Category: Short Stories

The Histria Devil

Sextilis the 20th — Year of the Seal The following is a documented account from Thurdan Iansalor, a paladin from the Order of the Owl and confirmed by Tugos, an agent of the Divine Council. The report is of an encounter with an unknown creature deep within the forest near the small town of Histria. I was dispatched to investigate the emergence of a creature that has been terrorizing the citizens of Histria, a small […]

Beginnings of Stewart Pompilio

Stewart Pompilio sat in the wooden chair on the porch where he could see out over his villa. It was located along the outskirts of the city and overlooking the bay. In the courtyard was a partially completed statue to Janus. The artisan, a dwarf slave that he recently purchased specifically for his skillset, was building the statue in the center of the courtyard as the centerpiece for the new fountain that was being put […]