Thanksgiving — 2017

So the holiday season is in full swing now. I put my projects for LEN Designs on hold for the rest of the year. Work at my real job is slow this time of year, so it gives me the opportunity to spend time with the family and work on other hobbies. Even able to get a little video game time or binge watching in as well! I had to work on Thanksgiving, but was able to work from home and had the day after off. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where I volunteer to work in order to get Christmas off. My job requires that somebody be available 24/7, including holidays, so I tend to trade one for the other. The good thing is that when I work from home, I get to smell the turkey roasting all day!

This year was the same as previous years. We had the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, my wife’s grandmother’s stuffing, green beans and pie. We decided to try out pecan pie this year. Neither of us had it before and we found one on sale, so figured why not. While the pie was great, it was really sweet and rich. Due to this, we could only eat it in small portions.

The day after Thanksgiving, we would normally break out the Christmas stuff and start decorating. We never really did anything regarding Black Friday. Our time is much more valuable than spending hours outside of a store. Besides, the fact that stores have now started opening on Thanksgiving night for these sales just piss me off even more. While I am lucky enough to not be in retail and have the ability to work from home, the people that work at the stores and have to deal with the madness are not able to. Most of the time they get stuck having to leave their family dinners to work. This is not something that I support, so I do not partake in it.

Sadly, we have not put up the Christmas tree … yet. We have put up some lights and a few decorations, but we havent been much in the holiday spirit this year. We should have the tree up soon though, likely this weekend sometime.

Anyways, more to come as things develop!