Recent Updates

There have been a few recent updates to my blog that I wanted to point out.

First, I have added links to my campaigns for Shadowrun and Star Wars games. I recently started a Star Wars campaign using FFG Edge of the Empire. It is a character driven campaign set around a young bounty hunter named Nova. She has recruited some help for a particularly large bounty and the campaign site is for their exploits. This campaign has also inspired me to build a random generator for bounties. The generator is built in javascript and generates a good amount of information. There is stil some work to be done though.

Second, I am taking an extended hiatus from the Havoc Squad Shadowrun campaign. I have been running it for about a year and a half and need to take a break to recharge my batteries. While the campaign is on hiatus, one of my players is going to run a new campaign that is set in Berlin, AGS. I am playing a technomancer that … has personal issues with her ex and is in extreme debt. So far, the campaign is looking to be alot of fun. I have created blogs (yes, I have a blog issue) for both the Berlin campaign and for Raven. When we return to Havoc Squad, my character Duchess will be relocating from Baltimore to San Francisco and will be a regular NPC / occasional PC for the team.

Third, I have been redesigning the blog (again, blog issues here) for the Imrallon Project. This is a gaming world, using Pathfinder mechanics, that I am designing from mostly scratch. The blog redesign is to make it more like a wiki than a standard blog. The project, at this point, is mostly just building out the pantheon and how they came to be. I am taking the stance that the deities, whom are also the Greek gods, have different stories. Yes, they are still the offspring of primordials, but they started out as mortals. They rebelled against their parents and, in return, were granted deity status.

Fourth, I started writing stories again. These are short stories, likely related to another one of my projects, and not too long in length for now. Soon I plan on writing some poetry again, or atleast previously written poetry if I can find them, and will be posting those as well.

Links to these other projects and blogs can be found on the right hand side of this page.