Downtime Daisios 5th Holk (July) to Apollonios 11th Holk (July)

Downtime Posts

Downtime Daisios 5th Holk to Apollonios 11th Holk, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

There has been a week of “downtime” for the group since the ambush by the Batrachos in the ruins.

Most all of the crew has been building shelters, animal pens and clearing out the jungle around the settlement. A path was carved out between the settlement and the ruins to allow easier travel. Others are building and setting up fish traps and nets. Galon as decided to leave the ship intact, instead of breaking it down, since there is an abundant supply of wood. Once the settlement is secure, the ship may be used to travel to the nearby islands for further exploration. The rowboat has been used for setting and checking the fish traps and may be used to check checkout the reef at the mouth of the bay.

There is a shortage of seeds and seedlings for planting, so a few slaves have been looking for wild native vegetables and fruit that can be harvested and planted. They have come back with reports of strange sounds occurring nearby them, but find nothing when investigating further.

Cilissa, the human female historian, has been conducting research into the ruins It was once a temple of Prometheus, the God of Magic. There are scripts, in a very ancient version of Primordial, around that detail his role in the Titan Wars. Prometheus was a Titan, but changed sides when he stole the secret of magic and gave it to Zeus. Zeus, in turn, released it for all which is why we now have magic. The details further chronicle the place where the Titans kept the secrets of magic when he stole them, the fabled Crystal Cave. A brief reference was found that could be related to this island, it referred to this place as “Argonis.” There is still much more to learn from the ruins and we are finding more and more each day.

The Mage’s Dome, as we are calling it, seems to be part of the temple. From some of the inscriptions, it can be activated once a week, but only allows those that are mages in. If you are not a mage, then you would not be able to enter. Each time that it is used, the experience will be different and tailored to the mage’s need at the time. This was corroborated when Nikos was able to access when he desired a familiar. We are assuming that things will be different the next time he goes to use it. It is still unclear how Haned was able to pass through.

Kreon, the human male cartographer, has been getting whatever maps that Khloe will share with him for construction of a master map, but that will need to wait for shelter to be built first. He has been assisting with planning and setting up the settlement. After the knowledge found by Cilissa, a name has been settled on this place. Galon, Kaeso, Kreon and Cilissa all agree to name this place “Argonis” and the bay “Bay of Mettius” in memory of the archmage. As of late, he has been assisting with planning and setting up the settlement.

Astera, the human female clothier, has been helping with the settlement as there is not much else for her to do. Occasionally mending torn clothes as needed, but assisting with the settlement.

Tellias, the human male blacksmith, has set a priority on getting a forge set up so some badly needed items can get made. There are some things that still need to be found, or suitable substitutes, to complete the furnace for the forge. He still has his anvil and most of the tools. The remaining tools can be crafted as needed. Most of all, he needs a substantial supply of under-clay. Under-clay is only found underground and can be crafted into bricks that will withstand high heat. In the meantime, he has built a grid to make adobe bricks that he can use for lower temperature forging to get by. The bricks can also be used with the structures of the settlement as well.

Kaeso, the human male aristocrat, has been with Galon planning how to set up the settlement. Plans are to have a perimeter palisade built for protection, a barrack style housing for the slaves, housing for the leadership team, which includes the party, and specialty places for things like mapmaking, clothier and of course the forge. There will be an opening in the palisade where the beach is and a dock built. So far only the planning and supply gathering has begun. Portions of the wall have been started, but it’s slow going at best.

Haned will be spending his time helping out Tellias in getting set up, split with taking guard shifts. He’ll help out when her can, providing manual labor, and standing watch over any parties that go out in the woods.

Jomrumir would be helping set up the animal pens and making sure the animals were docile and shepherding them into the pens. He would also be trying to help with any farming that was going on and see if he could begin setting up his brewer’s kit to start the process of making ale, if the supplies are available to do that.

Baelin would spend the downtime assisting Jom and the animal handlers with pens and animals. He’d also like to scout the safer parts of the growth for herbs that could be used for antitoxin or healing potions.

Valerie spent her time providing entertainment to everyone, along with assisting Baelin on gathering herbs.

Khloe spent her time assisting with the fishing crews and making any needed repairs on the boat. The rest of the time, she has been spending her time in discussions with Jinx. Jinx enjoyed this time with her and her stories, but still has not revealed herself to anyone else.

Nikos spent his time using his abilities to shape and mold the ground to make things more suitable for establishing the settlement. He also spent time building his relationship with Aetos, the citrine-eyed eagle familiar, and working with the others to train him. Other time was spent crafting items for the rest of the party. He crafted a lightweight, but sturdy, wooden shield for Jomrumir that would float on water and a series of whistles for everyone.

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