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History of Lord Egg Nutz

I get asked a lot how I came to be “Lord Egg Nutz.” Well, it all started when I was a young warthog …. Yes this would be another story …. I was out camping with my mom and stepdad and various other people in a long forgotten campsite. I was dared to eat a raw egg right out of the shell. Just crack open over my mouth and swallow. Well, I couldn’t let a […]

The USS Constitution Project and Shadowrun

So my wife got me this model for my birthday last year and it has sat in my closet since then.  I brought it down over my vacation over the summer to start putting together and, since I have a blog problem, I created a blog for it.  I only started in on the project and knew full well that it would take many months to complete.  I have linked to the project to the […]

The Grand Unification of Tacos

After much discussion in the office, I decided to push this out publicly. So here it goes. ANYTHING IN OR ON A TORTILLA IS A TACO! Yes, thats right. Its a taco. Take the traditional taco, for example. It’s nothing more than toppings placed on a torilla that is folded in half. So if you take that premise and apply it to other dishes, this is what you get. Burrito — A rolled up taco […]

Recent Updates

There have been a few recent updates to my blog that I wanted to point out. First, I have added links to my campaigns for Shadowrun and Star Wars games. I recently started a Star Wars campaign using FFG Edge of the Empire. It is a character driven campaign set around a young bounty hunter named Nova. She has recruited some help for a particularly large bounty and the campaign site is for their exploits. […]

The Histria Devil

Sextilis the 20th — Year of the Seal The following is a documented account from Thurdan Iansalor, a paladin from the Order of the Owl and confirmed by Tugos, an agent of the Divine Council. The report is of an encounter with an unknown creature deep within the forest near the small town of Histria. I was dispatched to investigate the emergence of a creature that has been terrorizing the citizens of Histria, a small […]

Beginnings of Stewart Pompilio

Stewart Pompilio sat in the wooden chair on the porch where he could see out over his villa. It was located along the outskirts of the city and overlooking the bay. In the courtyard was a partially completed statue to Janus. The artisan, a dwarf slave that he recently purchased specifically for his skillset, was building the statue in the center of the courtyard as the centerpiece for the new fountain that was being put […]

A New Year – 2018

So the holidays went good. Between work and family stuff, its was just as stressful as every other year, but still a good one. Nobody passed away and no medical emergencies, so all in all, it was good. The new year has had a very good start so far! I took some time off of my Shadowrun game to start exploring more creative writing and building on my Imrallon gaming world. Made some great progress […]

Thanksgiving — 2017

So the holiday season is in full swing now. I put my projects for LEN Designs on hold for the rest of the year. Work at my real job is slow this time of year, so it gives me the opportunity to spend time with the family and work on other hobbies. Even able to get a little video game time or binge watching in as well! I had to work on Thanksgiving, but was […]