This is a dedication page to my dad. He was a great man, father, grandfather and patriot. My dad was 61 years old. He was in the Air National Guard for over 20 years, serving with the 142nd Fighter Wing. He was an aircraft mechanic and worked on F-15s. He retired with the rank of Technical Sergeant and on his last active duty tour, he was finally able to fly in the plane that he worked on. It was a highlight that always made him smile when he talked about it. He served during the first gulf war in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. He also spent 30 years working for the City of Portland. There he worked for road repair and the sewer dept.

My dad taught me what it was to be a man and what it was to be a dad. He taught me my work ethic, how to fish, to always stand up for what I believe and for those I love. I remember all through my rebellious teenage years that he would always say “Son, no matter what you do, do ever lie to me, cheat me or steal from me.” God knows there were a few times that
I lied to him, but no matter what I did, he was ALWAYS there for me whenever I needed him. I can only hope that when it is my time to go, that my children feel the same way and can say the same things.

We had a Celebration of Life for him on January 16th, 2016 and many of his friends, family and co-workers were there. It was a fantastic event.