A New Year – 2018

So the holidays went good. Between work and family stuff, its was just as stressful as every other year, but still a good one. Nobody passed away and no medical emergencies, so all in all, it was good. The new year has had a very good start so far!

I took some time off of my Shadowrun game to start exploring more creative writing and building on my Imrallon gaming world. Made some great progress on both of those and may get some of it up on here. Now that the holidays are over, we have gotten back into playing the Shadowrun game. We went from playing weekly to bi-weekly to have more flexibility. I also decided to pick up a Star Wars game. After binging the Clone Wars series and a few of the movies, I got the bug to run a game. Things are off to a rocky start so far, but its just getting started so its expected.

We also decided on a big goal and that is to buy a house this year. Everything that we do will be be leading up to that. The goal is sometime after this summer.

Welp, thats about it for an update. Stay tuned for more!