Launch of the new project!


Revell USS Constitution 1/96 scale model

So my wife got this model for me for my birthday last year and it has been sitting and waiting for me to start on it. I finally decided to dust it off and start. I had this model when I was a kid and worked on it for what seemed like years, but sadly the model was lost to time and no idea where it is now. I was ecstatic when this one arrived and, to be completely honest, a little intimidated by the complexity and detail that comes with this project.

I went online and did a bunch of research on the ship, which has a fantastic history, and looked at how other modelers approached painting the ship. Like many others, I decided on going with a more custom look, as opposed to the paint instructions provided with the model. The instructions came in two booklets, one for the base construction and the second for the rigging / sail installations. I am still a little torn on how I will do that part. While I love the way it looks in full rigging, I may do a ‘partial’ rig and have a small number of sails installed.

Opening up the box was just like Christmas. Everything was all neatly packaged. I dove right in like a kid …. well on Christmas.

I read through the first instructions booklet for the base construction multiple times. Once I was ready to start building, and after purchasing the paints and supplies that I needed, I dove right in.

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