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Hail and Well Met Travellers,
Hey all, I am a GM for hire to run Dungeons and Dragons, plus other roleplaying games. These would be online games using Discord and Roll20. These would be bi-weekly games and run 3 to 4 hours per session. Rates vary and are generally based on the system, type of game and number of players. I allow campaigns to have 1 to 7 players. Please contact me for specific rates.

About Me

So a little about me. I have been playing RPGs since the late 80’s and GMing for about the last 20 years or so. I have run games using all flavors of DnD, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, 13th Age, Werewolf, Savage Worlds, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc etc. The reason that I now charge for games is that I put ALOT into these games.

Game Style

All of my games are custom sandbox styled games that are character centric, so each player gets to experience both good and bad consequences for their characters decisions and actions. However, I am open to running published campaigns if desired. While I prefer to run long-term campaigns, I am also available to run one or two shot games.

Game Systems

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Pathfinder
  • Shadowrun
  • Star Wars — Edge of the Empire
  • 13th Age
  • Savage Worlds

I have also created the World of Imrallon. Imrallon is a world that is based on ancient Greco-Roman society, with a little Arthurian mythos and traditional high fantasy mixed in. Games using Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, 13th Age and Savage Worlds would be using this world as the setting.

Holiday Hiatus

I do take a break from all games during the holidays to spend time with my family and recharge. Generally, this begins in December and last through New Years Day. Advanced notice will be given on when the exact dates will occur. During this time, of course, payments will not be expected and sessions will not be played. However, I will still remain available, if needed, through the Discord server.

Recording Consent

While I do not stream my games, I do record them for personal use and review. These will not be posted anywhere unless all those involved agree.

Session 0

I hold a ‘Session 0’ when there is enough players for the campaign, which is free of charge. During this session, we will review the following details.

  1. Start Date
  2. What type of Campaign to play. Specifics of theme, local, etc, etc.
  3. Some discussion on characters and their histories (ie: do they know each other, no knowledge of them, siblings/family members, etc)
  4. Experience Point award system (System Dependant)
  5. Any other campaign specific details that need to be decided/discussed.


What will be expected from the players:

  • Punctuality — Please be on time or provide as much advanced notice if you will be late or missing. I will do the same.
  • Tools — A working mic and decent internet connection
  • Communication — As your GM, I am personally obligated to assist you with any issues that you have regarding this game. If your not having fun, I want to know what I can do to make things more fun. I cant fix what I don’t know about.
  • Knowledge — Please know your characters and their abilities. I completely understand that there is a learning curve to this system and expect that there will be knowledge gaps. However, if you are a spellcaster, please know the basic functions of how to cast a spell.
  • Patience — I do know the rules of the game, however, I am human and forget things. There will be times when I will need to look something up or have to make an on-the-spot decision.

What will I will provide:

    • A private server on Discord for both text and voice. Roll20 will be used for displays and the rolls, the voice will be using Discord. Separate channels will be set up for different topics
    • A campaign blog on my personal domain. On this blog, I will be posting the following:
      • Session Posts — Recaps of the sessions. I award bonus experience for ‘In Character’ post responses to the session’s events from your characters point of view.
      • Side Session Posts — Recaps of side sessions, such as character solo quests
      • Behind the Curtain Posts — These are metagame posts of things that are going on behind the scenes. What was that guard doing when the party convinced him they were with the maintenance crew? This is the sort of stuff that would be here. Again, its metagame information and out of character, but still enjoyable.
      • Fluff Posts — Much like the Behind the Curtain posts, these are more for building stories and to enhance gameplay.
      • Campaign Lexicon — A wiki that is set up for character usage and will grow as the campaign grows with more and more content on places you have been, people you have met, etc.
      • Experience Spreadsheet — Simply a spreadsheet that I maintain with character’s experience totals. (Depends on System)
      • Group Asset Spreadsheet — Also a simple spreadsheet to track things like the party’s shared assets.
      • Character Stories — If desired, you can author posts that are various stories on the who, what and why of your character.
      • Campaign Calendar — A public calendar with character activities, regional holidays, character birthdays, etc. (Depends on System)

PLEASE NOTE: As a player, you will be required to register an account on my site. Only registered users will be able to interact with the site features. Invites will be created using Google Calendar and sent to the email address used.

  • Character Creation Clinics
    • Assistance with creating and fleshing out characters.
    • Character advancement planning
    • I allow players to make minor changes (the concept must remain the same) after a few session of playing. For example, if you decide to shift a few skills around or decide that the feat you originally chose just doesn’t fit after all. They can be swapped out for others that fit the core concept better.
  • Fun, Exciting and Detailed Sessions and Story Arcs
    • I build campaigns as a series of story arcs that are character-centric. What I mean by that is your characters actions, both good and bad, will build on each other as a story arc progresses.
    • As a GM, I feel it is my job to work with everyone that is at the table to create a great story. I am open to working with nearly any concept and any type of story, all I ask is that we work together.
    • I have been called a ‘high maintenance‘ GM because I go above and beyond and ask a lot of questions. I will put as much into the campaign and your character’s story as you do. If you want to acquire an ability, item, etc, I will work with you to craft a story around it and make it happen during the session or a side session. If you want to write side stories about your character’s exploits during downtime, I can make that happen.

Payment Details

  • Payments
    • As mentioned at the top of this page, players will be making all payments will be made through PayPal at the rate agreed upon. Payments are due prior to the start of each of the game sessions, unless other arrangements are made with the GM.
  • Refunds
    • Payments are non-refundable up to 48 hours prior to and after the game session starts.
    • Players that drop out of the game entirely, and give atleast 48 hours notice prior to the game session, will receive refund of charges for any unplayed sessions. If no prior advanced notice is given, or given within 48 hours, then payment(s) will be non-refundable.
    • If a game session is cancelled or rescheduled for some reason, then the payments made for that session will carry over to the next scheduled session.

Additional Information

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me.