History of Lord Egg Nutz

I get asked a lot how I came to be “Lord Egg Nutz.” Well, it all started when I was a young warthog …. Yes this would be another story …. I was out camping with my mom and stepdad and various other people in a long forgotten campsite. I was dared to eat a raw egg right out of the shell. Just crack open over my mouth and swallow. Well, I couldn’t let a dare go unmet, so I accepted the challenge. Before I went through with it, some money was put down on whether or not I would be able to do this. My stepdad started it off with a cool $10, which back then was huge for a kid, but others started putting dollars down on the table. Even neighboring campers got in on the action. By the end of the bidding, there was around $70 down on whether or not I could swallow an egg.
Truth be told, I hated eggs. I did not like eating them cooked, let alone fresh-out-of-the-shell raw. But still, a dare was made and accepted. With alot of money on the line, I stepped up to the plate, grabbed an egg and looked at it for what seemed to be hours. In my mind, at that moment, I pictured myself the master of the egg; the “Lord of the Egg.” I took a deep breath, cracked a small crack in the egg and held it over my mouth. I opened the egg and let the contents in. The instant the egg yolk hit the back of my throat, it was out again. I spit out the egg faster than it came in. I flew out of my mouth, through the air and right into my stepdad’s cup of coffee. However, that is not where it stopped. Afterwards, the gut wrenching began. I threw up my breakfast and was was left of the night before’s dinner. I could see my stepdad laughing his ass off and counting up the money on the table while I hurled. Around me I could see a few of the other people that have gathered to see the bet throwing up as well. All in all, from what I was told, there were a total of 5 people throwing up that morning. It was completely nuts that lost that money and made a group of people watching start throwing up.
After that event, I dubbed myself Lord Egg Nutz. On a personal note, I was able to conquer the egg and swallow a raw egg whole when I was a teenager.