Welcome to the lands of Imrallon!

Welcome to the lands of Imrallon!

This is going to be the creation of a gaming world and may use multiple people collaborating to create it. The general feel of the world will be a mix of Arthurian mythos, ancient Greek/Roman societies, along with a mix of high fantasy adventure. The reason for this project is because I am inspired by Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder and thought that I could create my own world since, well why not?. So I asked some gaming buddies to help take part in the creation and development of it The world will be using Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules and source material for mechanics.

I have spent alot of time writing adventures and custom locations for various modules. Since I have gamer ADD, I have a whirlwind of various ideas that flow through my head. I guess this is why I started on the project. Many of my past works have influenced, if not directly used, parts of this project. This is not necessarily meant to be something that will be shared with the general public or widely published, but the possibilities are endless as the project grows.

After the general framework of the world is done, I want to put together some modules, probably 1 or 2 game long durations, that will help with building the history of the world. the PC heroes of the modules will be heroes of legend in Imrallon. I have used and probably will continue to use other published sources, along with various random generators, as inspiration. I dont want to focus on game mechanics at first, I want to build storylines, histories and a mythos that can then be used to create great gameplay. I find that if you build something with mechanics first, then the effect is not quite the same.

As for me, I have been gaming for nearly 2 decades, playing from 2nd edition DnD through 3.5ed (yes I even dabbled in 4ed). I have greatly enjoyed playing in Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance, which is why I will be pulling from those worlds for inspiration. I have also dabbled in Werewolf, Vampire the Masquerade, Star Wars RPG, D20 Modern, Shadowrun and various other systems. The one that I have enjoyed the most is Pathfinder, which is why this world will be using the system for gaming. I also gather inspiration from various authors such as H.P Lovecraft, Margaret Weise and Tracy Hickman (of course), Ed Greenwood, R.A Salvatore, Terry Goodking, and many others.


Arrival of the First Twelve

In the beginning, there was Chaos. Out of Chaos, came Gaia, Tartarus, and Aether, along with the twins Erebus and Nix. With them, the birth of the land, underworld, heavens, light and day. From there came the creation of Titans. The Titans gave birth to offspring that would become the …

Imrallon’s Lesser Pantheon

Presented here is a small, but not complete, list of the Lesser Pantheon of Imrallon. There is going to be a distinct difference between lesser deities, primordial deities, demi-gods and titans. More on those to come. Again, like with the Greater Pantheon post, these are just “mechanics” for the pantheon. …

Imrallon’s Greater Pantheon

Since I am building this world with the feeling of ancient Greek / Roman civilizations, then why not use their Pantheon as well and presented below. Please note that this is just a breakdown of the “mechanical” Pantheon. The name of the deity is presented with both counterparts – Greek …

Empire of Bracara

A regional map of the Empire of Bracara. Currently, the city-state of Magador has been overthrown by a military coup and succeeded from the Empire. The region is embroiled in tensions between the barbaric Legion of Blood and Stone to the north and the bloodthirsty militants of the Venusian Empire …

Menhauten Island

There is an island that legend holds to be cursed.  The island is a secluded island that is about a week’s sail west of the the Thornshire Province in the Northern Realms.  The island is rich with resources and soon became an outpost for the province.  A few generations ago, …