Dungeons and Dragons 5e Campaigns

So I have been playing DnD since the 80’s and played all flavors of it. By far, the system is one of my favorites to play for a fantasy setting. Years ago, I started planning and building my fantasy world of Imrallon. Now it’s time to get some games played in it. All of the campaigns that I run will be set in this world and will go to help build the rich history that I envision for it. Currently, I am running to bi-weekly 5e campaigns.


The Millport Chronicles

This campaign is set in the small town of Millport in the Kingdom of Azmarin, in the Northern Realms. The campaign centered on a group of orphans that were raised in the town’s orphanage. For backstories, we decided to roleplay out some key points in their past. These key points include how they chose the class they did and how the bonds, flaws and traits happened. These sessions were called “The Prequels.” At the end of those, 8 years had passed and now they have all returned to Millport and the “main” campaign begins.

The main concept with this campaign was to have it last through the life of the character. Many campaigns have all of the events happen within a handful of years, at most, of the character’s life. What we decided to do with this one is have months and years pass between adventures. During this time, the characters are free to pursue other activities. Activities such as building a homestead / fortress / etc, creating and setting up a business, running for public office, starting a family, etc. It gives the players a chance to explore life for their characters outside of adventuring. Over the course of the entire campaign, about 30 years will pass for the characters.


Mysteries of Argonis Island

The concept behind this campaign is that a great invisible magical shield was discovered, but unable to see whats behind it. Out of character, there is an island that has gone undiscovered. An archmage has discovered a way that may negate the shield and allow exploration behind it. He has funded an exploration team and sent a call out for colonists that would be willing to settle this brave new world. This was the hook for the characters to get involved. Each of them had to have a trade skill that would be of value for the colony. Once the fleet of 10 ships, supplies and colonists were gathered and ready, they set out for the shield.

What they did not expect, or publicly acknowledged (and unknown to the players, was that the shield would fight back. The ritual did indeed destroy the shield, but the resulting backlash was destructive. 8 of the 10 ships were destroyed completely, 1 had caught on fire and 1 survived. Nearly all of the supplies, slaves, colonists, specialists, including the archmage and his apprentices, were lost. Now the only surviving ship, her crew, the characters and meager supplies must survive the wilds of this new island until the first supply ship is scheduled to arrive, which is months away.  But what riches, treasures and mysteries exist on this island?