W’yatt Ferris – Loremaster to the Divine Council

W’yatt Ferris — Loremaster to the Divine Council

Wyatt came from humble beginnings. A devout follower of Apollo, the God of the Arts, Wyatt grew as a keeper and maven of lore. Even as a child and young man, he would travel the land and speak at gatherings in varied towns. He shared the history and lore of the land and its people. He shared the stories, the triumphs and tribulations of its heroes. Townsfolk would build the anticipation and hold festivals when he would come to town.

As he got older and his reputation spread. He started to gather the attention of the gods. It was said that Apollo himself would attend his speaking engangements and was throughly entertained. After such an engagement, Apollo met with the young Wyatt and bestowed the title of Chosen on him. He was the first to be given this title. With this title, he was given the gift of greater insight to the worlds events and even a touch of prophecy.

With the knowledge and insight that Wyatt possessed, he was appointed to be the official loremaster to the Divine Council. This appointment was sponsored by all of the First Twelve, which is no easy feat to get them all to agree on something. He took up residence in the Citadel, the floating fortress where the Council resides, and began to document all of the knowledge, stories, and lore that he has learned and shared. The Magna Bibliotheca now contains every known work of lore from the beginning of creation to now.

The appointment of Loremaster is a lifetime appointment, however, the Gods deemed Wyatt worthy of his next gift. He was given true immortality. Now with his gift, Wyatt can continue to share his stories for generations to come. Indeed … it was a gift, not only for Wyatt, but for the world itself.

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