said to the manager. “I require something more than your current offering has.

The manager bows and nods. “What is it you would like?

Her” he said as he hold up the image of a young girl in her late teens. “I desire her.

A puzzled look comes across the managers face. “Sir … we have options available for that … age.

No Himura, I require HER!” and he thrusts the image closer to him.

A shocked look now shows as he recognizes the young girl. She was the daughter of a local mafia don. “ummm, she is ..

I know how the hell she is, dammit!” the young man interrupts. “How much?

Himura was a member of the Yakuza, whom run this particular bunraku parlor, and there has been a tentative peace between the Yakuza and the families since the occupation. However, he knew that this young man was possibly more dangerous than even the family. A moment passes by and the manager simply states “120,000 nuyen.

Done.” the young man states and sends the creds to the manager.

Yes sir, but please be patient as it will be a few days at least.

Very well” the young man said as he gestured towards the door for the manager to leave. “Please cancel my order with the Boulevard restaurant as well. I no longer have my appetite.

Certainly” the manager states as he left the room.

A few days pass with no word from the manager. On the third day, the young man gets a message that his order has been completed and is enroute. She will be wiped and chipped within 12 hours and ready for delivery tomorrow evening. A thin smile of satisfaction grew across his face.

The following evening, he refreshed himself and headed to the lobby to mingle with the other patrons and await his delivery. He was in the middle of a discussion with a couple of other individuals when the door was suddenly kicked in. Before anyone knew it, the guards at the door and two others by the bar were being assaulted. When an ork drilled one of the guards with a sledgehammer, they thought it best to flee upstairs and lock themselves in their rooms until law enforcement arrives. Together, as a herd of prey fleeing a predator, they moved as a group up the stairs to their rooms. However, the young man pauses on the stairs. He started to record the scene with his contacts. He had a feeling he knew why these people were here and wanted to know who they were. He caught the video of the shadowrunning team making quick work of the Yakuza guards. Without skipping a beat, they moved to the basement and within moments, young women were escorted out of the building. He slammed a fist down as he spotted his prize leave with these people. Moments later, law enforcement shows up and begins to start taking peoples statements. Then the explosion happened from the basement and it shook the building. Again, the patrons froze in panic, but were reassured by the SFPD that they have things under control.

The young man went back to his room and called the manager again. This time it took an hour or so for him to arrive due to the police activity.

I’m sorry, but there seems to have been some … complications ..” he says to the young man.

Understood … these things happen …” He looks directly into the eyes of the manager, who is strangely drawn in … almost hypnotically. “You understand my displeasure, correct?

Yes …” he says and nodding his agreement. The manager brought up his commlink and transferred a sum of 150,000 nuyen to the young man. “For the misunderstanding …

Thank you” the young man says and dismisses the manager.

Seething, the young man reviews the video of the raid over and over. “Yes …” he says to himself. These pawns were who he thought they were. They were the ones that were hired to eliminate Xiu Yang. “Curious” he thought to himself.” These also look like the ones that were hired to do those as well … excellent then, they will be perfect pawns in this game …” He smiles as he looks at the man wearing a ballistic mask. “Excellent …

Session 16 — Welcome to my Parlor …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Sledge
  • Tatters
  • Acorn
  • Ace

Do not lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes.

The team spent a few days planning for how to deal with the baseball player job and they have developed a pretty good plan so far. But as I said, I had another job for them. An enforcer for a local mafia family needed some help and immediately. He requested Havoc Squad specifically. The meet was for later that night at Morenos, an italian restaurant in South Bay.

The team went to the meet with a fully developed plan for the meeting with the baseball player the following day, so they were possibly open for another job. When they got there, Tatters noticed that the restaurant was a virtual fortress and that they were not alone. Both he and Eternal were waiting in the bulldog in case something went wrong. Eternal grabbed an image of the Johnson and sent it to one of his contacts. Apparently, what he got back caused him to tell the team to be on their best behavior and for him and Tatters to go into the restaurant.

With the full party there, which he knew of the others in the vehicle outside, he offered them a plate of food and to their surprise, the food was real and not soy-based like everything else in the 6th world. Walker grabbed a plate to go to bring back to Black Cat. With dinner out of the way, the Johnson made his pitch. The daughter of the mafia Don was kidnapped by the Yakuza and is currently in a Bunraku parlor awaiting to be mind wiped and chipped. The deal was made with no negotiation as Eternal immediately agreed to the terms. There was also a bonus deal for rescuing any other women there. Enforcer to enforcer, Eternal offered to bring acquire a “trophy” for him, which was accepted.

The team knew of the location of the parlor and what the target looked like. They decided to move on this immediately. The went made their way to the downtown parlor, which was a renovated hotel, and parked nearby. Walker and Tatters went Astral and VR, respectively, for some recon. Tatters located the building blueprints and the recent renovation plans. While in the host, he also found the security sensor suite on the front door and a file icon labeled “personalities.” There was also a magical ward discovered, however, Walker was able to force his way through successfully. The blueprints revealed that there was a new basement, so Walker went there first. He found the target and other kidnapped victims. He also witnessed, Astrally, one of them lose their essense as they got chipped. Tatters also came up with a clever idea to plant a data bomb on the personality file and the entrance sensor suite.

While the team started to go into planning, the developed a partial plan to get in the place and camp out at the bar, which was where the door to the basement was. However, Eternal had other ideas. He burst out of the parked bulldog, strutted up to the two guards out front and had his sword hilt deep in one of them before anyone could even act. Walker, used to his impatience, was able to get a spell of and was at his side. The others quickly made their way to the door, but Eternal already had both outside gaurds neutralized before even Walker got to him.

With the party now poised outside the door, Tatters feed the camera feeds to their HUD display. They now knew where each of the other four guards were. Tatters triggered the databomb to brick the sensor suite, which caused the guards to come on alert. However, he routed their commlink calls to his deck instead. Eternal burst through the front door, bypassed the two gaurds there, and pounced on one of the two guards by the bar. The rest of the team joined the raid. Ace took the full brunt of a submachine gun blast to the chest and went down. Once the four guards were relieved of their duties, Ace was patched up with a spell from Acorn, the team headed down to the basement. During the fighting, the parlor patrons fled upstairs.

There they found the kidnapped victims locked in a cage, a victim that was chipped is still in the chair and a yakuza doctor. Tatters popped the lock on the cage and Walker started freeing them, along with their target. Eternal beheaded the doc and took his ear as the enforcer’s trophy. With high threat response so quick to respond, the team fled the area, but not before Eternal placed some high ex grenades set on a timer in the basement. They were able to rescue seven other victims, along with their target Donatella, and dropped them off at Moreno’s as instructed. The team received a big payout and Eternal gained a valuable contact. Now they have the two remaining jobs to complete.


Establishing a Foothold — Side Run

Silver Tusk is by no means a large ork, but he still commands a sizable cell for the Bloody Tusks. He looks around his office, which is the actual office of the abandoned Paramount Theater, that he has been running his operation out off. Clicking through the tablet and reviewing the months take on the protection racket. “Hmmm, WaveRunner is still refusing to pay,” he said to himself about the harbormaster of the Oakland seaport. “I am going to have to have another chat with the ol’ chap.

Then from outside the theatre, a burst of gunfire erupts. Quickly, he ran from the office and down to the entrance. Standing over the body of a person, the two initiates that were on guard duty for the front door. One of them, designated as Worm, was standing over the intruder with his AK-97. The other, designated as Maggot, was just a bit twitchy and the stench of piss emanates from the fresh stain on his pants, was pulling himself up on the wall.

With, possibly a little too much enthusiasm, Worm looks at Silver Tusks and starts jammering on. “Quiet!” he shouted to him. “What happened here?

No idea Silver, this fragger just came up and said something, but then shot Maggot. I got a couple rounds off in him but he got me pretty good with that sword.” He looks down at the wound in his side.

He looks over to another ork nearby and whistles. “Tend to that” and points to the wound. The rest of you, get him inside.” He slaps a trauma patch on the intruder and takes a look around. He wasn’t worried about law enforcement or corporate security at all, but you never know if another gang is trying to infringe on their territory.

What the hell is wrong with you?” he asks Maggot as he finally gets up from the ground.

Hhheeeee, caauught mmmeee” he starts to say but his words are interrupted by his body still twitching from the stick and shock that he was shot with.

For frag’s sake …” Silver Tusk says while looking at him. “Thats it, your are now known as Twitch. Now get inside and get yourself cleaned up.

The other ork gangers around them start laughing and calling him “Twitch.

Silver Tusk stops by Worm and the medic as the others take the intruder to a nearby room. “How is he doc?

He looks up at him and says “He’ll live. Its looks like he took the monoblade all the way to the hilt and is still standing. It seems that the slice missed all the vital organs and was a clean cut. Just needs some rest and the bandages will stop anything from falling out and he should be just fine.

Good,” Silver Tusk says and looks at Worm. “Your new name is now Hilt. Welcome to the Bloody Tusks, kid.” and leaves as a smile grew on Hilt’s face.

As he walks up to the room, another ork is standing there looking at the intruder. He has him bound up in the chair. “I know this fragger, Silver,” he says in a flat tone. “That ballistic mask, that sword, this is the fragger that my cousin was talking about up in the Tir. He says that him and his team took down a building and drug lab for the Spanners there.

What the hell are you talking about Hoodie?” he asks.

This is him, this has got to be him, but what in sam hell is he doing down here.

Silver Tusk walks into the dark room and throws a bucket of cold water on the intruder. They have a discussion and start going back and forth about what he is doing here. The intruder, who said his name was Eternal, is working with WaveRunner and wishes to have him get out of the racket.

“Interesting…” He thought to himself. “Lets see just how connected this new player is.”

Ok, Eternal, lets make a deal then. To prove that your family is connected, then you will need to get me some hardware that we need. You see, there is also a new player that is moving against us. I know you aint with them, I can smell it. Being a family man, I know you would understand this. You see, the families and the Bloody Tusks had an alliance during the Occupation and did good together. This new player is a gang coming out of Los Angeles known as the Stiches. We need some hardware to hold them off, so if you can get me this, then we can come to an arrangement.

Eternal nods in agreement.

So what I would like is an Ares Thunderstruck and I need it within 2 weeks. Until then, I will lay off of WaveRunner and his dues. If you can get me this in time, then his past dues will be waived and he will no longer be required to pay his dues.” He looks at the bound intruder. “Untie him and get him his gear” he says to Hoodie. The ork goes and unties him and gets a duffle bag for him.

Eternal looks at him and agrees to the terms.

Great, but I only tell you once. Don’t fuck me, Eternal. Don’t you ever try to fuck me.” The pair nod in agreement and Eternal leaves.

Theres no way he can get one of those in such a short time” Hoodie says to Silver Tusk who responds with a sly smile “I know …