Session 5 — The Cave … Part Two

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Daisios 12th Holk, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

After taking some time to rest, by the cave opening, after fighting the cave fisher and darkmantles, the group continues on to explore the cave. Just as the others are planning on which direction to go, Jomrumir flops himself down against the cave wall and refused to go on. Thoughts of the goat that was killed a week prior filled his mind as they rested. During the time since then, he kept himself busy enough to keep the thoughts at bay. But now, sitting in the silence of the cave, those thoughts and feelings rushed back into his mind. The dwarf hung his head low and began to weep. Concerned with leaving him alone, Valerie stays behind to keep watch over him while the others continue on. The trio of Haned, Khloe and Baelin continued to explore. Baelin found and gathered some cave seaweed that was edible and rather nutritious.

They took the path to the right and found that it branched and circled back to where they were. They went back to the other branch and explored it further. Baelin spotted that the wetness on the walls were not normal. The grey slime was alive. Luckily, they spotted it in time as the ooze was known to destroy metal objects. The took care of the threat at range and proceeded on. Cliffs going upwards were encountered, but easy to overcome. At the end of the path was a small cavern with a stream running through it. Scattered around the cavern were more patches of the cave seaweed. The stream came from a hole in the cavern wall and flowed, rather quickly, into another hole on the opposite wall. Closer inspection and neither of them were passable. Unfortunately, as Khloe was checking out the exit hole, she slipped and fell into the stream. The flow was rather fast, but she was able to quickly brace herself and keep from going into the hole. She crawled out of the stream and was soaking wet. This was a dead end, so they headed back to where the darkmantles were. Along the way, Khloe cursed as she was covered in the water. When they reached the spot, Valerie caught sight of her and cast her cleanup spell. Khloe was back to being herself, now that she was clean. The trio hopped down the ledge and proceeded on.

When they came upon a small pond in the path and a grouping of mushrooms and fungi, an extremely loud and ear-piercing shriek echoed throughout the cavern. They fell back to a further distance and the noise ceased. Thinking that maybe his torch would ignite the fungus, Haned tossed his torch into the pile of fungi. His plan did not work … the ear-piercing shriek started again and did not stop. The sound was so distracting that the trio could not do much. Haned charged at the fungus that was making the noise and cut it to pieces. The shrieking stopped, but the centaur fell into the trap they set. Around him were these fungi that extended out their vines and began to beat on Haned. Another attacked Khloe. The attack was so sudden that Haned was caught on a bad day. One of the vines hit him across the face while another hit his groin. The vine beating was just too much and it brought the big centaur down.

Seeing their companion down and bleeding, Khloe and Baelin jumped to action and quickly dispatched the attacking fungi. When Baelin when to help him, a loud hissing sound came from him. Moments before that, Khloe felt Jinx crawl off her back, but nobody else believed that she existed. The faerie dragon dug her claws into the centaur’s flesh and a bright glow began to emanate. Seconds later, Jinx appeared in her natural form and was exhausted from the ordeal. Khloe scooped her up and Baelin was flabbergasted at the sight. Haned, now feeling much better, stood up but they decided to rest up a bit so he can get some more of the wounds bandaged up. During this time, Haned reflected on what he seen while he was out. The memories of his past haunted him and, if anyone knew him, others would have noticed.

After getting bandaged up, they continued exploring the rest of the cave. When they came across other groups of fungi, they made sure to keep a wide berth to avoid them. There were two other caverns that they found in the cave. Both had the stream flowing as it headed downhill. The entrance and exit of the water was still not clear. One of the caverns had a grouping of spider webs and the group was attacked by a few, but these were easily defeated. Searching that cavern, they found a pair of exquisitely crafted longswords that are of unknown origin. They are undamaged from the time spent in the wet cavern. The other cavern has a large crevasse that smelled of sulphur and blood. The depth of the crevasse was hard to determine as it was deeper than anyone could see. They did, however, find a large supply of mined underclay and limestone. Both are extremely versatile and needed for many applications. The packed the stuff up and headed back to the front of the cave. They grabbed the cave fisher that Jom wanted and proceeded out of the cave to head back to the colony.

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  1. As he emerged into daylight, Haned’s side twinged with remembered pain. The vine whips had been healed over, but he still got a bit of an ache when he stepped wrong. Following on the heels of the pain a surge of shame flooded over Haned. As a fighter he had one job to do, hold back the beasts so others could attack safely. And he’d failed to do that. Sure, he’d spotted that the shrieking fungus was inhibiting them, but then to fall to the vines. He thought back to the warriors he’d worked with. Korleth would have had no problems with the vines; what he missed blocking with his shield his heavy plate armor would have stopped. Jongeston would have seen the vines before going in and asked for a fireball to wipe the area. While Noreen’s leather wouldn’t have fared better than Haneds own, she would have been able to dodge it the attacks, and her armor’s enchantment would have prevented the damaging penetrations.

    “I need to get better, how can I get better?” Haned muttered to himself. Maybe he wasn’t training right? He thought he remembered all the lessons from warrior school. Or maybe he wasn’t training hard enough? He’d just have to train harder and do better in the future

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