Session 2 — Waste Not, Want Not

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Hyacynthios 4th Holk, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

The morning brought a renewed sense of urgency as the surviving colonists came to the realization that this is a real thing. They were alone on this island with a limited amount of supplies, no shelter and, from reports, the jungle is full of dangerous creatures. They all watched, in amusement, as the group of adventures attempted to scale the tree to get a better survey of the land. The first of them, Baelin, attempted it and was inspired by a wink from Valerie and did fairly well, but the wink had ultimately distracted him from the task and he failed.

Then Khloe used some rope to shimmy up the tree and made it to the top. There was a breathless moment when she was at the top of it and it swayed. The large branch that she climbed on began to move unexpectedly. The rope support held her in place as her feet lost their grip. The stability returned and she was able to get past the canopy, which was much more secure. The high branches from the trees intertwined to create a sort of net. Khloe could see that there was a nearby island that was smaller to the south. From the east, there was a bluff that rose above the tree line that continued towards the northern side of the island. There was a small break in the bluff to the northeast, but then the bluff continued all the way to the west. The waterfall they found was visible and she was able to follow the path it takes to the west where if dumped into a large bay. She shimmied back down the tree and joined the others.

The task for the day today was to find where the stream flowed into the ocean and determine a feasible site to set up structures for the colony. With the survey that Khloe did, the stream flows into the a large bay that wasn’t too far away. They decided to travel along the shore to the bay and investigate further. Before they left, Nikos conjured a pair of magic floating disks and loaded them up with supplies and one of the empty ale barrels for water.

Jom tended to the livestock, during this time, and found one of the goats to be in distress. He sat and consoled the goat until it was time to leave. As he left, the goat tried to follow, but he gave it a stern command to stay put.

The group travelled along the coast, which proved a tad bit difficult with the size of the sand dunes. They still made it to the mouth of the bay in a few hours, while taking a few stops to renew the spell that Nikos is using. The bay indeed was huge and could easily accommodate multiple ships. The mouth was wide enough to have easy passage and a small reef protected the bay from the waves. Through the mist of the trees, a structure was spotted on the other side of the bay. The group decides that the next stop should be to investigate the structure before signaling the all clear.

Crossing at the mouth is not possible, so they will need to circumvent the bay. As they make their way around, there is some movement in the water as a pair of large lizards with a fin on their backs lunge out. The group was able to quickly dispatch them, but then a sound from behind them catches Jom’s attention. “Baaaaa Baaaa“. The goat that the druid had soothed decided to run after and follow him. Now, hours later, he finally caught up with him.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere and just when Jom’s eyes meet the goats, the goat is scooped up in the mouth of a large dragon-like creature that had light blue scales and an off-white horn on its nose. The creature, with part of the goat’s leg hanging between its teeth, met the eyes of an angry and shocked Jom. This sent him into a rage as the others looked on in horror. They still had their wits and weapons, still wet with the blood of the other lizards, and they quickly engaged this new threat. Mere seconds later, the creature was dead. Jom cut the head off of it at the neck with the hopes that his goat friend was still alive. When the head of the creature fell to the ground, the goat slide out alive … but only the front half. It looked at Jom, let out a last “baaaa” and slipped into death.

There were the two dead lizards that came out of the bay, identified as a type of dinosaur, and the big blue lizard creature. Haned identified it as some sort of dragon, but not a true one. Nikos, the wizard, refuted that claim and said it was an overgrown crocodile. There was also a dead goat. With all of this around, they decided to take a few hours to skin them and butcher the meat for lunch. Reluctantly agreeing, Jom included the editable parts of the goat in the feast. Afterwards, they loaded up the harvested meat and headed for the destination.

Not long after, they came to the mouth of the stream that they had discovered previously. The fast flowing water was about 5ft wide and one could easily cross it with little effort. Khloe easily hopped over to show it could be done, so the others followed. Then, suddenly, a unit of giant crabs came out of the ground. They were attracted by the movement and the smell of the meat that was harvested earlier. A battle ensued. Noticing that the creatures may have been attracted to the meat, Nikos released the floating disk that was carrying it and let the others know. In turn, they ceased the attacks as they moved towards the food. Taking the opportunity as they moved by, a few took quick shots at the crabs. Once additional crabs appeared, the group moved away to let them gorge on the harvested meat … which included parts of the goat.

Once they arrived at the structure, it was identified that it was likely the ruins of some sort of religious establishment. Most of the structure was gone, but some of the walls still remained intact. Nikos began to research the headstones of the attached graveyard while the others looked around. Before they could get much closer to the ruins, a group of small humanoid creatures that looked like frogs appeared. There were a total of six with smooth green skin and one with smooth light purple skin. The croaks and ribbits they made seemed some sort of language, but nobody could understand what they were saying. After attempting to communicate with them for a few hours, the purple skinned one approached Haned and attempted to communicate by drawing in the dirt. After this failed, the creature pulled out a small vial that had a faint goldish tint to it from a pouch. It was intentionally slow and it held it out with open palms to the centaur. Haned hesitated, but the creature motioned that he should drink the substance. A shrug later, the vial was empty. Haned’s vision blurred a bit as the substance took effect. The purple skinned creature looked at Haned for a moment and said.

My name is Clinkgot We mean you no harm, please don’t hurt us.

Only Haned was able to understand this as the others only heard the croaks and ribbits.

3 thoughts on “Session 2 — Waste Not, Want Not

  1. Khloe hung back, her fingers moving instinctively to her blades as the frog-beings approached. Although they weren’t making any aggressive moves, her body remembered the pain of recent battles and she wasn’t eager to be caught off guard again. Those crabs… Khloe winced in memory. Crabs aren’t supposed to be that large. Frogs don’t have pincers, at least. What are they going to do, slap me around with their tongue? This mental image gave her a brief smile. Nah, probably poison. Maybe acid. Her fingertips rubbed over the ridges on the hilts reassuringly as she waited to spring into action.

    The others seemed… less suspicious. She was incredulous when they seemed to be trying to communicate with the frog-beings. We’re doing this? We talk to frogs? But the frog-beings somehow looked as though they were trying to communicate back, which wasn’t a particularly froglike thing to do. And they were walking upright on two legs, which she’d definitely never seen frogs do. So perhaps, though they sure didn’t look like any kind of people she’d ever known, maybe they were closer to people than to frogs. She stole a glance at the centaur, who was standing between her and them. I guess it wouldn’t be the strangest kind of people I’ve ever seen. Though she felt a bit ridiculous, she tried to speak to them in her mother tongue when it seemed the others were running out of options. She was a little relieved when there was no intelligible response. Thanks, Tyche. You always seem to know when your favor is needed.

    Her skin prickled in anticipation as she watched Haned down the small glass vial offered by the purple frog-being. I sure hope that was meant to be consumed. She waited, on edge, for him to gasp in pain or fall unconscious or otherwise display evidence of treachery, but he seemed… fine. She realized she’d been holding her breath, and let it out slowly. All right. Let’s see where this goes.

    But her fingers never moved away from the hilts. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Haned shook his head and concentrated on the froglike humanoid in front of him. It was offering the vial to him. “I don’t know if he’s trying to poison me, or maybe help us communicate.” he thought. He started to analyze the contents, then cut himself off as he remembered he wasn’t very good at that anymore. “Still, they don’t seem to be attacking, and look like they want to talk. Maybe it’s a comprehend languages potion.” Haned gingerly lifted the potion and gazed into the vial, noting the simple construction of the container, with a bound glass stopper. The fluid was thin, and small bubbles drifted continuously from the bottom to the top of the vessel. Less than a dram, the vial was pretty small and sturdily built. When he opened the top the scent hit him. Strong, and flowery, it enticed Haned, making his mouth water. Knowing the tendency of potions to be unpleasant, he tipped his head back, and tossed the fluid down his throat. Surprisingly the few drops that he tasted were sweet and pleasant. 
    Haned felt the magic flow over him, and for just a moment felt panic as he felt the magic wash over his mind. He recognized the spell’s pattern even as it washed over his feelings, altering his impressions and attitude towards the purple being before him. He gazed down at the small humanoid. He admired the light purple shading, and the large expressive eyes. The being opened his mouth and in a melodious croaking said,“My name is Clinkgot. We mean you no harm. Please don’t hurt us.” Haned admired the spellcraft. “Clever frog, adding the ability to understand the language into the charm.” He turned to his new friend.

  3. Baelin’s journal entry:

    Ive never had so much trouble climbing a tree in my life! Was it because Val winked at me? Why did she wink at me?? Khloe had no trouble getting up there. Goddess Artemis, what did that wink mean?
    Poor Jom, Ive never seen a dwarf cry that hard. He seemed to really have feelings for that goat. Maybe he was working on making it his special companion? 
    More beasts attacks us! Walking dinosaur fish from the water and blue, scaled reptile with a large horn. After we slayed it I was able to remove its hide and scales, maybe I can make something useful with it. 
    Giant crabs can appear from the sand! The pinchers are sharp but they seemed to be more focused on the food we were packing with us than eating us for food. Might be smart to bring along some spoiled food to use a distraction if they attack again.

    Across the bay, we spot some sort of structure. Certainly man made of sorts. When we got around the bay we were approached by frog men. They didnt seem aggressive but only spoke in croaks and ribbits. I asked for Artemis to help me understand but I simply couldnt. One of them gave a potion to the centaur, and HE DRANK IT! It didnt seem to harm him but he did seem to be able to communicate with them a little better. Id love to know what was in that potion. Maybe they made it from plants on this island.

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